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Where to go in Cavite : Olivia’s Coffee Estate

With the construction of the SLEX and Cavitex, you’ll find the Amadeo, Cavite easily accessible. From Manila, you can already reach the town in less than two hours. Aside from being only around 15 minutes away from Tagaytay, the Municipality of Amadeo, Cavite boasts its local churches, Balite Falls, private resorts and, of course, its coffee farms and production factories.

In 2002, the then Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo named the Municipality of Amadeo, Cavite as the Coffee Capital of the Philippines. Annually, the Municipality celebrates the Pahimis Festival in order to promote its thriving coffee industry. The festivity also serves as a way of supporting and encouraging the local coffee farmers.

Coffee Seminar and Cupping Presentation

The Pahimis Festival is a thanksgiving practice of the coffee farmers back in the old days. In their tradition, they gave away the last portion of their harvest. This tradition comes with the belief that they will enjoy an abundant harvest on the following season.

The festival is often a three-day event which includes trade fair, coffee farm tours, conferences, talent show, parade and barista competition. This 2018, the Pahimis Festival will be held on April 25 to 27.


Abundant coffee species in the soils of Amadeo are Liberica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Arabica.


  • Liberica, particularly the Kapeng Barako, is the most popular coffee bean in town as well as in the whole Philippines. It has strong earthy taste and pungent aroma but has high acid natural content.
  • Robusta coffee bean has low acid content and strong bitter in taste. This one’s commonly used in instant coffee.
  • Excelsa is almost similar to Liberica or Robusta when it comes to tastes. But, it stands out because of its aroma.
  • Coffee Arabica is the most widely consumed coffee across the world. This is sweeter compared to the other three.


Olivia’s Coffee is one of the well-established coffee shops in Amadeo. It started in 1995 as a family business of coffee farmers. It is lead by Olivia Bawag Lansang. To start, they used their small capital to buy a few sacks of raw coffee beans. The sacks of raw coffee beans were then sold to coffee roasters and, eventually, to huge companies.


Below, you can find how to get to Amadeo, the features of Olivia’s resort house, and the menu at Olivia’s Coffee shop.


How to get there:


  1. Public Transportation

You need to take a bus bound to Trece Martires-Indang. You can ride them in Manila City Hall or at the Coastal Mall Grand Terminal, Pasay. Bus fare is only P50. Travel time usually takes two and a half hour. The bus will then drop you off at the Mcdonald Manggahan – Gen. Trias Drive. From there, you can ride a jeep bound to Amadeo. You can then ask the driver to drop you off at the Olivia’s Coffee Shop – Amadeo Branch. Once you reach the coffee shop, tell the staff that you will be checking in at the Resort house. Resorts staff will then pick you up and take you to the resort house.

Shot by the owner Jomar
  1. Private Vehicle


Via Cavitex (Manila–Cavite Expressway)

When you take Cavitex, you’ll exit at Kawit. Then, you’ll be traversing the Centennial Highway. Once you pass by the Tejeros Barangay Hall, you’ll turn left to take the Gen. Trias Drive. When you reach the crossing or the LBC, it means you need to turn right onto Gov. Ferrer Avenue. You’ll then reach the Manggahan Intersection. Continue driving straight ahead along the Crisanto M. Delos Reyes Ave. You’ll pass by Amadeo Cafe and traverse the curve road. Olivia’s Coffee shop can then be found on the right side of the road.


Via SLEX (South Luzon Expressway)

Via SLEX, your exit should be at Southwoods or Carmona. You’ll drive straight along the Governor’s Drive until you reach the Gen. Trias-Manggahan intersection. You take a left turn to Crisanto M. Delos Reyes Ave. After 14 km, you should find the Olivia’s Coffee shop on the right side of the road.


Via Tagaytay

Crisanto M. Delos Reyes Ave. is near the Sky Ranch, Tagaytay. Along the Crisanto M. Delos Reyes Ave., once you pass by the Savemore Amadeo, you should find Olivia’s Coffee on the left side of the road.


Olivia’s Estate:

The vacation house for rent is an Instagrammable three-story building with swimming pool and jacuzzi.

The two bedrooms with aircon are located on its 3rd floor. It is divided into boys and girls room. Each room has two queen-size beds. Floor mattress can be requested. There are two bathrooms with shower.


The rate is P12,500 per night and this rate is already good for 20 people. An extra P150 per exceeding person will be charged.

The room can also be rented by couples for P2,000 but during weekdays only.

They have a balcony on the third and second floor. From here, you can see the best view of the lush green surrounding the house.

The second floor is a balcony which serves as an activity or lounge area. There’s no elevator so you have to walk on your way up to the bedrooms. But, hey, that’s a good cardio.

In front of the vacation house is where you can see the parking area, the half-size basketball court, Nipa Hut, Fishpond and Coffee Production Area.

You have access to the kitchen where you can cook your own food. They provide catering services. They adjust their menu for guests who have food allergies.

They offer a spa and massage services near the pool area. Their services include regular massage and hot stone massage. Zi wanted to try the coffee scrub so we did. It was worth it. I literally felt like I had a baby’s skin after.

Olivia’s Coffee


Five minutes away is the Olivia’s Coffee shop. Here, they collaborate with coffee experts to hold coffee seminars with themes like coffee appreciation, basic barista, and basic latte art. This is one of their ways in helping to boost and to make lively the coffee industry of Cavite.


Here are the lists of food from their menu that you need to try:


Crispy sisig pizza – This one’s life-changing. The crispy thin crust is topped with our very own sisig. You really have to try this for only around P179; Most of my friends say that this is remarkable, I tried it and I couldn’t stop eating.

Crispy SIsig Pasta

Adobo pasta – Then they have the pasta nicely flavored with pork adobo. One serving of this cost only around P115;


Garlic and shrimp – Pasta P129


Chicken Barbeque Quesadilla – P129


You may also try their rice meals and snacks. All are offered at affordable prices. They also offer packed of coffee beans and ground coffee. And, their Coffee bean varieties include Robusta, Excelsa, Arabica or specialty blends.


Details :

The Coffee Estate

Address : 059 Bukal, Amadeo Cavite

Mobile No: 0925-686-6363




How to Book:


or Call them

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