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Party Bus Las Vegas Tour: Party in Vegas like you never had before

Las Vegas Party Bus Karlaroundtheworld

I’m alone in Vegas, so I decide to do something really fun, just for me. After looking around a bit, I decide to take the Partybus Tour Las Vegas. Partying by myself just isn’t the same as partying with other people, so this looks like the perfect tour for tonight! I book the VIP All In tour, and I can’t wait for tonight.

Las Vegas Party Bus Karlaroundtheworld

Partybus VIP All In Tour

When the time for the Partybus tour to start finally rolls around, I am ready! We’re going to go to tons of bars and prestigious clubs, and we get to skip the lines. I don’t really have that great of an idea where we’re going, but that’s part of the reason I booked this tour. It’s better to let the locals show me great party stops than try to figure it out on my own.

Las Vegas Party Bus Tours (2)

I am lucky that I joined the tour! Since I’m, alone, I am quickly adopted by the coolest people, who welcome me into their group. See, I tell myself, this is fun already. The bus starts moving, and everyone cheers. The tour guide is awesome, and I already like him! He is easily engaging everyone in conversation and laughter. The drinks seem to flow from an unending fountain, and everyone has a cup of something. There’s even a pole right in the bus, just in case anyone wants to dance. I’ll pass, but I get a kick out of it, anyway.

Tour Stops

The bus comes to a halt in front of Mandalay Bay Powder Room. We all pile out and walk toward the door, some of us already a bit buzzed and all of us captivated by the city lights around us. The bar has a great view of the city, and I hang out where I can peer out the window and watch the headlights pass vibrant neon below. The bar gives us great discounts on drinks, but I make sure to watch how much I drink. We still have a long night of fun and booze ahead! Besides, even if you’re ID shows that you’re legal age to drink, the clubs can still refuse you entry if you’re too drunk to pace yourself. The tour guide helps us, but I know my limits and stick to them.

Las Vegas Party Bus Tour

After another short bus ride full of laughter and chatting, we stop at SLS. Everyone gets two free drinks—at least, the ladies do! Lucky me. The night becomes a blur of light, color, and sound as I get tipsier and sleepier. We all take our photos by the Vegas sign during one of the bus rides. I am glad that I chose to go with this tour. I usually don’t mind going out alone, but I feel better being with a group in Las Vegas. Besides, it was nice to have a couple dozen people to talk to.

When the tour ends at 4 or 5 am, I walked back to my hotel hotel. I fall into bed and asleep immediately! I probably had one too many drinks, and I hope I don’t wake up with a hangover. They get you drunk on purpose, I’m pretty sure. When my alarm goes off a few hours later, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go, although a little tired still. I never really get hangovers.

Partybus Pool Party Tour

Las Vegas Party Bus Pool Party Tour

At eleven, I meet up with a new tour group for another trip by the same company. I climb on the bus, yawning, and make a mental note to never party like this two days in a row. It’s fun, but I need sleep and recovery! By the time the tour really gets going, I’ve forgotten how tired I am. I’m having too much fun! Our first stop is at Mandalay Bay again. Everything looks a little different in the morning; I love to experience the same location at different times of the day to get the complete vibe of the place. Next, we stop at SLS again for another round.

Las Vegas Pool Party Tour

The best part, and the part I’ve been waiting for, is the Mandalay’s Day Pool Party! I decide to pace myself with drinks. Last night was fun, I but I’m still recovering a bit and I want to take it slow today! But I’m not taking my partying slow. There’s too much fun to be had! I get taken in again by another tour group—this time, it’s a crowd of Canadians. The party is a blast, and I can honestly say it was the coolest pool party I have ever been to! This day, T Pain is on the tour, too! I guess it doesn’t get much cooler than that. We all had a blast dancing, eating, drinking, and laughing together. If you’re a solo traveler (and even if you’re not!), I’d definitely recommend this tour. If you’re in Vegas, you need to know where all the coolest clubs and pools are!

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Some things you should know:

Price: All In Tour is $130. Pool Party Tour is $70.



Restricted items: Casual shoes, feather boas, flats, bright wigs, anything that looks like drugs, etc. They even confiscated my tic-tacs and alcogel hand sanitizer.

Dress code: High-heels and nice/designer clothes for women, business casual and up for men for the All in VIP tour.

59 thoughts on “Party Bus Las Vegas Tour: Party in Vegas like you never had before

  1. A party bus in Vegas? This is so new and wonderful to me… You guys seem to have had a really gala time…I love the pool party bit the most! Lovely and happy pics 🙂

  2. I also read your article Las Vegas Big Bus tour. Loved it both. I really want to go to Las Vegas. And there’s a big chance it will happen in 2017. So I’m finding it interesting to read. The pool party looks quite crowded! But it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Enjoy!

  3. Las Vegas is one of my dream destinations. So if I ever go there, I ‘ll be sure to try the Las Vegas bus! Those pictures show how much fun you had.

  4. Nice post! I actually enjoy reading your post. Picture are great and entertaining. I wish i can have time touring in that place too

    1. I’ve never been to a pool at a Vegas hotel. It’s always so busy and there is so much to do that I never even get the chance to go check them out!

  5. As if there wasn’t enough places to party in Vegas, there’s a bus too:) sounds like a great thing to do if you’re in town solo.

  6. Did you guys go to Fremont Street at all? That is always where I stay when going to Vegas. I love the low-key dive bar casinos! lol Not as glamorous as the ones on the strip, but cheaper and it’s always fun to hang out w/ the old folks 😉

  7. Looks like a fun way to to see some of Vegas and meet some new people along the way. I think my 2 day binges are behind me though.

  8. Now THIS is an amazing experience! Been a while though since I’ve done ‘hardcore’ partying and the last time I’ve been on a party bus was in Manila. It was cool though because they upgraded the bus to a limo! Hopefully in the future I get to do the same in Vegas like you 😀

  9. You’re lucky not to get hangovers! Those prices are very reasonable, and I agree on going to the same place at different times, the change is very interesting to see.

  10. I’ve never really been a party bus fan, but this looks like a great time! Especially if you are traveling solo–sounds like a great way to meet some fun people! I think the pool party would be a lot of fun–can’t go wrong with sun, pools, drinks and new friends! Sounds like a fun couple of days!

  11. I would love to go to Mandalay’s Day Pool Party one day!! Really awesome idea to join the tour as a solo traveler -great way to meet people and party safely when you’re alone 🙂

  12. Party bus is a cool idea. I agree with you that it is so much better to let the locals show you the best spots, so you can just enjoy yourself. No hangovers? Lucky you! 🙂

  13. oh wow this looks like a crazy fun time. Maybe back in my college days this would have been right up my alley. Still haven’t been to Vegas so will keep in mind 🙂

  14. Oh my wow!! This sounds wild and like so much fun! I’m not sure how a married couple would fair on one of these tours LOL

  15. I want to go to Vegas! I am not very social, so the partybus wouldn’t be for me.. BUT I’d go with my BFF and see everything there is to see and EAT here!

  16. This tour is perfect for the younger crowd. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun! It’s a safer way to go around Vegas as well especially if it’s your first time and you’re craving for that Vegas experience.

  17. LA is such a fun city to visit. And I believe everyone will enjoy LA. I hope I can go to LA soon!

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