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Reasons Why RedDoorz Has Made Staycation More Affordable

Red Doorz

Remember the time when hotel rates and bookings are somehow elusive and a hassle thing to do? Thanks to the internet and social media technology improvements because the frustration of getting a hotel room is now a thing of the not so distant past. And to make it even easier for a frequent traveller like me, Reddoorz is heaven-sent.

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What is RedDoorz?

Reddoorz Hotels

For most millennials, and some of our Titas, RedDoorz is now starting to become a household name when it comes to hotel bookings and accommodations. Whenever I’m in Metro Manila,  or particularly in Makati for events, I prefer to use Grab as a mode of transportation. If Grab is the online app for vehicles, RedDoorz is for hotel bookings. And I can honestly tell you, Reddoorz’s online platform will give you prime amenities and services without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Reddoorz is a gamechanger

Red Doorz

Hotel bookings app like RedDoorz, have changed greatly changed the way I travel. My dilemma before is how can I find a hotel with great amenities but affordable, and at the same time, real quick. Back then, it was nearly impossible for me to do that because I have to call the hotel at least weeks before my schedule. And for a traveler like me, it’s always a possibility that there are last-minute changes on my itinerary.

Before, I need to go to the hotels and inquire personally for the available accommodations and rates, which is really an inconvenient thing to do. And since I’m already tired, I end up in the hotel room that is not comfortable yet barely affordable. What a hassle!

With RedDoorz, I am confident that my bookings are guaranteed secure, affordable, and above all, comfortable.  This is why RedDoorz hotel rooms are the ideal booking app for many budget travelers like me.

Why choose RedDoorz?

Red Doorz

Whenever I have events to attend in Makati which runs for a few days, I usually go and leave early, book a Grab or commute going home and be back again the following day. Yes, it works, but the time I spent on traffic in between these trips would have been used for other more important things to do, like rest.

But now, RedDoorz gave me that well-deserved rest by giving me the option to book promo rooms, stay the night and leave by the bus early in the following morning. And I have this is on a wallet-friendly cost.

Convenience is the main reason why RedDoorz is the app of choice for budget travelers, which I happen to be. Here are some other reasons why hotel rooms and staycation was affordable because of RedDoorz :

1.Booking made easy

Red DoorzMillennials and Titas will find RedDoorz easy to use. Just download its mobile app via iOS or Android, sign up, and your good to go! You can now scan for hotel or property listings based on your travel destination. Then the RedDoorz app will give you information, photo, availability, and rates of the rooms, which is great because you already know what to expect before making your choice.

2.It saves you time and effort

Red Doorz

Based on my personal experience stated above, rather than unnecessary personal visits to properties or hotels a few hours earlier just to get a booking, you can simply use the app, select your choice, and you’re done.

When paying for your booking, RedDoorz offers several options. They accept credit cards, DragonPay via 7/11 or bank, or you can pay at the hotel when you arrive.

3.Affordable but comfortable rooms

Red Doorz
Thanks to RedDoorz, hotel rooms are now more affordable and even when you’re on a tight budget. Even the lowest budget of P700.00 can give you comfortable beds and big bathrooms complete with all standard amenities.

For couple or family staycations,  RedDoorz Premium has luxury room amenities, extra pools, gym, on a prime location, and still within an affordable budget. This is definitely a #ReddoorzForAll.

RedDoorz is now serving more than 200 locations nationwide and they are expanding every day. Soon enough, anywhere I go, I can book for a Reddoorz hotel room. 

4.Promo, Discounts, and Incentives

I also find RedDoorz’s point reward system very useful for frequent customers like me. They call it  RedCash, where every time I book, my points are accumulated which I can use for future bookings. Basically, if my points are enough, I can stay in a hotel room for free. More points will also give me more chances of becoming a RedClub member where exclusive deals and discounts await me. Now that something I would look forward to!

This November, Reddoorz also unlocked a new set of deals for Christmas for us Filipinos nationwide. Their latest campaign, “#MomentsToCelebrate, and #JustARedDoorzAway” gives us a chance to receive deals and presents which will be perfect for our travels.

For more discounts, RedDoorz also launched a promo code for a 20% off on Red hotel rooms nationwide.  All we need to do is input the promo code “RDKARLA” upon booking for a hotel room. I will definitely make use of this through my RedDoorz mobile app.

Your next hotel room booking is now a click away, and we have RedDoorz to thank for that. So what are you waiting for? Download RedDoorz through your mobile app store or visit their website for more information.

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