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A Weekend in Newport, Rhode Island

Whether you like to have a stroll by the sea, shop, dine or simply enjoy the views of the city – Newport Rhode Island has something unique to offer you.


Here is a list of things to see and do when in Newport, Rhode Island:

  1. The Mansions

    Rose Cliff Mansion

One of the charms of Newport are the extravagant mansions, home to the “summer social season” back in late 1800 to early 1900 where the upper class used to spend their holidays in “cottages.” Most mansions are now open for public viewing.


We did the Rosecliff mansion made in 1902 at $2.5 million. This mansion used to hold huge parties back in the day. Some parts of the mansion may be familiar to you if you have seen movies like The Great Gatsby, True Lies, Amistad and 27 Dresses.

Exterior of Rose Cliff Mansion
  1. Cliff Walk

    Cliff Walk

Want to enjoy something free? Get on the city’s 3.5 mile long cliff walk and appreciate the coastlinewhile also enjoying a view of the mansions.


  1. International Tennis Hall of Fame

Home to a variety of artifacts and memorabilia about tennis, this Victorian Shingle style building was originally designed in 1880 as an exclusive resort for the affluent families. Today, aside from the museum, the building has an indoor and outdoor tennis courts and a real tennis facility. They also hold tennis championships and allow venue rentals.


  1. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Drive along the southern coastline by car or with Beach City Mopeds. Delight in the scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean while passing by some landmarks of the city like King Park, Hammersmith Farm, Castle Inn Hill and Resort, Brenton Point State Park, Gooseberry Beach and more.


  1. Castle Hill Light House

    Lighthouse by Castle Hill Newport Rhode Island

As an island, one of the things you’d expect to see is the breathtaking water view at sunset. At the end of the Ocean Drive is the Castle Hill Light House, although this place may be a little tricky to find for some people, it is worth the search. The light house itself is not open to the public but it serves as a good backdrop for a romantic dinner (or maybe even for a proposal).

  1. New Port Rail Tour

Take another step back in time when streamliners were in and dinner on the train is an elegant and novel experience. Whether its dinner at the Grand Bellevue, a murder mystery, a simple excursion or an enjoyable 1950s ice cream treat, this train ride is something you and your companions should be all aboard!

  1. Shopping Streets

When it comes to shopping, this island will not disappoint – with so many different shopping destinations all flavored with something unique just for you.

Try the Long Wharf Mall if you want to shop and dine or Bowen’s wharf for those exclusive finds that are great gift items. Do not miss Thames Street with its colonial mansions and unique shops or the Brick Market and five other locations where you can find clothes, jewelry, antiques, art galleries and a lot more.

  1. Visit Salve Regina and the Ochre Court House

This is where we started our Cliff walk
  1. Boat Cruise

    Boat Cruise in Newport

Aside from walking or driving around Newport, why not sail around it as well? We tried the Madeline and enjoyed the sights of the harbor while listening to some history peppered with other interesting facts about the island.


Must Eat:

No tour is complete without food. Feast on great food, fine wine and a taste of the city. Here are some of the best places to try:

  1. 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille Restaurant

We tried Doli, a house infused pineapple vodka for only $11.

  1. Midtown Oyster House

Another blogger called this place the “Disney World for Oyster lovers.” I recommend the Venus and Wellfleet if you are up to eating fresh oysters.

  1. Atlantic Grille

Known to have the Best Breakfast in Newport for seven straight years of course I had to try their Philly Cheesesteak omelet and loved every bite.

  1. Gary’s Handy Lunch

Reminiscent of the 50’s traditional American diner serving breakfast and lunch.

  1. Black Pearl

    You have to try the Clam Chowder

Enjoy chowder made by 2004 Chef of the Year. Black Pearl is by the waterfront complete with nautical décor and a wharf bar.


  1. Diego’s

Newport may have a colonial New England rich vibe but they do have Mexican food here too. Try Diego’s for Mexican flavors and margaritas.

  1. Brick Alley Pub


A must-visit whenever in Newport, I highly recommend their cocktails especially the Irish drink and the Expresso Martini. Fill yourself up a little with their impeccable Cajun Buffalo Salad.


Night out

Another way to experience Newport is at night. Watch the city stay late to revel in food, drinks and company while being entertained by a live band at the Blue Beet.

Newport maybe the smallest state in all of America but the things you can enjoy here is definitely as enormous as its place in the country’s history.


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