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North Beach Little Italy Food Tour by Local Taste of The City

Local Taste of the City Tours

The North Beach Food Tour by Local Taste of the City Tours   is a three-hour tour led by the lovely Blandina. The day I went, rain showers were in the forecast, so she was decked out in her rain gear. She said that for her, wearing a rain coat brings sunny days, and sure enough, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine before the tour began.

Local Taste of the City Tours

We stopped at several delicious places on our food tour. The first was:

Café Roma, where I got some of the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It was so rich and dark! The café roasts their own coffee as well as the coffee for other neighborhood shops. They have a huge coffee machine up front and different kinds of beans from all over the world. The coffee machine is pretty techie—the owner punches in the percentage of each type of coffee bean he wants to use, and the machine does everything on its own. Of course, he has to wait a whole day for it to roast.

Local Taste of the City Tours

Mulinari Deli was a shop after my Lola’s heart. My grandma and I are salami and cheese lovers, so we filled our shopping bags here! We also tried a really yummy sandwich with salami and pesto.

Local Taste of the City Tours

Viva was one of my favorites. I tried a meatball sandwich that was really tasty.

Local Taste of the City Tours

Stella was awesome. If you go, try the ricotta cheese and the chocolate chips!

Zcioccolato is a child’s dream come true. You can’t really beat a candy store, unless it’s a candy store that also sells fudge. Who doesn’t love fudge?

Local Taste of the City Tours

Cornology isn’t an official stop, but who can pass up popcorn? We sampled some, and the one I liked best was the Chicago mix, a blend of cheddar and sweet flavors. The popcorn bags are 99 cents off after you take the tour, lucky us!

Local Taste of the City Tours


What I loved about this tour was that it not only introduced us to food, but also gave us a tour from a local’s perspective. We were lucky enough to be able to experience not only the area’s food, but also local businesses and buildings! Blandina has lived in San Francisco since the 1970’s, so she know the place and the people really well. She added some extra stops to our tour: a seamstress shop that designs retro clothes for the rich and famous, a barber shop where the walls are made of books, and St. Peter and Paul church, where we met a cool priest who showed us around. It was nice to get to see some of the other sights! Our guide also told us some of the city’s history, like the Santa Con that was held in SF one year. She talked about Lilly Hitchcock’s love of firemen, which inspired the Coit Tower’s firehose design and its dedication to the city’s fire department. She showed us a cool store related to the burning man, and we got to look around and see some of their unique wares. We went past an artsy iron gate with a decorative face in the middle. She told us to rub the head for good luck. No harm in trying, right? I’m hoping for at least seven years of good luck.

North Beach Food Tour (1)

The whole tour gave us a great perspective of the North Beach community.  It was a great tour, and definitely worth the visit.   For $59  you will get a taste of all those delectable and mouthwatering treats mentioned above. How can you go wrong with that?

Local Taste of the City Tours

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76 thoughts on “North Beach Little Italy Food Tour by Local Taste of The City

  1. nice tour. I would love to try a local food tour some time. I am actually planning to host one in my city and your post gave some perspective on how it can be done. Thanks ! 😉

  2. The food is mouth watering! That’s all I can say! Wow, enjoy your stay there. I’ve never been to any country. I wish I could visit any country in the future. 🙂

  3. Wow! That meatball sandwich is not helping with my diet haha. I’ve always wanted to join a food tour, hearing stories about the food makes you appreciate it more.

  4. I love love that last pic!! A saloon with entire book shelves! I would never leave hahah. where is that?
    So so awesome.
    MMMMmmm that salami & pesto sandwhich looks divine. Think I’m going to make me one now

  5. Whoah! Always so envious of your trips but I pride myself of friends who can tour the world. Your photos take me to various states and help me experience unique things in different countries. Thanks, Karla, and always take care 🙂

  6. That’s a delightful food tour. I will probably enjoy Cafe Roma, Zcioccolato, and Cornology the most. There’s just so much to see and do in San Francisco, it’s really one of the best cities to visit!

  7. Totally mouthwatering food! Sanfo has always been in my travel bucketlist! Oh and I love Chicago mix popcorn, it’s gone really popular.

  8. Having been to the U.S. also myself, I can say it’s pretty difficult to go around without a private transportation. Thus, going on a food tour is truly one of the best way’s to experience what San Francisco has to offer. Anyway, you mentioned that Café Roma offers one of the best hot chocolate you’ve had. I was wondering if they mentioned where they source their cacao beans. Also, I found Zcioccolato pretty cool. I definitely would want to shop for fudges too. Thanks for sharing. -Me-An Clemente

  9. This looks like a really nice food tour and all of the food looks yummy. I will have to check these places out next time I am in the area.

  10. All that food looks so good. The meatball sandwich sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to go on a food tour. I think it would be amazing.

  11. I would love to go to a place which brews their own coffee beans. That would be amazing. I bet it smells a little bit like heaven. Food looks great, too.

  12. Blandina is charming! Good to know that the weather cooperated – must have been super fun doing this tour. The coffee, hot chocolate, and those sandwiches … Imma have blast with this tour.

  13. We should do something like that here in the PH! You know how people remember places based on the food they’ve had, right?

    Also your post made me hungry. Haha! 😀

  14. What a great idea. I don’t often take tours of cities I visited, but it looks like such a neat way to get to know the best that’s offered. I need to do something like your Italian food tour.

  15. Now this looks like a trip I could really enjoy. I am all about trying local foods when I go to a new place and all that food looks so amazing.

  16. Now that is one hecka nice food tour. I love all of your clear and vivid photos, they make me want to take this tour as well. Of course I’d have to be dragged out of Café Roma. Dragged!

  17. That meatball sandwich is mouth-watering! I’m so excited to see more of Italy, definitely a must travel destination! Thanks for the sneak peaks!

  18. What a cool experience! The food looks amazing and reminds me that I’ve been meaning to do a similar one in my city!

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