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The Round Table Buffet in Kapitolyo

Let’s face it: there are very few things that can excite a food lover more than the phrase “all-you-can-eat buffet”, and that’s exactly what The Round Table is.

Located in food haven Kapitolyo, The Round Table isn’t your typical buffet. With its daily themes, The Round Table’s menu changes everyday according to whichever cuisine is scheduled. In addition to that, it’s also ridiculously affordable at P295 on the weekdays and P350 on the weekends. If that isn’t enough to tempt anyone, I don’t know what else can.

Roast Beef

A restaurant venture of the catering company Q Provisions and headed by Chef Mia K. Capay, The Round Table is appropriately called because the dishes are served on a small round table.

On our visit, the theme was Bestseller’s Weekend, and so we were lucky enough to be able to grab a mouthful, or in my case a plateful, of their popular roast beef. One bite of it and I totally understood why it’s such a crowd favorite among the restaurant’s patrons. It’s simply superb. The meat is so deliciously tender and bursting with flavor, and it’s no surprise why – the beef is marinated for 10 hours and roasted in low fire for six. I especially like that the gravy is made from its drippings, making it even more flavorful. The roast beef went well with the aglio olio, rice and salad.


Another dish loved by me as well as the rest of the customers was the Adobo sa Mangga which gave the Filipino favorite adobo a unique twist. Instead of using the usual soy sauce and vinegar, Chef Capay used bagoong and green mango puree which definitely spiced up the dish and gave it that bold, zesty taste.


Other dishes included Chicken Tocino, Spicy Pork Rabat and Chicken with Liver. For dessert, we were treated to some pudding and carrot cake. The carrot cake was scrumptious. Layered with cream cheese frosting, the cake was moist and it had just the right amount of sweet.

The different themes for the week

The place is quite small with a seating capacity of around 25 to 30 people. Personally, I like the cosy feel of it. The simplicity and the quiet charm of the place almost make you feel like you’re in someone’s home rather than a restaurant. The service was commendable as well. It definitely helped that the place was small, and so the staff was able to pay closer attention to each guest.


For those who are on the lookout for a venue for a small, intimate gathering, The Round Table offers Exclusively Yours Mondays which allows you to book the whole place with just a  just a minimum of 10 people at P295 per person. And if they would like to add Roastbeef to their menu, they may with extra charge.. If you want to include the roast beef in your menu, make sure to inform them three days in advance so that they can prepare it to perfection.


Overall, I think The Round Table is able to deliver unlimited good food at a crazy affordable price, and with its daily themes that assures customers that they won’t be coming back to the same dishes every single time, I think it’s safe to say that there are not a lot of buffets in the metro that can boast the same.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever been to a buffet that offered food that looked that good and for such a cheap price that is awesome! I would probably gain 20lbs in there, haha.
    I wonder how they afford to import all those different cultural spices or ingredients. I try to cook different foods from around the world at home and some of those spices can kill my pocket book

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