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Pico Sands Hotel Pico De Loro Hamilo Coast Batangas-Break Free Package Review

Pico Sands Hotel

Summer is almost here and after two years of this pandemic, we all deserve a quick break and escape into paradise. Nasugbu, Batangas has always been my go-to for a quick and relaxing vacation. It’s just a quick drive away from Manila and has a selection of world-class resorts. Plus, in Nusugbu, paradise is just around every corner. Now is the perfect time to book the Break Free Package by Pico Sands Hotel. It’s the perfect package for family or friends to experience the best that Nusugbu has to offer. 

Discover the hidden paradise of Pico De Loro Cove in Nusugbu, Batangas with the Break Free Package by Pico Sands Hotel now!

Break Free Package

What is the Pico Sands Hotel’s Break Free Package you ask? The Break Free Package by Pico Sands Hotel is a three-day and two-night accommodation package in Pico Sands Hotel where you’ll get world-class pampering, food, and exclusive access to the best spots that Hamilo Coast has to offer.

It was my first time staying in the remarkable Pico Sands Hotel. Through the hotel’s Break Free Package, I got to take the trip together with three friends, Anne, Marky, and Tina–with who I haven’t taken a trip for two years. The seven-story hotel is nestled inside the lush tropical seaside sanctuary of Pico De Loro Cove and is part of the 40-hectare development of Hamilo Coast. 

Its location is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The hotel and the residential towers surround a man-made lagoon and are surrounded by magnificent mountain terrain. We have easy access to the beautiful view of the lagoon and the mountain backdrop with our Lagoon View Room.

1. A Hotel Room with a View

Our Lagoon View Room at Pico Sands Hotel is everything you would expect from a 5-star hotel and more. Tina and I are sharing a gorgeous room with a king-size bed for each of us. I love the wooden accents and the photographs by the beds are gorgeous. Our hotel room also has a minibar, a coffee corner (very important), and a safety deposit box. For entertainment, we have a big flat-screen TV and free WIFI. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is just a taste of what Pico Sands Hotel’s Break Free Package has in store. Let me share with you one at a time what to expect if you availed of this three-day package deal in paradise.

But the best part is the spacious balcony with a gorgeous view of the lagoon. I can see myself there every morning relaxing while I take my cup of coffee.

The toilet and bath are pristine and have cold and hot water. I love the huge counter where we can get ready for the day. Plus it’s complete with complimentary toiletries.

Our hotel room has an adjoining door with Anne’s room which also has an adjoining door to Marky’s room. This setup is perfect for families on a vacation or a group of friends that want to relax and have fun away from the city.

2. First Class Hotel Amenities

The Pico Sands Hotel goes the extra mile to make its guests feel extra special. If you avail of their Break Free Package, you’ll be treated with a handful of goodies at your hotel room like a hygiene kit, an eco-friendly sunblock from Human Nature, a Pico Sands Hotel eco-bag for females, and a Pico Sands hat for the males. My favorite is definitely the Abaca Facemask that can be planted after use. Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts are put at the forefront with Pico Sands Hotel.

We also had access to the recreational sports facilities at the exclusive Pico De Loro County Club. It has everything in there you can think of: a fitness center, outdoor volleyball, indoor tennis court, badminton courts, and even a bowling alley. We tried our luck with darts but we had a lot to learn. We didn’t manage to stay too long but it’s definitely a great time if you’re someone who loves to break a sweat.

We also got to explore with a mini-hike to the Marina. There’s a beautiful scenic road going up the hills where we were met with stunning views of Hamilo Coast. We also stopped by the “Birds Nest” and a Chapel for a quick photo during our hike. The chapel looks so picturesque with its location overlooking the sea. I may want to get married here someday.

3. Exhilarating Sunset Cruise plus Cocktails

Pico De Loro Break Free Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise with Pico De Loro

We went on an unforgettable Sunset Cruise on our first day at Pico Sands. After a day of exploring the land, we made a quick outfit change and got shuttled to the Country Club. There we were treated like royalties as we boarded a fancy yacht to take us to the best coves in Hamilo Coast. It took us about 1.5 hours to explore the different protected marine sanctuaries like the Subli Cove, Pico de Loro, Etoya Cove, and Turtle Island. Our favorite spot is definitely the hidden bat cave on the side of Broken Island.

Pico Sands Hotel Batangas

But the best part has yet to come. As the sun began to set, our host brought out red wine along with individual platters of cheese, cold cuts, and crackers. It was a crazy fun moment. We got to take hundreds of photos and sing out loud all the way back to the Marina.

4. Pampering at Rain

I haven’t gotten a massage for two whole years so it feels great to finally be on this trip with Tina as we always are on the lookout for a great spa experience. Pico Sands Hotel just has the thing for us with their spa Rain. You can find Rain in the hotel’s lobby area and advance booking is highly recommended, especially with the hotel’s strict compliance with health protocols.


We immediately took the 9 PM slot for a night’s worth of pampering. We had our therapists, Ms. Maricel, and Ms. Rachel, warmly welcome us as we enter the spa. We said quick introductions before being ushered to our private spa room. We had the option to get a quick 10-minute steam bath or a dip in the tub to make sure we were all clean for our treatment.

And finally, we were ready for our hour-long Swedish massage. I love our therapists. They provide friendly chats but kept it professional throughout the entire session. They were constantly checking if we were comfortable or if the pressure is just right. I admit I snoozed a little bit on the massage table.

Pico Sands Hotel takes health protocols very seriously. We had the option for our therapists to wear gloves and as a precaution, massage to the neck/head area was not to be availed. We trust that the hotel is on top of its protocols so Tina and I decided to go all out.

After the amazing and much-needed massage, we were treated with warm tea then we returned to our hotel room to get a night of beauty sleep.

5. Private Island Tour of Santelmo Cove

What can I say about Santelmo Cove? A great way to put it is: magical. And there may be more to that description than meets the eye. On Day 2, after a hearty breakfast at Pico De Loro Country Club, we went on a 15-minute boat ride to a highlight destination: Santelmo Island.

There’s a bit of a legend about where Santelmo Island got its name. It’s also known as “St. Elmo’s Fire” with locals witnessing a mysterious ball of fire blazing on the beach. Myth or truth, the sight of Santelmo from afar will guarantee to captivate visitors.

Santelmo Cove is one of the thirteen exclusive coves of Hamilo Coast and definitely one of the must-visit. You’ll be surprised at how much time flies when discovering the best things this little spot in paradise has to offer.

Relax Under the Shade

Upon arrival at the picturesque Santelmo Cove, we quickly noticed beach beds on the powdery white sands perfectly placed under the shade of the palm trees. The pristine image of the cove was breathtaking from the boat but being there on the beach relaxing on the sand with the sight of the outstretched ocean and the rock formations on the side makes it truly feel like you’re in paradise. 

Swim with the Fishes

Santelmo is first and foremost a protected marine sanctuary so it’s no surprise that it has a rich abundance of marine life in its waters. Marky and I got to snorkel by the boat. We noticed that the water is saltier than usual making us more buoyant. We spotted a myriad of colorful fishes. Remember to bring your own snorkeling gear. Too bad Tina wasn’t able to snorkel with us due to her ankle injury.

Our free diver friend Ann dove 8-meters deep in the water with our guide Kuya Jojo. They spotted schools of jackfish, mackerels, and giant clams that were 4-feet wide. I was on the lookout for Olive Ridley turtles as Kuya Jojo said they nest on the sands of Santelmo but no turtle was spotted that day.

Hike up the Viewing Deck

After having the time of our lives taking pictures on a paddleboard, Kuya Jojo took us up to the island’s viewing deck about a 10-minute hike away. Never skip this when in Santelmo. You’ll get to see a breathtaking 360-degree view of the entire island and spot baby black-tip sharks on the cove. We were so lucky that day; we were the only people on the island.

Have a Private Lunch Picnic in Paradise

Now it’s time for our picnic lunch a great morning of discovering the island. We were served by our butlers, Jerry and Joana, for the day on a bamboo picnic table under the coconut trees. We each had our own personal bilaos to feast on for our lunch consisting of pansit, Ensalada, grilled chicken, fish, shrimp, and a variety of fruits. It’s a great way to wrap up the trip to Santelmo Cove.

Go Paddleboarding

There is only one paddleboard on the island that we could use. But that won’t stop us. We decided to go through with it and use that one paddleboard and have fun on the water. Tina and I had a game plan where I stand up on the board to paddle while she sits on the front to steer. Worked pretty well.

Paddleboarding at the waters of Santelmo was a super fun experience. We had the island to ourselves so there’s no better time and place to act silly and sing our hearts out. We tried different yoga poses and see what else we can do on the paddleboard much to everyone’s amusement. 

All three of us tried balancing several times on the paddleboard which was so much fun. It was such a joyful experience even though we did take a tumble and got a few scrapes along the way. It was such a fun way to bring out our inner child. It’s a good thing Marky was taking shots the entire time.

How to Get to Santelmo Cove

Santelmo Cove is the perfect spot if you want to get away and escape the busy world for a time. Literally, cause there’s no signal on the island. This we didn’t even notice because of the great experience we had.

Santelmo Cove is an exclusive cove and the only way to reach it is to either be a member of the Pico de Loro Country Club or book the BreakFree Package at the Pico Sands Hotel.

6. Dine in Really Pretty Places

We were spoiled for choices for our dining location at Pico Sands. We were always well-fed with delicious food as part of the package but the setting really took it to another level. 

We had lunch by the sea at Santelmo Cove surrounded by palm trees with no one else around. We had dinner an amazing four-course dinner at the Spanish Steps Restaurant where we were served under a dome with a view of the lagoon.

We also had a pick if we want to have breakfast by the Cove or at the beach. There are so many great locations to have meals, imagine if you’re here with your partner. There are so many picturesque, not to mention romantic, locations for a date.

7. Delicious Full Course Meals

You will never go hungry when you book the Break Free Package by Pick Sands Hotel. For the entire 3-day experience, you will be fed with full course meals of quality food and variety from around the world. I felt really spoiled throughout the entire experience. It felt like you traveled around the world with the variety of the cuisine they fed you.

We had amazing meals all brought to us by Pico Sands Hotel including lunch at the Sun Coral Cafe, Private Dinner by the beach, breakfast at the garden, a picnic lunch at Santelmo Cove, a private Spanish dinner at the Spanish Steps, and breakfast at the Garden.

Avail the Break Free Package by Pico Sands Hotel now!

An amazing 3-day experience of summer paradise is waiting at Pico Sands Hotel at Nusugbu, Batangas. Pico Sands Hotel’s Break Free Package requires a minimum of 4 people to book. The price starts at Php 21,330 for members and Php 23,700 per head for nonmembers. Get a chance to be spoiled during this 3-day vacation.

The package includes accommodations, recreational activities, full board meals, tours around Hamilo Coast, and a dedicated events specialist to plan a great itinerary. The Break Free Package by Pico Sands Hotel’s promo is valid until December 21, 2022.


How to Book

Website: Pico Sands Hotel


Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo
Coast, Barangay Papaya, Nasugbu, 4231
Batangas, Philippines

Phone Number:+632 8464 7888 


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