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Where to Stay in Manila : Rizal Park Hotel Review ( Instagrammable)

With instagrammers buzzing over the latest trends and fads, most have flocked on over to Rizal Park Hotel. And how could they not? The hotel is literally picture perfect with delicious food and impeccable service. Rizal Park Hotel, with its 110 rooms, many facilities (plus a casino) and incredibly rich history, is without argument one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels found in Manila today.

Taking into account all the fabulous reasons to stay at this beautiful hotel and casino, here are 7 of the best reasons as to why you should be staying in Rizal Park Hotel:

1. Location



The location of this gorgeous hotel is right by the Manila Bay which makes it all the more perfect, especially for couples (wink, wink). The hotel can give you an all access view of the perfect sunsets of Manila, even right from your own hotel room. Sunsets will even be made more perfect once the penthouse and pool are fully functional ( Target is December 2017) .

Aside from that, you are able to stroll along the Manila Bay area and enjoy a stress-free walk with your loved one/s. Museo Pambata , National Museum and Rizal Park is also just stones throw away.

2. Low Rates


For first timers, they actually have an introductory rate of Php 3,600 for 2 people. Talk about affordability, right? This introductory rate is the price per night of your stay and it comes with a free breakfast plate. It also gives you access to their Deluxe rooms which are spacious and beautifully decorated with old European type furniture.

3. Instagram worthy interiors


An obvious reason as to why you must stay at Rizal Park Hotel is that it is totally healthy for your Instagram account. Seriously. Even before you enter, you are greeted by an amazing landscape. The architectural design makes you feel like you are in another country, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. The interiors will make you even squeal even more. The bright pastel colors of gold and yellow make the whole place seem very elegant and their décor, complete with large chandeliers make you feel right at home and welcome but also make you feel fancy. It gives you an opportunity to be relaxed and comfortable. Plus, photo op everywhere!

4. Restaurant for every scenery

Rizal Park Hotel Cafe

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner in a gorgeous dining room or to dine under the stars on a beautiful night, Rizal Park Hotel offers you a dining experience you’ll enjoy. Indulge yourself in their amazing buffet spread that features numerous dishes from different types of cuisines and enjoy their state of the art open theater show kitchen and experience the delectable palates given to you by International cuisines all day every day. Perhaps you a fancy a dine outside on their courtyard? Enjoy their breathtaking garden, sit back and relax.

5. Rich in history

Rizal Park Hotel Corridor
Rizal Park Hotel Lobby

If you are a major history buff, another great reason to stay at Rizal Park Hotel is that it is very rich in history since it used to be the place where navy officers and their wives would spend their leisure time mingling with friends, sharing drinks and just having a good time. The hotel has made their best efforts to preserve and maintain the rich culture and history left behind in this very location.

6. Exploring Old Manila

One of the best things to do when staying at Rizal Park Hotel is to explore Old Manila. Take a tour of Intramuros, Rizal Park and many more places in the area that are rich in culture and history. Plus, you get to learn more about our ancestors and Filipino culture. For foreigners who love to sight-see, Intramuros is the best place to be when in Manila. Take a Kalesa ride or a bike ride to complete the fun and unique experience.

7. Great Facilities


If you’re in the mood for a staycation, Rizal Park Hotel is the best place to stay in. They have state of the art facilities like a wellness spa and casino. Not to mention, infinity pools (which are still being constructed today).
These are just some of the reasons as to why staying in Rizal Park Hotel is a unique and wonderful experience. Apart from all the interiors and great restaurants, their staff is also very polite and welcoming. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Rizal Park Hotel and have the best time of your life!

Address: South Road Drive, T.M Kalaw Extension, Ermita Manila.
Telephone No: (02) 804-8700


2 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Manila : Rizal Park Hotel Review ( Instagrammable)

  1. sorry for the numerous typographical and grammatical errors in my first comment. didn’t review it na before i posted. 🙁 anyway, i forgot to say that the front desk people were really nice and accommodating. that’s another plus factor in this hotel. thanks!

    1. Hi Tisha,

      Thank you for your comments, These are valid and I really hope that they do improve on it. It’s thing they will be working on and hopefully done better when their restoration is complete. Cheers!

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