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Roadtrip from Dumaguete to Cebu

Waterfalls, cliff jumping, and swimming with sharks, all with the people I love most! I’m not the only one in my family who loves to travel. Last January, my family and I had some crazy adventures going from Bacolod to Dumaguete to Cebu.

Here are some of things to do in Dumaguete:

  1. Apo Island, a Turtle Marine Sanctuary. Who wouldn’t want to swim with sea turtles? These gentle giants glide serenely in the water, inviting you to join their world for an hour or two. It almost looks like the turtles are flying in slow motion through the water! The best part of this adventure was feeling like I was soaring through a whole different dimension.
  2. Casaroro Falls. This place is beautiful. Because of recent natural disasters, the site is not frequented as regularly by tourists. This is bad news for the falls, but good news for us—we had them almost entirely to ourselves! You can read more about the beautiful cascades
  3. Balinsasayo Lake is one of the “Twin Lakes” in the Dumaguete area. The trip down to the lake is almost as good as the lake itself, with beautiful views of many types of trees. The lake is an aquamarine blue that reflects the verdant forest surrounding it. Worth the trip!


Where we stayed in Dumaguete:

Kav’s Resort is located on the beachfront of Zamboangita, right across from Apo Island. We loved it! Our room had a villa with a balcony and a pool. The resort wasn’t very busy when we visited, so it felt like just our family was at the hotel. We all hung out at the pool to spend time together and catch up on each other’s lives. The location of the resort gave us easy access to Apo Island. It’s also in an area without too much light pollution, so we were able to stargaze at the magnificent heavens each night.

After our adventures at Dumaguete, we rode a roro from Sibulan Pier to Lilion, then drove to our next destination: Oslob.

Here are some things to do in Oslob:

  1. Oslob Whale sharks. You know me—always up for an adrenaline-pumping experience! While swimming with whale sharks isn’t quite the same thing as swimming with great whites, I can still add a shark encounter to my “Done It” list. Actually, these creatures are harmless enough to be safe for even the most shark-fearing diver. We loved getting close enough to touch these great ocean beasts.
  2. Aguinid Falls. These magical cascades are a system of falls that run for a couple of kilometers along the river. If you dip your feet in the water below the falls, you can enjoy a free fish spa!
  3. Kawasan Canyoneering. You know that if it involves jumping off a 15-foot cliff, I’m all in. Yes please! This is hands-down one of my favorite travel experiences. During the tour, you slide down natural rock slides, swim through clear pools, and jump off cliffs. Great place to take photos and satisfy your inner wild child!
  4. Moalboal Sardine Run is a fantastic place for diving. It feels a little bit like you jumped into the movie Finding Nemo. Imagine swimming through a giant cloud of fish! It’s pretty amazing. This was absolutely the highlight of our trip.
  5. Osmena Peak. Hikers will love this scenic trek! Getting to the base can be tough, but once you’re on the trail you don’t care how you got there. At the top, there is a gorgeous view of the entire range.
  6. Temple of Leah. This beautiful structure is a gesture of undying love made to the builder’s late wife. It’s the closest thing to the Taj Mahal that you will find in Cebu, and it is amazing! The design and art within the temple are based on Roman architecture.
  7. Sirao Peak. Sirao peak is 700 meters above sea level. You can choose whether you want to take an easy 30-minute path up or a harder one, which takes longer. On the way, you’ll find streams, waterfalls, and lots of green foliage! And the view from the top? Stunning.

Where to Stay in Oslob: Fantasy Lodge. Read more about our awesome stay here.

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