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Must Do in Calgary


Calgary is known for its skiing, its snow, and, of course, its Olympic history. You might not be an Olympic bobsledder, but you can break your own records and make your own memories in this beautiful Canadian City. If you’re in Alberta, you can’t pass up the trip here. I’d actually say this is the best place for you to make your temporary base while tromping through Alberta. Between trips to Canmore Caves, Kananaskis White Water Rafting, or Banff, relax and recoup in this beautiful city. Here are the things you have to do in Calgary.

Olympic Park.


Check out the Calgary Olympic Park! You can try your hand and some winter Olympic sports, including bobsledding and luging. In the winter, you can also rent skis and hit the slopes. In the summer, there’s a challenge course and zip line that you can do. In other words, this place is great no matter what time of year you visit. And the best part is you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to experience it!

Peace Bridge.


The Peace Bridge is a great place to go if you’re biking Calgary. The bridge was built in 2012 to help residents cross the river by bike or foot during their commute. It was designed to have the smallest ecological footprint possible, so that not only does it reduce energy-wasting transportation, but the bridge itself is planet friendly. Also, it looks really cool. That’s always a plus in my book. There are other bridge choices all along the water, but make sure the Peace Bridge is the one you take.



When you think of Calgary, you think of winter sports. However, the area’s roots are in the wild, Wild West! You can experience some of that history at the Calgary Stampede, a huge rodeo venue that attracts people from all over Canada. You can catch shows or watch a chuck wagon race. You’ve never seen Western until you’ve seen this—or so I’ve been told. In any case, it’s a cool way to see this side of Canada’s culture. Plus, you get an excuse to wear a cowboy hat and boots.

Prince Island Park


is a haven of nature in the unending urban network of Calgary. There is a man-made wetlands built into the park in order to attract birds and other creatures to the area. A walk through the park is a literal breath of fresh air after the traffic fumes of the big city. You can learn a lot about the natural process of nature and the water cycle from a self-guided tour printed on signs for curious visitors.

Whatever you like to do, you’ll be sure to enjoy Calgary! Immerse yourself in quintessential Canada when you learn about history at Calgary Stampede, celebrate winter sports at Calgary Olympic Park, and take a look at the country’s dedication to nature and clean energy. There’s a lot to appreciate about Canada, and Calgary’s a beautiful city to do it in.

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  1. You reminded me that I went there as a child when you mentioned Calgary. That’s a big deal for sure! I need to go back there and do some other things.

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