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Beyond Care: Going Beyond for your Skin Aesthetics Need (QC)

Beyond Care Wellness

These past few months have been really fast-paced. Not to mention how stressful all the recent events have been. Christmas season felt like it just ended. Uganda and Brunei happened. Valentine’s Day felt way too brief. Some unfortunate things have happened in the Philippines too. Things were really hectic for

Anti Aging Facials at Miss Esthe PH ( Uptown Mall)

Miss Esthe PH

Pamper Time at Miss Esthe PH Getting myself at Miss Esthe is a real treat. This Japanese beauty clinic has over 3 decades of experience honing their craft of treating and beautifying women’s skin. They’ve developed amazing techniques, technology, and products for skin treatments over the decades so much so that

Hydrafacial and Angel Starwalker at Dr. J’s Skin & Body Wellness Center

Dr J's Skin and Body Wellness

Non- Invasive Derma Addressing even your deeper skin layers               The holidays have been a very busy time for me this year so I’ve found myself kind of neglecting my skin and found that I could use some much-needed pampering. After my very hectic December, I finally got the chance to

Pyoor Spa Organic Skin Scare with the 24K Gold Set

24K Pyoor Spa Essentials

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Pyoor Essentials: All-organic Skin Care  Spa March was a super busy season for me, because it happens to fall on the exam and finals season for all the students as well. I used to be a teacher but I still do tutor a lot whenever I’m in