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Pizza Hut MOA


Warning: This Will Make You Crave for Pizzas!

Looking for refreshment this weekend or holidays that is perfect for budget? Do you find it hard to live in the midst of the bustle of the city? Throw all your stress! Pizza hut serves delightful pizzas in their branches. They are serving thousands of people over the years, and still continue to do so in this present days.  Pizza Hut branches are good to visit, but among them all, this new branch stands out among them all. It is located at the Mall of Asia.


Going to Mall of Asia seems you are in the edge of the human sea. That is the reason why Pizza Hut MOA branch decided to expand their location. This new branch is the biggest among the all the branches located in the Philippines. Undoubtedly, people were enticed to visit this new branch at MOA.


In these modern times, young and even adults love to post pictures in their IG. The good news is, Pizza Hut MOA has this kind of vibes and ambiance that makes the picture shots instagram-able. The lightings and interior designs of this branch is totally awe-inspiring! It will make you and your friends have good chats. Both indoors and outdoors have wide settings.


Another new things about Pizza Hut MOA is their exclusive offers. They sell exclusive t-shirt, mug, and even hat Pizza Hut brands. These items are only limited and needed to be grabbed as soon as possible.Pizza-Hut-Mall-of-Asia

What are the Pizza Hut MOA branch types of menu?

  1. Crab Salad Roll

Price: P169

Crab Roll

This tastes amazingly good! After couple of times I’ve visited Pizza Hut in various branches, this is the first time I have tried this mouth-watering menu. Aside from the good taste it has, this really look good in photos.

  1. Carbonara Family

Price: P299


Yum! Just hearing the word carbonara makes my tummy jump with happiness. The taste is so classic but also creamy. The food preparation is just perfect!

  1. Bacon Margarita

Price: P259

Bacon Margarita

This is the tastiest flavor pizza in Pizza Hut that I’ve ever tasted. Bacon Margarita was made with tomatoes and basil, imported mozzarella cheese, cheddar and cream cheese. The cheesiest and tastiest pizza ever!

  1. Super Supreme Pizza Hut

Pizza: P269


Who would never love this best seller Pizza that you can upgrade with free stuff crust?

  1. Garlic parmesan wings plus zesty garlics

Price: P149 (4 pieces) P219 (6 pieces)



This Garlic Parmesan Wings chicken really left a good taste in my buds! This is totally unforgettable and it made my tummy so happy. It was really great! The chicken wings was totally crispy and juicy, then add zesty lemon dip to add to the greatness of the flavor.

  1. Desserts
  • Pizza Hut PANbansang Pizza Desserts

Price: P59


This dessert have two flavors: Peanut Butter Chocnut and Quezo Yema. This is a perfect twist of Pizza Hut that kids would truly loves. The next time you go to Pizza Hut, do not forget to buy this dessert. This will be a new taste to your buds, but once you taste it, you will ask for more!

  • Mudpie Sundae

Price: P49

Pizza-Hut-Mall-of-Asia Pizza-Hut-Mall-of-Asia Pizza-Hut-Mall-of-Asia

A sweet treat for you and for your friends. Totally one of a kind dessert!


What I love from another category from Pizza Hut MOA branch is the new sweet treats! Aside from Pizza Hut PANbansang Pizza Desserts, there are ice cream and coffee bars available! Unbelievable! Another lists for my bucket lists in Pizza Hut menu. There are hot and cold desserts according to your choice. The lists of their desserts are: hot or iced coffees, sundae, Milo float, and Coke Float. What I love about the floats in Pizza Hut is that they have lots of ice cream on top. I never had these kind of floats from other fast foods. It’s all worth it!

What would you love with Pizza Hut MOA branch?

  • The staffs’ service are really good, and they are friendly too! Expect greeting and smiling faces from their staffs. They are truly well-trained and know how to answer to queries.
  • They have reasonable prices.
  • The food service is fast. So, if you feel really hungry, don’t worry, Pizza Hut do their chores hurry and still do it professionally.

Expect that Pizza Hut Mall of Asia branch has lots of people, so the earlier you arrive to the branch, the first you can be served. Experience Pizza Hut new featured menus and taste all the great foods they served.

Treat yourself with pizzas and sweet treats. Pizza Hut has them all – all the things you ever wanted. Solve all your cravings with Pizza Hut, and come visit their MOA branch!


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