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How to Pack the Perfect First Aid Kit

Preparing your first aid kit is an essential part of any travel. When you think of planning a trip, the first thing that pops into your head would probably be about packing your all your essentials. You then immediately think of what you should be packing into your first aid kit.

Your first aid kit is the kit you bring in your travel in case of any emergencies. It is your best friend against any possible sicknesses you may acquire during your brief trips. Now, you may be thinking that you’ve always been a jet-setter and probably won’t need any of these medicines. Don’t be so sure, though. You never know when these medicines may actually do you some good and save you the hassle of finding pharmacies. It’s always good to have some precautions along.

So, what should you be packing in your first aid kit?

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Ceetab is an ascorbic acid that helps strengthen your immune system and keeps you free from any type of illness. This medicine would only cost you Php 1.75. An extremely small price to pay in order for you to entirely enjoy your vacation.



Dizitab or Meclizine HCl can provide you some relief and comfort for any long trips. Dizitab is a type of medicine that deals with motion sickness or dizziness. This is available in drug stores for Php9.50.



Supracid is a Sodium Bicarbonate that helps you get a relief from hyperacidity. This medicine is great to have if you have any hyperacidity or ulcer issues. It is extremely handy during wild food trips. Supracid is available for Php0.75 cents only. So, get a hold of some now and eat your heart out!



Lormide or Loperamide is a type of medicine that deals with diarrhea or LBM. This medicine is extremely helpful in situations where you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having some raw or spoiled food.


Antihistamines are a generic type of medicine that deals with different types of allergies. It is super handy if you happen to eat something new and are actually allergic. Antihistamines give relief to those who have pre-existing allergy conditions.


Paracetamols are medicines that deal with fevers. For you to be able to really have a memorable trip, you must prevent any fevers from becoming worse. Paracetamols help relieve your fever symptoms and allow you to fully enjoy your trip.


Splitting headaches? Unbearable pain? Taking a dosage of Ibuprofen can help relieve any pains in your body. Continue on your merry way without having to worry about a ruined vacation due to pain problems.

In order for you to have packed all the necessary medications for your trip, make a list of all the possible sicknesses you may acquire during your trip and the reciprocate medicines needed. So, for all you jetsetters out there, it is essential to always be ready for anything that comes your way. With all these prepared, get ready to have the most memorable and enjoyable trip ever!




11 thoughts on “How to Pack the Perfect First Aid Kit

  1. My husband thought I was crazy when I packed such a solid first aid kit for our RTW trip. We are now 3 weeks in and I have used it several times (mostly because I am accident-prone!). But you have some good ideas here that I didn’t include, so looks like I need to buy a few more things! Ceetab seems like a must!

  2. These are really good tips. Sometimes you think you will not get sick or eat too much, but it’s happens more often than we think it will. I would rather have the medication on me than trying to find in in a foreign country, when you are not feeling to good!

  3. I always carry the standard ‘international’ first aid with bandages and band-aids etc, but never added tablets or drugs to them as they not part of the first aid kit. However, I would carry some of these drugs when I do long distance trips, I just carry them in a different pocket in my backpack 😀 Great advice here. 😀

    1. It’s always useful to have them. My girls and I just went on a long trip around Europe and even though we are seasoned travelers— we did get sick every now and then. It helped that we had meds with us.

  4. I recently did a super detailed guide to what I pack in my first aid kit, but the Ceetab wasn’t on my list. I’ve never heard of that but it sounds absolutely wonderful! I learned from a long trip abroad without cold and flu medicine (I was sick the whole time) that packing a thorough First Aid Kit is super important!

  5. Thanks for the great list of items to pack in a first aid kit! We need to make one for ourselves, so this is a great reminder! We always seem to forget to pack a first aid kit so we have random medicines from all over–would be great to avoid the hassle and just bring them with!

  6. Very helpful post. I always bring medicines whenever I travel. Just to make sure, I have something to drink in case something wrong happen. And Yes Vit C is so important. We should carry it during our travel to strengthen our immune system.

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