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Must See in Victoria, BC

The Victoria City Bucket List


Canada’s Victoria City is known for its laid-back beauty. Hailed as the country’s “Garden City”, Victoria is the host of magnificent sights. If you’re taking time to visit this side of the North, here are the places you must not overlook. Book your tour to the beautiful city of Victoria.

Parliament Building.


Wide and majestic, this building looks like a European palace. This holds the British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly. Done in a neo-baroque style, the buildings speak of royal authority. Keep an eye out for the Queen Victoria statue on the front lawn, as well as the golden statue atop the building’s central dome.


Empress Hotel.

Even if you do not stay here, you should at least see it to appreciate its beauty. A National Historic site, this is one of the most famous hotels in town. It is one of the oldest, too. It sometimes goes as far as to represent Victoria itself. With 464 rooms, the Edwardian-style hotel is also known for its afternoon tea service.


Butchart Gardens.

Must see in BC

This is a cluster of floral-display gardens. It is also a National Historic Site, and is known for its amazing ambience. The vibrant flowers and graceful fountains are sure to make your day.


Hatley Castle.

Hatley Castle Karlaroundtheworld

Found in Hatley park, the castle is a mansion that once housed a naval training facility. Also Edwardian in nature, the Castle boasts off very fine craftsmanship and connects to an expansive open space.


Government House.

The house looks more of a private home than anything, and is hailed as the “Ceremonial Home” of all residents. Its historical significance, though, makes it worth the visit.


Prince of Whales.

Prince of Whales and Whale Watching (2)

Don’t miss out as the Prince of Whales offers an epic whale-watching experience! Be sure to check out the Zodiac vessel for that real up-close-and-personal feel.


Inner Harbour.

Offering great views, the Inner Harbor is the view visible from the Empress Hotel. A nice morning or evening stroll here would cure any worries about the world.


Vista 18.

If you’re in for some fine dining, look no further than Vista 18. The view from the restaurant couldn’t get any better. Proceed to the bar area for a romantic overlook.


Rooftop Patio and Sticky Wicket.

A distinctive party atmosphere can be felt in these places. Both are under The Strathcona, the premiere entertainment center in the district. Hold your party in a surf-themed (Rooftop) or cricket-themed (Sticky Wicket) place.


Seafood Caesar Restaurants.

Try Ferris’ Oyster Bar, Bartholomew’s Pub, 5th Street Bar, or any of the many restaurants that offer amazing seafood caesar. Don’t leave the place without partaking of this signature cocktail!


Thetis Lake.


Visit the upper and lower Tethis, Canada’s first nature sanctuaries. This has beaches, forest trails, and more.


Sooke Potholes.

This is a regional park and a haven for swimmers. The refreshing waters are complemented by abundant trails and stunning views. Plus, it’s just half an hour from the urban center, too.


Mt. Douglas.

Go hiking (or dog-hiking!) here and reward yourself with a bird’s eye view of the city. One of the trails has an abandoned mine you can visit for an extra dose of thrill.


Ogden Point.

Go Moses as you walk through the ocean on this thin strip of concrete. The breakwater walk extends for about 800 meters, and houses a lighthouse at one end. There are no railings, so be careful while looking over the edge at the marine life.


Clover Point.

Biking in Victoria

This is a great spot for the sunset. It is also ideal for those seeking a quiet break from the city bustle. It is also great for kite-flying!


BC Museum.

Aside from the beautiful exhibits, you can also watch an IMAX documentary here. I watched “Mammoth” and found it really cool! This is a great place for those who want to learn.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf Victoria

See the boathouse and grab some Ice Cream— Perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Other cool points include the Cowichan Valley, Mount Washington, the Bug Zoo, Craigdarroch Castle, and a lot more! Victoria has a lot to offer, making it a truly one-of-a-kind tourist destination.


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  1. Beautiful. I’ve been to Victoria before but I’ve never really maximized the things that you can do there. One thing’s for sure though, it’s a lovely city and there’s really so many things that you can do especially if you love the great outdoors!

  2. Canada is one of those favorite places I would like to visit anytime and Victoria City looks amazing and I am in love with those beautiful pictures. The Thetis Lake looks peaceful and I would love to got for that whale-watching experience at Prince of Whales as well!

  3. This is an awesome post, I wish I can travel like you! It is one of my regrets that I never got a chance to be a traveler when I was younger.

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