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Ultimate Guide to Clark Pampanga, Philippines : What to see and do in Pampanga ( Updated 2019)


What to see in Pampanga

Pampanga is a province up north which known for its rich history, past, heritage and various historical structures which give meaning to what the Philippines really is. It is also called the culinary capital of the Philippines, and many often go there to get a taste of the province’s amazing and unique cuisine and dishes. vIt is definitely a must visit place for locals and tourists alike because there are so many things to do, its hard to ever get bored. For those who want to visit and get a taste of what life is like up north, here is a complete guide on Clark Pampanga tourist spots as well as how to get there.

How to get there

Pampanga is located up north, therefore you need to travel up in order to get there. If you’re driving with your own car or a private vehicle, here are the steps you need to follow:

1.) Travel up north from Manila

2.) Drive through the R-8 route, the fastest route of all the available ones despite the congestion

3.) Pay the toll fees

4.) Finally arrive in San Fernando, Pampanga

If you aren’t going to be driving via private vehicle, or just prefer public transportation, then here’s how to get to Pampanga doing so:

1.) Take buses which are passing through Pampanga (Victory Liner, 5 Star Buses, etc.,)

2.) Pay the bus fare (around 150-300 pesos, depending on the bus line of your choice)

3.) Take the bus and arrive in Pampanga.

Another option for those who are coming for places further away from Manila are to get to Pampanga via plane. Here’s how:

1.) Book a plane ticket heading to the Clark International Airport in Pampanga

2.) Ride the plane and arrive, driving to other Pampanga destinations from Clark

What to See and Do

There are endless destinations and sights, as well as activities to partake in when in the amazing province of Pampanga. Here are some examples which are well-loved by tourists and visitors as well as locals alike.

  1. Hansa Toys


If you happen to be an animal lover, then Hansa Toys is a great destination for you. Located in Clarkfield, Pampanga, Hansa Toys is one of the top toy manufacturers in the world who specialise in making realistic animal stuffed toys that children and adults alike are sure to love. They make toy replicas of a large variety of animals, such as rabbits, bears, lions, giraffes and more.

Hansa Toys in Clark

Their creations are so popular that they are shipped internationally to worldwide zoos and have gained the favour of numberous celebrities, and even President Arroyo herself. If you would like to organise an educational tour, you can do so albeit it is only available for large groups of people and a minimum of 25 persons, so be sure you gather lots of interested people if you want to see the inner workings of the popular toy manufacturer.

If you would like to visit or contact Hansa Toys, here are the company’s contact information


Hansa Bldg. Andress Soriano St.

Clark Freeport Zone, Clarkfield

Pampanga, Philippines

Contact Number:

(045) 599 3333

2.Aqua Planet



Aqua Planet is a large waterpark located in Clark, Pampanga. It boasts 25 different attractions that individuals of all ages are sure to enjoy, such as the spiral slide, super bowl, flow rider, and more. All of these activities make Aqua Planet a very sought-after attraction, especially given its easily accessible and prime location just outside of Metro Manila. It had its soft opening recently, just this 2017, and opened its doors to the public in January 18. Ever since its opening, it’s been extremely popular so it would be a good idea to quickly save a date and get to the water park early with your friends, family, and loved ones! Also, the park closes at 5:00 PM daily so it’s really best to get there ASAP  (You can book your ticket here) so you can get the most out of the huge variety of attractions during the day. Aside from the exciting water activities, Aqua Planet is also a place to eat, shop, and drink – making it a fun place to visit for just about anybody despite their age and preferences.


Lazy River


Clark Freeport, Mabalacat

Pampanga, Philippines

3. Comercio Central


Located in Clark, Comercio Central is the place to be for people who love shopping and finding great deals. Comercio Central is a place which the locals and even tourists flock to to get a taste of the great food, drinks, and other items on sale. Here you can find green markets which sell delicious fresh vegetables and fruits, wet market stalls that sell fish and meats and even more- the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but visiting is also a great way to immerse yourself in Kapampangan culture and really get to feel as if you’re a local, all while shopping until you drop.


Clark Parade Gounds, S Osmena, Mabalacat, Pampanga

4.4D theatre


The 4D Theater is not your ordinary movie theater. It seats around 40 people and you won’t be watching any old regular movie here, you will be watching a documentary which centres around the lives of the Pampanga and Clark citizens after the catastrophic and wide scale eruption of Mount Pinatubo which affected and changed the lives of many. It is also an inspiring documentary which shows just how the people of Pampanga rose above this eruption and became the society and have the culture and heritage they do to this very day, which is why the documentary is entitled “Rise Above The Ashes”.

Overall, if you want to get to know more about the history of Pampanga and its roots, the 4D Theater is a good place to visit. Not to mention, their couches for watching are extremely comfortable and the sound and light effects will make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time and lived through the historic eruption itself. Another plus is that entrance is fairly cheap, for only a hundred pesos per head! It is located right beside the Clark Museum as well.

The 4D Theater is open from 9 AM to 3:30 PM Mondays thru Sundays, but the hours may differ on holidays.


Clark Freeport, Mabalacat

Pampanga, Philippines

5. Clark Museum


The popular Clark Museum is located right next to the 4D Theater, so you can visit the two to your convenience because of how close they are. The admission to the museum only costs 100 pesos but if you happen to be a women, it’s completely free thanks to a Gender Development program that Clark is putting into place.


The Clark Museum is home to many different historic artefacts, but it specialises in the history of the American occupation since Clark used to be a United States air base in the past. But other than that, the museum also showcases details and presentations of lives in the ancient Philippines before the Spanish occupation as well as the historic eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The Clark Museum is a must-see for World War history buffs as well as people who just want to get to know more and get in depth information about Clark, the entirety of Pampanga, and the culture and heritage of the people there.


The Clark Museum is open from 9 AM to 3:30 PM Mondays thru Sundays, but the hours may differ on holidays.

Clark Museum


Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

6. Mount Pinatubo

When people hear the word Pampanga, often what comes to mind the the Mount Pinatubo, an active volcano which caused one of the most wide-scale eruptions and ash falls not only in Philippine history, but also for the entire world. You can get a Mount Pinatubo tour and explore the crater lake as well as get an amazing view of the volcano itself. The hike there is long but surely worth it, because you will get to see one of the most popular and sought after wonders of the Pampanga, and of the Philippines.

It is located on the tri-point boundary between three provinces: Zambales, Pampanga, and Tarlac.



Clark isn’t just a place for museums and historical sights, but it’s also a great place to visit for golf lovers who would like to play in a serene, fresh location out of the city. The Clark SunValley Country Club and Resort boasts a beautiful and large golf course which players will be sure to enjoy for hours and hours on end. On weekdays, the cost for using their course is 3000 pesos while on weekends it is 3500 pesos.



T-304 Jose Abad Santos Avenue

Clark, Pampanga, Philippines 2009

  1. Take a Heritage Tour of Angeles, Pampanga (20 minutes away)

    Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots
    Pamintuan Mansion

Angeles City is a fantastic place to visit, with loads of entertainment options and a booming business and trade industry – but what many tourists aren’t aware about is the rich history the city has to offer. One way to get an in-depth understanding of Angeles’ heritage is through a tour visiting some of the most valuable sites in the area.

Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots

  • Pamintuan Mansion: Aside from the beautiful architecture and design both at its interior and exterior, the Pamintuan Mansion holds a loaded and valuable past – it is where the first president of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo, spearheaded the celebration of the first anniversary of Philippine independence when he stood out on the balcony and waved the country’s flag with pride. Aside from that, the mansion now functions as the Museum of Philippines Social History.
  • Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots
  • Museo Ning Angeles: The Museo Ning Angeles, also known as the Museum of Angeles, is a museum that’s home to an array of different artefacts and significant memorabilia concerning the city and its heritage and history. Aside from exhibits, the museum grounds also host various activities such as art classes, seasonal exhibits, concerts, and performances.
  • Holy Rosary Parish Church: Formerly known as the Santo Rosario Church, Holy Rosary Parish Church boasts a grand structural design making it a favorite venue for photoshoots and weddings. But beyond the beauty, the church holds quite an unsavory past. It was built during the Spanish colonial era, by Filipinos who were made to undergo polo y servicos, a type of forced and unpaid labor. The backyard of the church was also an area where rebels and Filipino prisoners were executed and shot down.
  1. Learn about Organic and Sustainable Farming at Tibby’s FarmClark Pampanga Tourist Spots

Tibby’s Farm has just recently opened to the public, but even so it has already made quite the impact on educating individuals all about sustainable farming. Stepping inside, visitors will be pleasantly surprised to see that the grounds are filled with various houses, inspired by the diverse and unique Filipino architectural design ranging from tribal and traditional houses to the ones inspired by the Spanish during their colonial settlement in the country. Aside from the houses, nature and plantations are abundant – the air is fresh and cool, and the produce are delicious. All in all, the experience of a visit very nice and relaxing, and only furthers the advocacy of Tibby’s Farm: that good, organic and ethical farming is the way to pave the future of the Philippines. Not to mention, the employees and owners are all very kind and more than eager to explain the ins and outs, as well as the rationale behind the creation and founding of the farm.

  1. Zoocobia

The Zoocobia Fun Zoo is an animal haven perfect not just for kids, but for parents, students, and people of all ages! It’s much more than a zoo – it’s not just a place where you can see and take picture of animals – I’m usually more a believer of safaris but this really was something else. Here are some great activities to do while in Zoocobia – for children and adults alike. You can secure your tickets to avail of this activity

  • ZOOC – A fun go-kart like ride – but without the bumping into each other. You ride a cart and then slide down the tracks like one would with a racecar.
  • Dinner in the Dark
  • Night Owl Show – The lights finale of this is really nice! A great end to a fascinating show.
Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots
Photo by Benzi of Benzi Films and Visuals
  1. Visit the Old Cowboy Town in El Kabayo

 Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots

The El Kabayo Riding stables makes you feel as if you’ve traveled into the same Wild West sceneries you see in the movies, complete with the tumbleweeds, saloons – and especially the horses. I’m not really big on animal tourism but the horses in El Kabayo are very much cared for and maintained, not malnourished like the ones in Tagaytay – these one seemed really healthy and well-fed.  They offer horseback riding lessons here, both for children and adults all of which are looked after by trained guides. They even have returning guests who are learning how to ride to a more intermediate level. The area itself is lovely and the owners are really great – seems like they know a lot about horses and are quite passionate about them.

Where to stay

Azzuro Hotel


When in Angeles, Pampanga, the Azzurro Hotel is a wonderful place to stay given that it is located at the very heart of the city, making it accessible to the different sights and malls, as well as other prominent locations in the city. The rooms are neat and clean and the staff are very friendly, which will make you feel at home even in the province up north. But really, the best part about this hotel it its prime location in the middle of everything, making it a great booking for those who want to explore and get around.


4895 Manila N Rd, Balibago, Angeles, 2109 Pampanga, Philippines

contact number:

(045) 331 1333

Go Glamping in El Kabayo

Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots

The campsite on El Kabayo’s grounds is one of the newest released features of the stables. El Kabayo gives visitors a variety of camping and glamping packages to choose from, for visitors who would like to hold events as well as stay overnight. The tents provided by the staff are quite luxurious, complete with mattresses, towels, and even hygiene kits. There are even snacks and meals provided by the restaurant inside the stable premises. Aside from providing full meals and drinks, El Kabayo also has a list of set up activities such as archery and horseback riding for visitors to enjoy. With a shower (that has hot water!) in the premises and all of amenities provided, you won’t even need to pack anything aside from clothes to have a fun-filled and comfortable camping trip at the El Kabayo camping grounds.

Clark Pampanga Tourist Spots



Another thing that Pampanga is known for are their popular and dazzling festivals. Here are a few examples which are popular in the province, and are known for attracting sizeable crowds to their beautiful exhibits.


Hot Air Balloon in Lubao


Clark Museum version of Hot Air Balloon


The Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga is one of the most popular events not just in the province but also nationwide. It occurs every year and will be happening in February this coming 2018. It’s best to get there early to avoid the traffic and the crowds and in order to have more time to see the spectacular hot air balloons. Aside from the exhibition of the balloons, there are also fun activities for people of all ages to enjoy, such as paragliders, skydivers, radio controlled aircraft and more activities that involve the sky. Overall, it is a very fun event thousands of people look forward to every year and with good reason, so be sure to mark the dates on your calendar and bring a camera.

Giant Lantern Festival


The Giant Lantern Festival which takes place annually in San Fernando, Pampanga is another event to watch out for. Because of the showcasing of giant Christmas lanterns during the holiday season (specifically held during the Saturday before Christmas Eve), the city of San Fernando has been dubbed the Christmas capital of the Philippines. Here you will be able to see hundreds of Filipino-made Christmas lanterns and see which one of the many entries will be chosen as the winner of the festival. It is a great festival to visit come Christmas season and is sure to put everyone to awe, children and adults alike, and have them further appreciate the Christmas season and Filipino handiwork.

Sinukwan Festival

Another event location in the capital of Pampanga, San Fernando City, the Sinukwan Festival aims to showcase the Kapampangan culture, traditions, and heritage through showing many of their traditions and with the help of flamboyant parades which will show visitors just how proud the citizens of San Fernando are with their culture. Here you will see the locals dance through the streets in their traditional Kapampangan wear, dancing traditional Filipino dances and overall just celebrating their roots.

Makatapak Festival

This festival which is celebrated in November is done in order to commemorate and remember the great eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The locals go barefoot and step in the soft mud, holding hands as if to reenact walking over lahar, all acting as one to help each other evacuate despite origin, race, or social class. They also celebrate by doing street dances all over the towns and on the second day of the Makatapak Festival, those participating will also partake in the feast of Virgen La Naval, which also happened to be buried during the Mount Pinatubo eruption. Overall, this festival is a showcase of Kapampangan spirit, strength, as well as camaraderie and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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