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Homey Little Place in Porto: Porto Vintage Guest House

Porto Vintage Guest House

Porto Vintage Guest House

By: Audrey Trinidad

It was gloomy, the day we arrived in Porto ( Read this guide to know what to do while in Porto) . From the train station, we took a quick cab ride to Rua do Almada. Luckily, we got in just as it was starting to drizzle. The owner, Sofia, welcomed us warmly into the guesthouse.

We came in from Lisbon, so it was very convenient that we could get in touch quickly and easily through email. Sofia knew we were coming in early so they were able to get the rooms cleaned early enough to allow us to settle in comfortably when we arrived. In the hall, they also have a table full of guides, brochures and books you can rifle through if you’re looking for something to do around the city. But then again, if you’re looking for recommendations, we suggest asking Sofia or Maria, who runs the kitchen.


Aside from the showing us to our room, Sofia also made it a point to show us another important thing—how to properly open the door. As with many old European buildings, there seems to be an art form to getting in. It involved pulling on the door knob while simultaneously pushing and turning the key. It’s simple, really, until you have to do it yourself. Fortunately, Sofia watches you try it yourself to make sure you can get into the guesthouse when you need to. And yes, sometimes, Sofia has needed to take a trip back to the guesthouse in the middle of the night (or early in the morning) for guests who have trouble with the door.Porto-Vintage-Guesthouse

What struck us most was how beautifully designed the guesthouse was. Sofia revealed that the house had been her parents. When she inherited it, she decided to leave her job in the corporate world and turn the house into a bed and breakfast. From what we saw, it was a good move. The resulting space is modern but homey, minimalist and well-decorated. If there is anything to quibble about, it is only that there was no other way to bring up our luggage but by carrying them up the stairs. Luckily, our room was only on the 2nd floor.

The room we stayed in was very spacious for three girls. There was one queen-size bed near windows that brought in a lot of natural light in the morning and two twin beds tucked behind double doors.  We appreciated the clean linen and comfortable mattresses, and a plug-in heater for when it got really cold. There were also two toilets and a shower, making it pretty convenient to get ready.


They have a communal dining area and a simple but generous breakfast spread in the morning. On warmer days, diners can opt to have breakfast in the patio. If you are a smoker, the patio is also the only place where you can smoke. The wi-fi is also a little spotty in the rooms, so we would recommend using the wi-fi downstairs instead.


As a bed and breakfast located in a popular tourist destination, the guesthouse is frequently filled with other international travelers. Centrally located near the Trindade metro station, it is easily within walking distance of the tourism center as well as attractions like the Trindade Church, the City Hall, and Galerie de Paris – a strip of restaurants and bars.  So if you’re coming to Porto for a few days with your partner or a group of friends, Porto Vintage Guesthouse is definitely a good option.


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11 thoughts on “Homey Little Place in Porto: Porto Vintage Guest House

  1. What a cozy place! Love the use of minimalism in the decor. It looks spacious and not at all crammed. The use of wooden flooring only makes it all the more classy! Thanks for the review Karla!

  2. This place looks so nice. So modern and clean inside. i love all the attention to detail like the towels being embroidered. Looks like a wonderful find on your trip.

  3. Porto is a fantastic location! I do like modern accommodation and they have laid out the apartment well. Looks spacious and minimalist. I’ll keep this place in mind if I get a chance to go back.

  4. This place looks so quaint, but modern too. I love staying in guesthouses because you get that great interaction with your host. I am hearing such great things about Porto lately, so will have to keep this place in mind:)

  5. Lovely place! Touch of modern and classic designs. And I was surprised that there is “how to properly open the door. As with many old European buildings, there seems to be an art form to getting in?” Wow! that’s interesting to know. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Oh this sounds perfect. After having such an incredible time in Lisbon & Lagos I’ve been itching to come back to Portugal. I’ve heard of Porto while in Portugal and from friends so it is on my to go to list. This accommodation sounds and looks perfect. I love those old European doors even if they are tricky to open.

  7. The Guest House looks like a really cosy and comfortable place to stay in Porto. The fact that it is centrally located is a very important factor, as that ensures you do not waste time on commuting. Also so nice of Sofia that she ensures guests are not stuck with the key issue.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation, Sofia sounds lovely, I really love family run hotels because they have such a warm personal touch. Haha you’re preaching to the choir on the European doors, I know first hand how difficult heritage buildings can be with the handles getting stuck – it’s very nice that she recognizes this and shows guests how to get in 🙂

    Love the modern but minimalist space – I’ve been prioritizing guest houses over hotels for a while now, so will definitely shoot Sofia an email when we visit Porto 🙂

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