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San Miguel Pale Pilsen: Walang Iwanan

San Miguel Beer

What do you think of when you’re asked about the most popular beer in the country? I’m confident that you’re answer would be San Miguel beer, and it’s not wrong. When it comes to gatherings, San Miguel is more often than not part of birthday celebrations, weddings, and other celebratory occasions.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

As I grow older though, I have to admit that partying is hard when the people in clubs are younger than you and the gap makes it awkward enough to start a conversation. How are we able to bridge that space between generations?

I recently watched a music video (two in fact) that San Miguel Pale Pilsen released last May 14. The first video entitled “Side A” shows off how avid drinkers of the past threw parties, that of course includes long flowing hair, bell bottom pants, and loud disco music in the dance floor.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen
San Miguel Beer

The second one is appropriately named “Side B” shows a completely different take and a modern version of that of a party made for the millennial generation. In this one, fashion has taken a different direction, with people going to clubs wearing casual wear, listening to electronic dance music, and strutting their hip-hop dance moves.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen
With Ina Raymundo

That’s not the best part of watching it, I realized that by playing them side by side at the same time, you’re watching a simultaneous harmony of music from different eras combined into one unique music video. For example, the legendary disco moves in the “Side A” video is accompanied by a fancy hip-hop pop and lock move in the “Side B” video.

What was the point of both these videos? Well, both of them, while seemingly different, have parties that are enjoyed with a bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. This is comparable to the saying, “two sides of the same coin.”

While, I have definitely gotten older, there is no denying in the fact that San Miguel played a big role in enjoying parties and get-togethers with groups of friends and family. This is what San Miguel is promoting in their campaign appropriately titled, “Kahit Kailan, Walang Iwanan.”

San Miguel Pale PilsenSan Miguel Beer

In part of this, I discovered that San Miguel started a nationwide pub crawl called CONNECT, which aims to make old friends closer and create new ones as well as part of their #WalangIwanan campaign.

Adults (18 & up) from twenty barkadas participated in the first pub crawl in Iloilo last May 18.

Each barkadas took the challenge of taking on four partnered pub crawl bars, which are Prism, Cocktail Cruiser, Bourbon Street at Smallville and at B-Place (Taft, Mandurriao). Participants took on four challenges – Food, Trivia, Ring Toss, and Karaoke.

Winners were invited to a secret part at Mamusa featured local performances by Iloilo’s Four Elements, as well as the band Autotelic, with their first live performance in Iloilo City.

The fun is just the beginning, and I am excited to take on the challenge when CONNECT comes to Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, and Manila!

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