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How to Spend an Awesome Weekend in San Diego : 3 days in San Diego ( Where to go, Where to eat , What to see in San Diego)

After going on our impromptu trip to Joshua Tree National Park and East Jesus, we drove to San Diego to meet my cousins Mark and Chantelle. San Diego is an easy drive if you’re coming from Los Angeles and it only took us around 2.5 hours from Joshua Tree National

Slab City Salvation Mountain and East Jesus Day Trip: Art in the Outdoors + Salton Sea

Sidelining to The Slabs, The Last Free Place In America When people say that America is a free country, they only know half of the story. Truth is, the place can get pretty much constricted, across all fronts. There are rules and regulations everywhere (like all civilized places), and freedom is

Joshua Tree Day Trip : The Best Joshua Tree Hikes You shouldn’t Miss if you only have One Day

Best Hikes in Joshua Tree Park

The Best Short Hikes in Joshua Tree  Park for One Day We were all all enjoying our time in Los Angeles, not really planning to do much simply because we’ve all already been there before. Los Angeles, for us, was meant to be more of a rest point up until one

20 Must DO Attractions in Los Angeles

20 Must-Do Attractions in Los Angeles Disneyland. Obviously, Disneyland  is at the top of my list! If you have to choose just one of all the amusement parks in the Los Angeles area, this is the one to pick. I loved the huge, fast-paced rides and getting to meet my

Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Los Angeles


There is nowhere on earth quite as magical as Disneyland! The sights, the smells, the sounds… every moment in the Magic Kingdom will be a day straight out of a fairy tale. No matter your age, you will find wishes can come true at Disneyland. Here are some tips to

Universal Studios LA Guide

How much is Universal Studios The price you see at the gates isn’t set in stone. If you buy online, you can get your Universal Studio pass cheaper. Also, check out options to enhance your trip and still save. The season pass is only $19 USD more than the cost of