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Reasons to stay overnight in Corregidor Island Tour with Sun Cruises

Corregidor Overnight Tours

We all know that Corregidor is one of the best spots to do a day trip in the Philippines with its fantastic historical locations and beautiful sceneries. Many tourists, locals and foreigners alike, love visiting Corregidor and with good reason – well, reasons, to be more accurate. But a single day tour really isn’t enough to capture all of what the island off Manila Bay has to offer – you’ll definitely get a bit more substance if you decide to stay overnight. So here are those following reasons as to why you should go on a Corregidor Overnight Tour, as well as the top places to visit in the area.

Top things to see in Corregidor

  • Middleside Barracks
  • Battery Way
  • Battery Grubbs
  • Battery Hearn
  • Mile Long Barracks
  • Pacific War Memorial Complex
  • Cine Corregidor
  • Faro de Isla Corregidor
  • Corregidor Inn
  • Japanese Garden of Peace
  • Filipino Heroes Memorial
  • Malinta Tunnel
  • Lorcha Dock

Tour Review

It can be difficult to find a tour that will really give you a comprehensive understanding of an area, but the Corregidor Sun Cruises Tour does a fantastic job. The tour is very organized! When we got to the island, we already knew which tram number we were supposed to be in. Our guide and resident manager, Edward, was very informative too. We learned all about the island’s history, that it was one of the major defenses in the Manila Bay during the second world war, all about the individual stops, and even some fun facts – like that Corregidor island is shaped like a tadpole!

I think all the tours were organized in such a way that the stops were not too full nor crowded – we only had one tram shortly behind us, and had more than ample time to take pictures and look around before they got there.

Stop 1: Filipino Heroes Memorial for 10 minutes

The first stop of our Corregidor Tour was a landmark constructed to commemorate the Filipino heroes who fought for the country during the war. The area houses a museum as well as photographs, paintings, and other historically relevant artefacts from the time.

Stop 2: Drive through the Kindley Landing Field

Suncruises Corregidor Tour

Also known as the landing strip and in more recent years, Corregidor Airport – it is where small aircraft are made to land when visiting the island.

Stop 3 : Japanese Memorial

Otherwise called the Japanese Garden of Peace, a memorial funded by Japan which gives recognition to the Japanese soldiers who perished and fought during the war.

Stop 4: Malinta Tunnel Lights and Sound Show for 30 minutes.

Suncruises Corregidor Tour

Here visitors will get to learn all about the events that transpired in Corregidor during the second world war. The right side of the main tunnel has more murals and dioramas while the left has more videos and visual materials – but it goes in laterals and stages so guests can see the history in a step-by-step manner.

I really loved the fact that after the statement, “Corregidor is now back to the Filipino people, the valor of Corregidor,” was announced, they ended the portion of the tour with the Philippine flag under the spotlight and the national anthem playing in the background. It inspires nationalism and allows us to remember the trials and tribulations we fought through in the past….

Stop 5: Battery Way

At this stop you will see 4 green-colored canons capable of high power explosions of up to over 14000 yards. It was named after Lt. Henry Way.

Overnight Corregidor Tour

Stop 6: Drive through the Middleside Barracks

Overnight Corregidor Tour

Drive through the old ruins of the military barracks once used to house the 60th Coast Artillery, 91st Coast Artillery, and the Philippine Scouts.


Stop 7: Go through the Mile-Long Barracks

A three-storey building known to be the longest military barracks in the entire world, measuring at a total of 1520 feet long.

Stop 8: Pacific War Memorial Complex

Established in honor of the Filipino and American soldiers who fought against the Japanese during World War 2. It consists of a dome memorial, museum, and a monument known as the Eternal Flame of Freedom.

Stop 9: Battery Grubbs

This is where two of the island’s disappearing guns are located – after firing shots, the guns can be hidden from view which was a great advantage during the war. It also has a nice view of the Bataan province, sea, and the sunset in the distance.

Stop 10: Battery Hearn

The biggest canon in Corregidor, a 12-inch Coastal Defence Gun capable of firing powerful shots in all directions.

Stop 11: Cine Corregidor

An old movie house built before World War 2 broke out, designed to provide entertainment to the soldiers as well as their families in the area. However, many of the roofs had been bombed off exposing primarily the skeleton and stairways of the building which we see today.

Stop 12: Faro de Isla Corregidor

Corregidor Overnight Tours

Also known as the Spanish Lighthouse. It was built during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, making it the oldest monument on Corregidor.

Stop 13: Lorcha Dock

The place where Douglas MacArthur uttered the famous words, “I shall return.” before he left for Australia as commanded by President Roosevelt at the time. It has a statue of the American General himself with his right hand raised as a symbol of promise to return to the country despite the invasion of the Japanese.

After the tour, we had lunch at La Playa Restaurant, the in-house and newly renovated restaurant of Corregidor Inn with a fantastic view of the Manila Bay from the veranda. The buffet spread was good – I mean after learning history, walking around and taking in all the new information, it was only fitting we have a good meal.

Corregidor Overnight Tours
At Corregidor Inn

We had an hour to rest after lunch, and then we came out for snacks where we ate pancit and banana fritters – OMG, I was still full from lunch and I thought I wasn’t going to eat much but the food was soooo good, I ended up eating a lot despite that.

Corregidor Overnight Tours

Then, the exciting part begins….Not that the first part wasn’t exciting, of course. But as the sun began to set, the “overnight” portion of our Corregidor Overnight Tour would finally begin.

Corregidor Overnight Tours

After we had lunch at La Playa, our second meal was in the garden area – it was really beautiful, not to mention it’s right by the lighthouse. For those who are availing of the day trip, this is where they have lunch. You can also go souvenir shopping in the same area.

Reasons to go on a Corregidor Overnight Tour

1. Sunset from Battery Grubbs – Given its strategic location on the island with a view of the West, Battery Grubbs is also one of the best places to catch a view of the sunset on the entirety of Corregidor.

2. The Hospital Ruins Tour – Visit the old ruins of Corregidor’s hospital, one of the most eerie locations on the island. You can even see writings scattered around the walls made by Muslim soldiers years ago.

3. Lateral Tunnels Tour – Same venue as the day trip – in the Malinta Tunnel, but this time if you’re staying overnight, you get to visit the back side and go deeper into the mountain – you see how intricate the structures really are, with the air vents and all, as well as little nooks and crannies which served as hiding spots and temporary hospitals. Please wear proper shoes, however. I was personally in sandals, definitely not recommended. It’s a rocky path and you’ll need to duck and bend a lot, not for the claustrophobic.

The guide occasionally asks you to turn off your helmet lights – just to let you experience how things were like during the actual war, total darkness. Of course I was scared because of the bloodshed-filled history of the tunnels but we all survived and had fun in the end. Might be good for those who are interested in ghost hunting.

Corregidor Overnight Tours Corregidor Overnight Tours

4. Sunrise over the Tail End – Really pretty view of the sunrise from the tail end of the island – be sure to get up early to catch the great view, however.

Corregidor Overnight Tours

5. More time to swim in the South Beach – When I went before, it was so packed we didn’t really have the opportunity to do a lot of things in Corregidor – but now we had ample time, although we did have to wake up early two days in a row. Aside from swimming and relaxing by the water, you can also do some water activities here such as kayaking and zipline.

6. Boodle Fight – This is an upgrade. You need to pay extra to do this but it’s a fun activity as a group and the food is really good.

Corregidor Overnight Tours
Boodle Fight at Corregidor Inn

7. Fantastic Stay at Corregidor Inn

If you’re planning to stay overnight, then the Corregidor Inn is likely your best bet – also, it’s included in the overnight tour package with Sun Cruises. The rooms are nice and cozy and designed like the old-school Spanish houses, particularly their windows which are reminiscent of scenes in El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere. Your booking also comes with a complimentary breakfast, so you can wake up to delicious Filipino food before starting up your day. The hotel was newly renovated during our visit so it was a pleasant experience, and they’re even planning to set up a swimming pool – it’s a shame I missed it, but maybe next time.

Corregidor Overnight Tours

Other things you can do in Corregidor

1. Adventure games – I’d personally like to try this, but they say that it’s for team building purposes and all and has a required minimum of 15 individuals in order to book.

2. Biking Tour

3. Walking Tour

All of these activities are the reasons as to why I want to go back time and time again to Corregidor, really there’s so much to do. They’re also open for prenup shoots and fun runs.

Where does Sun Cruises board?

The tour starts boarding at the MOA Esplanade Seaside Terminal near the docks at Pasay City.

Boarding Process

Corregidor Tours

All tour members will gather at the Esplanade Seaside Terminal to check-in. Note that the check-in counter opens an hour before the scheduled departure time, 7:00 AM, and closes exactly 30 minutes before departure so be sure to arrive before the cut-off time because Sun Cruises will not allow late passengers to board.

How to Book

To book your very own Corregidor Overnight Tour, you can contact and inquire with Sun Cruises via the following channels:

  • Address: 21st Floor Times Plaza Bldg., Ermita, Manila, Philippines
  • Telephone: (632) 354-7005, (632) 6289751 and (632) 6289752
  • Mobile (63)998 968-3256, (63)998 968-3056
  • E-mail:
  • Website:


You can choose from the various packages offered by Sun Cruises, all of which include round trip ferry rides, entrance fees, tour guide, and meals.

  • Day Tour – Adult (Weekend and Holiday): PHP 3629/person
  • Day Tour – Adult (Weekday): PHP 3358/person
  • Day Tour – Children: PHP 1994/child (children must be between ages 3 – 11)

For overnight stays, guests will have to pay the day tour fee plus the Corregidor Inn rates listed below:

  • Single room: PHP 5250
  • Double room: PHP 7500
  • Family room: PHP 15000
  • Extra bed: PHP 3500

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