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Paguriran Island and Lagoon – The Extraordinary out of the Ordinary


I once wrote about Paguriran Island as one of those offbeat destinations, the type that looks great on paper but could prove to be otherwise up close and personal. However, when I got there and saw it for myself, I discovered that it was, indeed, something out of the ordinary.

We were coming from a 12-day trip across Leyte and Samar, and we decided to cross to Bicol as we were nearing the end of our sojourn. We have spent hours island hopping in Matnog, Sorsogon, so it was close to sunset when we reached Paguriran Island in Bacon, Sorsogon. Fortunately, it was low tide when we got there, so we were able to witness what the island had to offer. We learned that if it were high tide, the beach would not be so spectacular.



While there, we were given three choices for our accommodation, the owners of which were related. We were actually thinking of setting up camp or taking an open cottage that cost Php 300, but since it was already towards the end of our trip, we decided to let ourselves taste a bit of luxury. We picked out a house that was closest to the beach and had a balcony. The going rate was Php 1,000, but since it was off-season and there was hardly anyone else there, we got the house for Php 800.

The house was for two persons only, but the owner was gracious enough to allow all four of us to stay there. There was no air conditioner, but with the fresh air around us, we were good with just an electric fan. In fact, some of us decided to sleep in the balcony.

The sandbar leading to the lagoon

There was a common makeshift bathroom at the back of the house, which was normal in places like this. There were even karaoke jukeboxes under each hut, typical in provinces, and I was glad there was no one else there or we would have had a hard time sleeping with our neighbors belting their hearts out.

Come morning, we discovered the beauty that was Paguriran Island. The tide was low and the sandbar heading towards the lagoon was visible. Incidentally, Paguriran Island isn’t really an island but a collective formation of craggy rocks shaped like a volcano’s crater. Nestled in the formation is a lagoon with clear blue waters. You can also hike up the islet for an amazing view of Paguriran and Bacon’s shoreline.

The Lagoon

There was an understated vibe of serenity on the rocks near the lagoon, and if I could only stay there, I would. However, real life awaits. Swimming is, of course, the primary activity, but with the low tide, we were better off surveying the beauty that surrounded us. We were told, however, that during high tide, the waters could get neck-deep. Incidentally, there’s a marine sanctuary, too, where giant sea turtles are sheltered. Yes, Paguriran Island is still undisturbed, so that’s great news.

From this trip, I learned that good things do come to those who wait. Because we waited until morning, we were treated to the beauty that was Paguriran Island and Lagoon.

51 thoughts on “Paguriran Island and Lagoon – The Extraordinary out of the Ordinary

  1. that clear blue water is just mind blowing.. this is indeed a paradise and the place is seemingly unspoiled which makes it a great place to relax and unwind! I love your photos and hopefully I can visit this paradise in Sorsogon soon

  2. Lovely postcards from Sorsogon… the lagoon was a piece of heaven on earth… Calming and enticing and really a sight to behold… you got a pretty great deal on your accommodation 🙂 i wish to visit this place too someday 🙂

  3. THE. FREAKING. SHOTS. I love them so much! They’re really refreshing to look at, too. OMG This is in Sorsogon? I’m based in Naga, and knowing it’s sooo near to where I am is making e go RIGHT NOW. oh my.

  4. I love the Philippines for posts like this – there’s always a new island to discover. Paguriran looks stunning and definitely want to visit when we return to the country. I pinned to one of my favourite Beaches boards.

  5. The waters are enticing! On our way to Allen from Matnog Port, we’ve noticed the different islands in between and we’ve wished we can visit it someday. The only place we’re able to visit in Bicol is Cagsawa.

  6. My friends and I have done island hopping in Sorsogon. We were able to visit Matnog. But Bacon was not in our itinerary and I didn’t know that it is this beautiful!

  7. Those photos are postcard material. I hope to Visit the place, too, experience it’s clear waters and witness the sunset and sunrise.

  8. Those photos are postcard material. Would love to visit the place, too, and experience it’s clear waters and witness the sunset and sunrise.

  9. Wow – what a gorgeous island! Now that it’s on my radar, it’s on the list (you know, the infinite one of places I need to visit). Looks like a beautiful end to your journey!

  10. Oh wow! This is a nice adventure. Paguriran Island is a beautiful place as you describe. An enciting review. Bicol has beautiful wealth of nature. Worth to share!

  11. Is the place suitable for kids? What is the perfect time of the year to go to Paguriran, since island-hopping will be a major part of the trip.

    1. Yeah, it is suitable for kids but the accommodations are basic and most are fan rooms so that might be something to consider. It is low tide early in the morning, that is the best time to go see the lagoon.

  12. Oh. Look at the colour of the water. Stunning! I had to do a quick google maps search to check this place out.

  13. Have you tried diving from those rocky protrusions into the water? My friends and I had a blast doing that when we visited the place. Such a pretty place. The amenities dedicated to it are still a little underdeveloped though.

  14. I’ve never heard of Paguriran Island, but it looks fantastic! I’d love to visit and go for a swim in those gorgeous waters! Good idea to splurge on a house–always fun to do once in awhile 🙂 Nice to hear they have a turtle sanctuary, too!

  15. I only ever visited Boracay and actually really liked – but I was craving more authenticity because let’s face it…Boracay is an over-crowded tourist hub, like Koh Phi Phi…I desperately want to go back to the Philippines and see more islands. This looks like out of this world! Thank you for the inspiration! Looks sooo dreamy 🙂

  16. Oh the Philippines are so beautiful! When I visited last year I had such a difficult time choosing between the more than 7000 islands… This one is on the list for next time 😉

  17. It looks really breathtaking! I would love to visit here and other undisturbed places. 800 PHP, what a sweet steal! It’s definitely a great plus to visit during low season!

  18. What a beautiful place and you captured it perfectly with your photos We really have never considered the Philippines as a destination, I think we will have to reconsider our thinking.

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