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Quarry Rock and Light House Hike for Celine’s 30th Birthday

Hiking in Vancouver Karlaroundtheworld

Quarry Rock Hike and Light House 


To celebrate her Celine’s 30th birthday, she decided to do a simple hike. So, we chose these 2 itineraries located in North and West Vancouver which are actually perfect.

Karlaroundtheworld Quary Rock Hike

Our first hike for the day was at Quarry Rock, a rocky outcrop with a distance of 3.8 km in North Vancouver. It is only 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. By car, just head to the east of Mt. Seymour Parkway. Turn left onto Deep Cove Road, head straight this road and turn right into Gallant Avenue. Then turn left on Panorama Drive. You could see the Panorama Park on your right where you may find a parking lot. As an alternative, you may take bus 212.

Karlaroundtheworld Quary Rock Hike

The Quarry Rock trail has already been paved and areas have some staircases. Hiking like a boss! The place though was still a natural. We still had to avoid the huge roots and rocks along the trail. During the hike, we could feel the fresh air since there were plenty of plants and high trees which also served as natural shades. We also crossed some short bridges over streams.


A lot of people brought their dogs with them. I find it cute to see the dogs running around the woods and drink water by the streams. Dog owners can off-leash their dogs in some areas. On the end-point, it is advised that dogs should be on leash.


After an approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour hike, we were finally greeted by a stunning view of the Deep Cove. It was like a work of art in a canvass. Imagine, you could see the vast clear blue sky. Below the Quarry Rocky is the Deep Cove, where you could see the small yachts and docks.  Just in front across are the green mountains of Belcarra. The other mountain left across is the Eagle Ridge. The mountain on the next island right across is Burnaby. Then, below is the water of Indian Arm.


We sat there in a boulder for a while. It was open though that you’d be exposed directly to the heat of the sun. There were a lot of people sitting there, too. A perfect for a family getaway. We met another Filipino Family and got a chance to bond with them while in there.


I usually hike so I somehow did not run out of breath compared to the beginners who found it tiring. Celine was happy that she was able to try this kind of experience. Celine thought that she has always been sedentary. She doesn’t really hike but said the view was really worth it.


We got back to the starting point faster as usual. We still had energy for another itinerary. But, we just wanted to take an easier one.


So, we took another more or less 30-minute drive to the lighthouse park located in West Vancouver. From downtown, it may take you 40-minute drive by just crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge then head west through Marine Drive. As the route narrows, turn left on Beacon Lane. You may stop at the gravel parking area. You may also take bus 250 and ask the driver to drop you off the Lighthouse Park.

Lighthouse West Vancouver Karlaroundtheworld

At the Lighthouse park, the pathway was a plain dirt at the start and the next parts were rocky. There were tall trees which have curling barks showing how old they are.


We got a good view of the lighthouse from the West Beach. It is similar to the quarry rock but more slippery.


We reached the Lighthouse Station Open Gate after but didn’t get inside the lighthouse as it is not open to public.

Lighthouse West Vancouver Karlaroundtheworld

It was literally a walk in the park. It was fun going around the trail. Maybe it could have been better if we were able to get on top of the Lighthouse. It was peaceful having a good view of the sea, its smell and hearing the crash of the waves.

Lighthouse West Vancouver Karlaroundtheworld



There are several other easy hiking place in Vancouver[1]1, like Cypress falls, Lynn Loop and Capilano Pacific Park. Each has their own unique gem to boast and offer other options depending on the type of view and trail you prefer. The downside of Quarry Rock is that it is sort of crowded compared to the three sites mentioned. I would still recommend Quarry Rock over other hiking places for novice hikers because the trail is safer and shorter, and literally take your breath away with its open and complete view of the sky, mountains and water

Both the Quarry Rock and Lighthouse have no entrance fee and are dog friendly. Just look after your dog  as not to bother other hikers. These are the ideal places to take your friends or whole family if you want a simple nature-tripping. You may also hike these on your own. But, I’d really suggest you take someone with you. Don’t let them miss these simple adventure. Besides, sometimes, what count most is who you spend your time with.


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  1. I need to go out more often. This is a nice place to do hiking! I love the views, the water, everything. We’re going to plan for this when the weather gets warmer. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. Both are amazing! I love hiking and I usually hike during the morning. I wouldn’t mind joining a hike like that. The view is really worth it.

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