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The Magic of Portland Gardens

Gardens of Portand

There’s something about a flower that could melt any girl’s heart. But what if, instead, you have a full garden’s worth of flowers, all  blooming like there’s no tomorrow, exploding in vivid colors against a lush green background? Ahh, that’s heaven. That was how I felt when we set foot on

Portland’s Haunted Pub Tour by Beerquest PDX


Reminiscing Portland : Its Haunting Past via Haunted Pub Crawl by Beerquest PDX in Portland, Oregon For a city that is of many things—one whose name was chosen through a simple means of toss coin, a notorious port city known for its organized crime and racketeering before the 21st century until its

Multnomah Falls in Portland

Portland may be a common destination, but my trip was unique. What made it extra special, you ask? Well, read on, and you’ll see! When I initially planned my trip to Portland, I was going to be alone. Someone reminded me that I had a friend who moved to  Portland, so

Third Wave Coffee Tours: A Caffeinated Portland Journey


Many people don’t know it, but Portland, Oregon is one of the best places to visit for anyone who even remotely likes coffee. There’s a cafe almost at every turn, just like those high-end places back home where Starbucks branches abound. The Portland coffee scene is greatly supported by the