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Everything You Need to Know about Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island Travel Guide

How to get there:

Take the ferry from Phuket. Most people offer the ride for about 750 Baht, although we got ours for 650 Baht from The cost includes both pick-up and the ferry ride. We were picked up from our hotel in Patong by 7:00 AM and taken to the pier, 45 minutes away from Patong. There are two ferries that leave from Rassada Pier at 8:30 AM and arrive at Phi Phi by 10:30 AM. We actually got there around eleven. The first boat cruised around the island of Phi Phi so that we could take in the sights, then dropped off the people stationed at the other end of the island before finally landing at our destination. There is also a later boat, but we wanted to catch a 1:00 tour in Phi Phi.

You can also book a day tour in a speedboat around Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Islands

How to move around in Phi Phi:

There is no public transport in Phi Phi. Everything must be reached by foot, unless you live in the other islands (like Long Beach), and then there is a long tail taxi. The island is a pretty small place.

When we got there, there were a lot of agencies that help you look for accommodations. We didn’t pre-book anything, because we assumed we could just find something once we got there. We were glad we did it that way! The agent showed us a map of the different sides of Phi Phi. “Quiet area,” he said, pointing to the left and right sides, “Expensive area,” pointing to the beach front, and “Cheap area,” pointing to the top. We decided to go for the cheap one, since we were only staying for a night. It was well worth it! We got a lucky score on our accommodations.

The agents said that there would be a taxi to bring our bags from the pier. That was our only concern, because one of my friends had a big bag with wheels. I had my Deuter bag, which enables me to move around more quickly, but with the heat and all of that, we wanted some help. I was expecting an actual taxi, but guess what rolled up in front of us—a cariton wagon! So, we put our bags in a huge wagon pushed by a local, and he brought our bags while we walked after him to find our accommodations.

Where we stayed:

Scenery Guest House is an easy ten-minute walk from the pier. You can get to it if you walk up the steps that go to Phi Phi view point. We paid 1,200 Baht for an air-conditioned room for three. I thought that it was very spacious. It was only 900 Baht for a room with a fan instead of air conditioning, but during our stay, Phuket was really HOT. The owner was so accommodating. He was pretty much the friendliest host ever. We spent a lot of time chatting with him, and he constantly offered us water, kept our bags, and gave us the general impression of safety.

Truths about Phi Phi:

  • There are a lot of long tails and speed boats on the beach front. You can’t really get a clear photo of the beach.
  • I love that everything in Phi Phi was labeled—this girl has a poor sense of direction! There were proper direction arrows to Phi Phi View Point, so I found my way around easily.
  • It’s quite expensive compared to other parts of Thailand.
  • It’s mostly for people who like to party. They have cool parties like the ones in Stockholm, Banana Bar, and another bar that I forget the name of. It had a live band and was pretty awesome.
  • It can get HOT in the morning. Like, hot hot We were burning just from walking around.
  • There are a lot of shops with cute items. You can haggle with the sellers, but we still found the prices in Ao Nang to be cheaper.

Sights to see:

Ko Phi Phi View Point

Bob’s Booze Cruise

The Adventure Club Scuba Diving

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

Spidermonkey Climbing

Phi Phi Bucket Shop

Monkey Beach

Loh Da Lum Bay

Mosquito Island

Ibiza Pool Party

Maya Bay


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