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Boating Expedition around Phang Nga Bay with Isabella Yachts


My Phang Nga Bay Experience

My trip to Phang Nga Bay was a great island hopping experience. As usual, for every of my trip, I always pack my full sense of adventure to savour and enjoy every bit of the moment. This was not an exception, I set off for the tour with the conviction that it was going to be one of my spellbinding trips, so I had an open mind with the intention of enjoying and exploring the many wonders of Phang Nga Bay.

As a person with a bursting passion for traveling, I constantly look forward to the thrill that comes with been in a new environment, the excitement that comes with tasting new foods and experiencing a different culture has always been an overwhelming feeling for me.


In Phuket, I definitely had an adventure. Cruising around Phang Nga Bay was one of the best way to start of my Luxury vacation in  Phuket. I got to see some truly beautiful  islands.

The closer we drew to the island, the closer I felt with nature. The green feast and aquamarine sparkle was truly a sight of luxury for me. So I immersed myself in the serenity of Phang Nga Bay, it was a wonderful experience well worth it.

Phuket had all the basics for the perfect yachting destination but its also perfect holiday destination for families with kids. Little wonder it is been referred to as “The Maritime Jewel of Asia”. The attractive ambiances, the breathtaking land, the seascapes, and the tropical weather make it perfect for yachting. Phuket is also the gateway to many of the world famed Thailand beaches and National parks.

If you find yourself in Phuket, then Phang Nga Bay is one of the magical places to be to enjoy island hopping in the stunning bay, snorkelling, lunch at a floating fishing village and much more.


I also joined the boat rally by Royal Phuket Marina. Wow!!! It was 100% fun filled event. It was great fun in the sun on a treasure hunt around Phang Nga Bay. We were asked to work as a team and each team was given different challenges that have to be completed within a certain given time, in and around Phang Nga Bay. We also had to show photographic evidence to indicate that the challenges have been completed.

Basically, the instructions given was for us to go around the different islands and do a photo hunt. We had to take pics of seven places around Phang Nga and also do a bit of a beach clean-up. I had series of exciting and fun challenges. The adventure took us to little-known corners of Phang Nga Bay and serene deserted beaches, showcasing this fantastic boating area right on Phuket’s doorstep. To find out more about Royal Phuket Marina, visit their website.

Exploring the islands of Phang Nga Bay with Isabella Yachts was another amazing highlight I should mention. A luxury yacht charter to explore the islands off Phuket is a special occasion. With Isabella Yachts, you have the opportunity to plan your charter to your specifications. From the kind of boat to the destination and extras included, you decide and select what you are interested in.

Coconuts in Coconut Island– I’d like to think this was the winning shot.

Whether motor cruising, diving, sailing or fishing, they will organize a charter that provides you with the unforgettable experience you merit, arranging a personalised schedule on the yacht of your choice. They also arrange Bachelor, Bachelorette and whatever event that you can think of. As Isabella herself says, she makes service part of the experience.

This was so much fun. Apart from having our own boat with great staff and a very cool host. We cleaned the beach, enjoyed the islands and had one hell of a time. Isabella’s package included fruits, champagne, soft drinks and beer so we had a lot to go around in the boat. You are even allowed to bring your own kind of music.

Isabella can take tourist around islands in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and Phi Phi but her best-selling route she claimed was the route we did.  She knows a lot of people; she can speak a bit of Thai and she had lived there for four years so well familiar with the place.


Very accommodating, never a dull moment on Isabella Yacht. She tells local stories, she is very good to her staff too and she is flexible and accommodating to tourist mini requests. Like I told her I do not want a crowded island, she obliged and took us to places where there was less crowd, loved it. Of course, we did the mandatory stuff and we had time to chill out on the other islands. We learned a couple of Thai words because She had a good relationship with the locals in Phuket. Check out more about Isabella Yacht here. She also has an app that you can download, check it out, that’s where I pieced my itinerary or you can just ask her for suggestions, she will definitely accommodate you.


If you ever find yourself anywhere near Phang Nga Bay, then I highly recommend exploring Phang Nga for the day. It’s definitely worth it. Without mincing words, Phuket is an international yachting and lifestyle destination. The sea water colour is brilliant, coupled with the natural rock formations, it is one of the most amazing places to be in Phuket. You will appreciate God’s creation of water and land.


What to Bring On the Trip

  • Swimming wear
  • Shorts and T-shirt
  • Beach Towel ( they provide)
  • Sun Block
  • Sun Cap and Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Light Deck Shoe
  • Optimism and Positive spirit



Isabella- Yachts
15M Rib from Isabella Yacht for cruising around Phuket

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48 thoughts on “Boating Expedition around Phang Nga Bay with Isabella Yachts

  1. Wow awesome photos. Looks like so much fun. I’m obsessed with drinking fresh coconuts so that shot of you guys all posing with yours almost killed me haha. super envious!

  2. What an awesome day! I love that they gave you challenges that required photo proof – it’s a great way to collect cool shots that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of! I wasn’t a big fan of Phuket when I visited – but Pha Nga Bay looks like it would be worth going back for! Thank you for sharing your amazing day!

  3. While I LOOVE all of Thailand, I found Phuket to be one of my least favorites (very touristy, lots of partiers, etc…and we weren’t even staying near all the party stuff!) But it looks like you found a way to get away from the crowds on a pretty fun excursion! And it’s always great when you can connect w/ a local, learn some language and support a small business!

  4. Great pictures and it looks like you all had an amazing time! Now thats what I call a girls weekend!

  5. This sounds awesome! Of course it looked awesome from the looks of your snaps too! I feel like a trip back to Phuket is necessary. Maybe I’ll take my hubby next time around.

  6. I love the idea of a photo hunt! What a great to experience and learn about a new place and document it all at the same time.

  7. There’s actually a Coconut Island? Haha! Cheeky! Love the pictures, Karla. Yacht and sailing trips are always such a joy! They make you feel pampered to the core, don’t they?

  8. Beautiful and looks like y’all had a lot of fun. I have come to the realization that I don’t like coconut water lol. Sadness for me.

  9. It looks like you had a lot of fun:-) The surroundings look stunning and I love being on a boat, so this definitely sounds like my kind of trip!

  10. This looks like quite an adventure. You had great weather and a lot of fun! I’d definitely want to have such a boating expedition experience.

  11. My goodness that looks like a wonderful Island it sounds like lot of fun out there. The pictures are quiet exciting that I would love a trip to this beautiful Island sometime soon!

  12. The waters in Phuket always look so inviting, especially with the heat we’re experiencing in Singapore. Isabella Yachts sounds like the perfect way to visit Islands with coconut drinking girlfriends!

  13. It looks like a great day. Love the beach and that beautiful blue water! Adda few tropical drinks and it’s perfect!

  14. Our family plans to visit Thailand soon and we’d definitely swing by Phuket. It looks really gorgeous.

  15. That place looks awesome! I love boat trips! If you look at the winning photo, one of the girls legs makes a super long one when it blends with the other’s arm haha

  16. Hi Karla,


    Has that classic Thai feel as far as the shades of water, the beach, and islands in the distance; saw it on the southern tip of Phuket, in Rawai, and in Koh Lanta and also, the Phi Phi Islands.

    Can’t wait to get back!

    Signing off from sunny NJ.


  17. I didn’t love Phuket when I was last in southern Thailand but I did love Krabi and Koh Phi Phi. It looks like you had fun and a luxurious time on the yacht. Those beaches are heaven. I would go back tomorrow

  18. It sounds like a fun boating experience especially when you go to an island as beautiful and peaceful as that. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the girls too! This is awesome!

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