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Portland’s Haunted Pub Tour by Beerquest PDX


Reminiscing Portland : Its Haunting Past via Haunted Pub Crawl by Beerquest PDX in Portland, Oregon

For a city that is of many things—one whose name was chosen through a simple means of toss coin, a notorious port city known for its organized crime and racketeering before the 21st century until its dissipation sometime later around World War II. Portland,  Oregon is not necessarily one with a great start as a dwelling for commerce and people despite the relative popularity and successes it enjoys today that made it one of the ideal cities many people to want to live in.

Of Spirits and Living

Haunted Pub tour Beerquest Portland (3)
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But at one point in its history when it was deemed to be the ‘most dangerous port city,’ Portland has its fair share of horrors back in the past that still haunts a part of its lands to this day—like hidden secrets that want themselves to be discovered, there are stories whose nature transcends that of the spirit and the living within the Old Town that are worth telling and people knowing.

Appearances of ghosts and haunting is as real in the historic district of Old Town as how they are portrayed in folklore and films, whether you believe in ghosts or not.

Haunted Portland Pub Tour
Not scary but there’s something spooky about it. This was part of the Shanghai Tunnels

With Oregon’s second largest city now in prosper and many of its inhabitants overlook its rather dark history, it does not come as a surprise that there are certain ghost stories within the district alone that did not make it to people’s ears, even with some who are local to the city—it is for this same reason that a tour program focused on the scary past of Portland with its true-to-life stories such as Beerquest PDX make it such a hit to those who are thrill-seekers or are curious enough to actually know what the hype is about.

Less is Also Merry

Beerquest PDX

I decided to join the tour myself —sometime around May.  There were only 5 of us when we went for the tour that the overall experience felt intimate even with people whom I barely knew but share similar interests with, at least on the thrill-seeking part. I feel that its a good way to learn about history,   craft beer ( which Portland is known for ) and also meeting new people. What’s there to lose?  Plus the price is reasonable for what you get.

High water mark— I definitely didn’t make the cut. During that time, I would have been submerged in water.

With Kirsten as our guide—who also happens to be into theatre—our trip around the haunted areas of the Old Town District has been both a fun and interesting experience, partly influenced by her ability to get so interactive.

Karlaroundtheworld Haunted Pub Crawl
Part of the old shanghai tunnel

Part of the rather short-lived journey involves some sample beers with the pub i.e. Beer Pub Crawl, I personally did not just learn of the horror and, consequently, the ghosts and their stories that roam Portland still to the present, I also got to learn a thing or two about beers.

Hautned Pub Tour Portland

Yet like many other good things, my tour with Beerquest PDX, too, had come to an end—it all happened near the Voo Doo doughnuts, jelly beans in hands, and a joy to my heart. Truly, the tour was indeed a memorable experience.






48 thoughts on “Portland’s Haunted Pub Tour by Beerquest PDX

  1. What a fun experience! I am not much of a person who would go for ghost hunting but I think visiting this place and learning a bit of it’s history will be fun.

  2. This tour sounds like a great idea for date night with my hubby. We both love “haunted tours” and he has an affinity for craft beer, you can’t go wrong here!

  3. I’ve never been on a pub tour before. It sounds so exciting especially since it’s the type of tour that will get your blood pumping with the booze and the haunting stories.

  4. That looks like a great thing to do with friends or for a date night. Fun drinks and learning a little along the way.

  5. Oh my god, look at the old shanghai tunnel, right at the back near the boxes on the left hand side of the wall. It looks like a ghost with a backpack and his back is turned to the camera. weird.

  6. This Haunted Pub Tour sounds like it would be something we would love to do. We are going to have to do this some day because we are some what of a thrill seeker but the beer part sounds good too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. That’s great you were able to have such a small group–it’s always nice to have a more private experience like that. And a guide with theater experience would be fantastic too! Sounds like a great tour–beer, history and ghosts–you can’t go wrong!

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