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Ocean Park Hong Kong

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A Guide to Ocean Park Hong Kong


A trip to Hong Kong is never complete without a visit to the world-famous Ocean Park. With more than seven million visitors a year, it’s one of the most visited amusement parks in the world and for good reason too. Ocean Park mixes its fun and exciting attractions with fascinating animal and environmental exhibits, making the park a definite must-see for people of all ages.

But because Ocean Park is also one of the largest theme parks in Asia, experiencing every single attraction the park has to offer could prove to be quite difficult. For those who want to make the most out of a day in Hong Kong’s popular theme park, here is a suggested step-by-step guide that would give you the best worthwhile experience.

#1: See Ocean Park’s most popular animals


Ocean Park is made up of two main parks – The Waterfront, which is where you’ll find yourself upon entering the park, and The Summit, which is on top of the mountain. Once you get into the park, save Aqua City for later and head on over to the Amazing Asian Animals. Marvel at the delightful red pandas at the Giant Panda Adventure. At the neighboring Panda Village, you’ll find cute otters and some of Asia’s most beautiful birds. And if you need more panda in your life, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures houses the park’s beloved giant pandas, An An and Jia Jia, as well as the golden monkeys, Le Le and Hu Hu.

Red panda 2


#2: Ocean Express train or Cable Car?

Cable Car - 2013 (3)
Cable Car

If you’re bringing the little ones along, pass through the Whiskers Harbour for some kiddie rides and attractions that are sure to tickle their fancy. But if you’re itching for some thrill and excitement, make your way to The Summit where all the more adventurous rides are. There are two ways to get there: the cable car offers breathtaking scenery and takes you to The Summit in about ten minutes, while the Ocean Express train, which personally feels like a Hogwarts train with all its animation and illusions, transports you to The Summit in roughly four minutes. But since most park visitors take the cable car going up, the lines can grow pretty long. To save time, take the Ocean Express train going up and the cable car coming down.

 Ocean Express Train
Ocean Express Train

#3: Satisfy your appetite for food and adventure

Hair Raiser


Once you get to the Summit, head straight to Thrill Mountain and summon enough courage to ride on Hong Kong’s most extreme roller coaster yet: the Hair Raiser. It didn’t get its name for nothing – Hair Raiser is the fastest, as well as the only floorless, roller coaster in the country. Scream your lungs out as you reach blazing speed while suspended high above the sea. It was so exhilarating that we rode it… twice!

After the adrenaline rush, walk on over to Polar Adventure for some cooling down. The Arctic Fox Den houses the striking winter canines. We were lucky to pass through the North Pole Encounter during the sea line feeding time which was a fun experience.

North Pole


For lunch, try getting a table at the Tuxedo Restaurant. Aside from their tasty handmade pizzas, the restaurant also gives you an excellent view of the penguin exhibit.


When you’re done, proceed to the Rainforest Trail to walk off the aftereffects of a full stomach. This walk-through exhibit gives you a close-up glimpse of some of the rarest animals in the world, from the world’s strongest beetle to the world’s smallest monkey. And if you need to cool off from the heat a bit, ride The Rapids. I guarantee you that you’ll come out of it feeling refreshed… and soaking wet.

From Ocean Park
From Ocean Park


If heights don’t terrify you and if speed delights you, take the escalator down to Adventure Land and ride the Mine Train. Situated on the edge of the mountain and overlooking the harbor, this steel roller coaster is sure to be another favorite ride for all the adventurous guests.


#4: Discover the beauties under the sea

Sea Jelly Spectacular

Nearby, the Marine World has some of the best exhibits of marine life. I particularly loved the dolphin show at the Ocean Theatre because, really, who doesn’t love dolphins? And if you want to see something truly dazzling, stroll through the Sea Jelly Spectacular and gawk at the 1,000 or so fluorescent sea jellies that are presented with neon lights and melodic music. The interactive games also add an element of fun learning in the experience.



By mid-afternoon, take the cable car back down to The Waterfront for even more marine entertainment. After getting off the cable car, stroll through Old Hong Kong and get a taste of some local delicacies while breathing in the culture and history of Hong Kong in the 1950s.

Old Hong Kong


Once the tummy is satisfied, set your sights on their best – and my favorite – attraction yet. The Grand Aquarium has the world’s largest viewing dome and has an astonishing 5,000 fish. Gaze in awe at the mesmerizing sight of crystal blue water, huge stingrays and colorful fishes. At seven in the evening, head to the Aqua City Lagoon to watch Symbio! – a colorful and musical show with a 360⁰ water screen as its backdrop. It’s the perfect way to cap off an incredible day at the park.


Of all the amusement parks I’ve been to, Ocean Park Hong Kong is definitely one of the most worth it ones to visit. A combination of Seaworld and Disneyland, Ocean Park is a place for everyone – from the young to the old, from animal lovers to thrill seekers. Don’t miss your chance and get your Ocean Park tickets now.

#5 How to Get There

The Citybus Route 629 runs daily from Admiralty MTR Station or Central (Star Ferry). The bus fares are $10.6 for adults and $5.3 for children (aged 4-11).

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  4. i visited ocean park too! chose them over disneyland because most people advised to, if you really can only choose 1 out of the 2. i wasn’t disappointed! i love the rapids! i went during summer and it was the best cooling moment of the day!

  5. Fun, fun, fun!! What an epic park. Loved the panda (of course, who wouldn’t?) but the frenzy of cable cars looks like a hoot! Did you ride that coaster and water ride? They both look very fun, too.

  6. We got one here in the Philippines. But I don’t know how it is being run and how does it differ from this one in Hong Kong. I have read from the news feed of some of my FB friends on who they enjoyed by taking a time out in going to Ocean Park. – Gil Camporazo

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  11. The HK Ocean Park is a world famous amusement park, often featured in many tv dramas and movies. I haven’t went there because it was too expensive to go (last time!)

    maybe i will try next time!

  12. I was just here last year and I enjoyed the visit. I keep asking myself how can the red panda be related to the white panda when the red panda is so active while the white one is so lazy.

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