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Must have Go Pro Accessories for my Travel adventures

Must have Go Pro Accessories for my Travel adventures 13



  1. EVO GO POLE floating extension stick

The Evo Pole is a Floaty stick perfect for a selfie.
The Evo Pole is a Floaty stick perfect for a selfie.

I learned the hard way that it’s wise to invest in a floaty stick. In February last year, I took my Go Pro for a ride with me into the sunset on a jetski, and poof! it fell straight into the water. The camera may have been waterproof, but I watched helplessly as down in the deep blue see it went. I was heart broken, but there was nothing I could do. I requested the dive master to search for it, but he said it was impossible to recover it.

When a few months after, I finally acquired a GO PRO 4 Silver to replace it, I made it a point to  buy an adjustable, transparent floaty stick with it.  Go Pole costs Php 2400 in but I got mine at Henry store.


Be warned: Previously, I was using a cheap Go Pro extension and a Go Pro mount. The extension just snapped in the middle of the ride, thus dropping my precious camera into the depths of oblivion. This time around, I didn’t mind spending a little more for quality. After all, a Go Pro is expensive, and losing it again would definitely cost me more.

2. Bobber

The floaty hand held bobber.
The floaty hand held bobber.

This is another handy tool that is perfect for underwater footage. It is hand held and has a better grip than a Go pole, but it doesn’t take selfies.  What I love about the bobber is that it comes with Go Pro mount, so you don’t need to buy any extra accessories for it.  You see, I really am afraid of losing my Go Pro again, so I made sure I got all the floating things available in the market.  (I also have the back floaty, but I do not use it much . You can buy the bobber for Php 445 in


  1. Extreme SD card

 SanDisk 64 GB, perfect for my Go pro Hero 4 Silver.
SanDisk 64 GB, perfect for my Go pro Hero 4 Silver.

Before buying a memory card, I did a lot of research. I chose the SanDIsk Extreme 64 GB with a speed of 80 MB/s. It has been really reliable and helps me take good videos.

4.    Go Pro Surf Mount

 Best way to capture surf shots
Best way to capture surf shots

This one is perfect for capturing surfing videos. Need I say more?  Surf’s up!

  1. Go Pro head strap

 Head Gear for recording my adventures
Head Gear for recording my adventures

The Go Pro head strap is my main accessory during hikes. I use it to record the path during the adventure activities I do.  Sometimes, I give it to the person behind me so I am included in the footage. Best of all, it is hassle free and I have my hands free.

My friend bought me  mine in South Africa but I saw one also in Pixel Pro in Greenhills.

  1. Anti Fog inserts

 Fog inserts for better go pro shots.
Fog inserts for better go pro shots.

I use the anti fog inserts to prevent fogging and change in temperature. It would be a bummer to take lots of footage only to realize later on that it’s all foggy and blurry. Get your anti fog inserts, you’ll find a lot in

  1.  Basic mounts

The basic plate used with sticky tack on the dashboard of the car is perfect for recording road trips. This is simple yet effective.

  1.  Go Pro Leash

I always prefer having a leash on my Go Pro so it’s easier to handle, plus it serves as an extra safety measure in securing my Go Pro at all times.  I also use the strap to connect it to my carabiner and attach it to my bag. This will really come handy. Luckily, the Go pole comes with this. For the bobber, I had to get myself a separate leash.

  1. Rechargeable Batteries and Wall Charger

Smatree Go pro battery with wall charger

I always feel the need to have spare batteries. What good does a Go Pro serve if I am always worried that I would run out of batteries, so I equipped myself with not just one, but two.  I also got a wall charger for easy charging. This one has 3 ports — perfect for charging all three batteries at once.  You have the option of buying just the batteries, but I just preferred to get the whole set.

You cn get this for Php 1890 at

Go Pro Accessories I want to Have

  • Go Pro Dome 

The dome plus the trigger allows you to get perfect shots from above and under water.
The dome plus the trigger allows you to get perfect shots from above and under water.

It’s been my dream to take photos where the subject is half under water, and half above water; similar to these photos below.  I really wish I had one especially since I will be going on an adventure involving several beautiful islands this November –  February and it would be good to capture images like these….

Taken from KNET website
Taken from KNET website

I want that KNET KSD6 dome port …….Hmmm…..if only that dome was more affordable.

  • Go Pro Under water Filters

Go pro filters Flip31_Combo

Trying to take my diving photos to the next level (ahem, as if I have a lot ); but yes, I am trying to dive more often, so  I want some filters to help out with those underwater shots.


I guess this works like the head gear, best for scuba diving so I can still use my hands to explore… although, I won’t be in the photo but hey, it’s a good way to  record what I’ve seen during the dive.


Taking Photography + Adventures to the next level!

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107 thoughts on “Must have Go Pro Accessories for my Travel adventures

  1. I’ve been wondering how they take those half water half surface photos! Didn’t know you needed a dome for that. I’m actually looking into buying a filter too so maybe I should start looking for a dome as well!

  2. I’m in the market for a camera and have been looking at the Go Pro because of its versatility. If I take the plunge (no pun intended!), I’ll definitely refer back to this post to purchase some awesome accessories. Thanks for the info!

  3. The head strap as well as the one for underwater would be on my wishlist! I haven’t had the chance to take pictures/videos underwater, and I would really love to.

  4. Oh super useful thanks so much! I was trying to take the half in the water half out last weekend and I didn’t know there was an accessory for that, I thought they were taken with a real camera and not the gopro! awesome!

  5. Whoah! grabe sayang naman ang unang gopro. I don’t have this gadget but at least, when I am planning to acquire one, I would really have to have that floaty stick.

  6. Great round up of accessories! I had never thought about a floaty stick, but it makes so much sense! I was so paranoid about dropping the GoPro when we were kayaking in Dubrovnik, and a floaty stick or bobber would have saved me the stress. And I am obsessed with the half-in/half-out water shots too!

  7. I love taking pictures on land like landscape, nature, animals, plants, and anything my digital camera could capture. Underwater picture taking is one thing I would like to go into. This hobby gets more desirable as I see those accessories for a better shots under the water. But I don’t think I could pursue that hobby.

  8. That Gopro Dome is amazing. I tried the half-and-half shot without one and turned out OK, I used the video mode and then downloaded a still shot, too much work. I’ll be getting the dome before my next trip.

  9. I still haven’t tried a GoPro, but I’ve been thinking about it. If I do, I’ll come back to this post to get all the scoop!

  10. All fab accessories! I would add the “Lume Cube” it actually just went on presale this week and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. It’s a lighting kit which is small cubes to provide light and can be attached to your GoPro extender for better photography and video in the dark. And they’re supposed to be waterproof too 🙂

  11. We have a selfie stick for our GoPro but not one that floats–it sounds like we need to make an upgrade! And that dome thing, how cool! I always wonder how people get shots like that–thanks for sharing!

  12. I was always curious about this gadget but never got deep into it due to I don’t really like going outdoors much but definitely a good investment to record memories if I do. Keeping this post on bookmark for possible future reference~

  13. I own a GoPro too. Guess the must have accessories are depending on the users. Like me, I use it during snorkeling. It is good to have the monopod and remote.

  14. I didn’t know GoPro has other accessories, well maybe because as of this time I’m still dreaming about owning one. What the dome can do is really cool! I’ve always been fascinated by those half water shots.

  15. Whoa! that’s a bunch of go pro accessories to grab. Now I totally regret of buying a clone one instead of an authentic one. sigh!

  16. I was planning to buy a go-pro but I did not realize there were so many side equipment that you have to buy on top of the camera itself! Will have to decide better about this planned purchase.

  17. Great overview of some cool products. We have used go=pro for some awesome motorcycle fun, but would love to branch out and use it on some other travel adventures. thanks for the post.

  18. I am purchasing a new camera at xmas and am looking for accessories to make it an adventure camera so thank you for sharing. That half submerged half visible photo is stunning too.

  19. Wiw-I can understand why you bought a more expensive thingee so you don’t lose your camera again!! I don’t have a camera anything like this one and I certainly would not attempt to use it in or near water!! Glad you got all the accessories you need!!

  20. This is perfect, my husband and I were talking about buying a Go Pro we love the water and go hiking. Carrying a dslr is just so hassle especially when you know you will be hiking for 6 hours. Im glad I cross to your post now I know what to consider when I buy my first ever Go Pro camera.

  21. I don’t have a Go Pro but wow, these things look awesome. Especially the Octomask. I had no idea there was such a thing, this would be amazing for underwater journeys!

  22. Wow, there are so many accessories for these GoPros. My husband’s company gave us one and I didn’t know what to do with it. Now I can dig it out and buy some of your suggestions.

  23. That’s an amazing list of accessories! I’m sorry you lost your Go Pro in the water like that, that would’ve been so frustrating. Pinning this list asap!

  24. God love the Bobber. I’ve heard of people who’s entire livelihood is the result of scuba diving in tourist hot spots to find GoPros that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor, then cleaning them up and selling them to pawn shops. Keep your gear safe everyone!

  25. OMG, I am so jealous as my hubby and I both want a GoPro Camera. I would definitely invest in the floating handle. the picture above is amazing.

  26. I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of shows and commercials featuring GoPros – really amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.

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