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Multnomah Falls in Portland

Portland may be a common destination, but my trip was unique. What made it extra special, you ask? Well, read on, and you’ll see!

When I initially planned my trip to Portland, I was going to be alone. Someone reminded me that I had a friend who moved to  Portland, so I sent her a message. Sadly, she had already moved cross-country to New York City. Because she’s a really nice person, so she connected me with her friend Kat, who is a lovely tour guide in Portland.

Multnomah Falls
My new friend, Kat.

Although I had never met Kat, I could feel her energy even through Chat. She was more than happy to be my buddy on the trip, and quickly decided to take me to Multnomah Falls. I was all too eager, and I agreed to go with her.

When I arrived in Portland, I met Kat at a coffee shop. We connected instantly and chattered nonstop about our adventures. As a solo traveler, I’ve learned how to adapt and establish rapport with people quickly. For me, it’s pretty easy. I usually just smile a lot, but Kat and I had so much to talk about. It was refreshing to see the world through a like-minded individual’s eyes.

Multnomah Falls
Road to Multnomahl Falls

Both Kat and I live by this adage: “When you’re stuck in a rut, and everything is going wrong, you got left by the bus, and you’re in the middle of nowhere with nothing, then sit, breathe, have a drink, and then think… what now?” It’s funny how things go in times like that. When you’re in that ditch and have no idea how you’re going to get out, people’s unexpected kindness always comes through. We exchanged stories of people we met along the way and our experiences of traveling. I talked about finding my balance between being friendly but still being aware of my small stature and wary of what’s going on around me. We spent the whole day exchanging stories like that—we never ran out of something to share. We talked about our favorites, our worsts, our lessons and the many thing we learned as we’ve moved around.

Multnomah Falls
Kat in a viewpoint

Kat talked a lot about her rock climbing hobby. I do off-beat, but she beats me on that a thousand fold! She talked about her crazy weeks-long canoe trips, rock climbing in endless locations around the world, and so much more. As she talked, I started to feel my interest in rock climbing grow. I actually learned to rock climb in Alberta, Canada, where I first tried it… but that’s another story for another time!

Bridal Veil Falls Oregon
Bridal Veil Falls

Our drive to Multnomah Falls was incredibly scenic. I loved the curving roads that flowed with the landscape the mossy forests. It rained a bit, but I found that the rain just added a dash of drama to an already gorgeous landscape. It kind of suited it, actually, and made it prettier.

Multnomah Falls
Road to the Falls

Our first stop was at a view point overlooking the forest. We began a short hike over Bridal Veil Falls. They are shorter and smaller than the other falls, but still very pretty. I saw a rock in the middle of the falls, so of course, I wanted to go over there and stand in the center of it. It was wet and slippery, but we are both go-getters and up for the challenge. It wasn’t up too high, so we clambered up, and there we sat. It was the perfect place to watch the wilderness move and breathe with life all around us. We sat and talked and bonded for a while.

Bridal Veil Falls

After a bit, we decided to head over to Multnomah Falls. The bridge was so nice—such a picturesque scene. There’s a story by the side of it about an accident that happened there in years past. There have actually been a couple of accidents at the bridge, caused by falling boulders. Fortunately, neither have been fatal. The first happened in 1995, when a huge boulder plummeted from the cliff to the water below and soaked a wedding party that happened to be taking photos on the bridge. I hope they caught it on camera! The second was in 2014, when a huge falling rock took a chunk out of the bridge and forced its closure for a while. Of course, we made sure to watch out for falling boulders.

By this time, it was way past lunch, so we decided to go to Edgefield for a bite. It was a cool place, too, and I liked it. It made me want to visit Kennedy School, too, and the other McMenamins properties! So far, all the ones I’ve been to have been great.

Edgefield Karlaroundtheworld

Kat is just one example of the people I meet along the trail and can make great memories with. It was just one day with her, but I definitely learned and shared a lot. I guess it’s just a breath of fresh air to meet someone who views the world the way I do. It was a good way to spend the day, and it definitely made Multnomah Falls much better. Sometimes, company does matter. I was glad to have met another free spirit. Hopefully, we will meet again in our travels.


49 thoughts on “Multnomah Falls in Portland

  1. Amazing experience and great views of the falls, Thanks for sharing . I can quite relate to what you are saying about Kat. Once we met a Danish family in an Indian train and now they are great friends. 🙂

  2. I completely agree, people are such an important part of travelling. I love hearing the stories of others. It sounds like you found the perfect guide and travel companion for the day in Kat.

  3. This looks like so much fun. I love when you meet someone who is an instant connection and they are so inspiring that it makes you completely reconsider your interests! It is amazing to listen to someone and think, wow, you can do that? It just lights me up!

  4. What and inspiring story Karla. As an avid solo traveller it does resonate with me. I have met wonderful people on the road and even if is for a short time – one hour, one day – when you meet a free spirit, like you said, company does matter! This is what finally sparks good positive emotions, add that extra energy to a beautiful natural setting. Loved this story, and the Multnomah Falls in Portland look amazing!

  5. I love meeting like-minded people when I travel, and you lucked out by having someone introduce you. Multnomah Falls looks like a stunning place to get to know a new friend. Bridal Veil Falls looked incredible.

  6. Those falls are beautiful, and what a great way to spend some time with a new friend who shares your view of the world. It sounds like you 2 had a great time.
    I grew up in Alberta, where did you try rock climbing?

  7. That is so cool! I loved touring these falls as well and for me, learning to pronounce Multnomah was the hardest part. LOL By the way, I love how you have a frame around your pictures. Would you share with me how to do that?

  8. This looks great! I love solo traveling and meeting people along the way is one of the best parts about it. The falls look incredible! Would love to go here.

  9. Meeting new people is always a great traveling perk, and even better when you find someone you click with easily. The soaked wedding party must have been very memorable!

  10. There is nothing better than getting a “local” guide. These are great pictures. Sounds like you had the perfect day at the gorgeous waterfalls.This is what travel is all about. New discoveries and meeting wonderful people. Happy Travels!

  11. I was supposed to go to Portland last May but ended up cancelling because of personal reasons. So sad still, as it seems like a great and inspiring place, especially for one who is in love with the outdoors…

  12. I have never tried rock climbing. Maybe I will give it a try one day. The drive to Multnomah Falls sounds amazing. I can see how beautiful it is from your photos. Kat certainly made the trip more exciting I would think.

  13. That sounds like a perfect trip to Portland. First, it is really nice to be taken around by a local. But second, it is such a cool feeling when you really connect with someone after only knowing them for a short period of time. It is so special when you “click” with someone like that.

  14. What an incredibly stunning location. I haven’t been to Portland in years, but after reading this I want to plan my own trip. I think it’s great that you connected with someone you didn’t know. Makes solo travel look like a lot of fun.

  15. It’s always nice to meet someone you can relate to or connect with especially when you’re traveling alone! I’m glad you met Kat and in return she gave you a memorable tour of the falls, which is so beautiful to look at! I’m sure it’s worth the trip!

  16. The falls are beautiful and breath taking. As a traveler it is great to be able to meet new people who also enjoy similar things.

  17. This is my neck of the woods. I love it here, it’s so beautiful wherever you go! My husband even worked in the restaurant in his younger days at Multnomah Falls. Looks like you had a great adventure.

  18. Thanks for sharing your awesome travel photos and experience. I have been to several places in Portland. I love it there, but I do tend to go in the summer where there is lesser chances of rain.

  19. The people that you share these experiences with can make all the difference. It’s beautiful nonetheless!

  20. I love travelling a lot and both me and my husband are nature lovers anytime. We love visiting beautiful waterfalls around us and the Multnomahl Falls looks amazing. The road that leads to the falls is so soothing to the heart and the pictures are just stunning!

  21. I have been to those falls more than once and it is just breathtaking. I would love to do that with you experience the people from that culture wherever you go! It’s got to be fun.

  22. That is such a wonderful view. Very pretty!! I would love to go there sometime. I love to see waterfalls. They’re always such a beautiful view.

  23. What an amazing encouter, I love meeting new people and connecting with them. I too am a solo traveler so I can relate.
    Some stunning and breathtaking views you’ve shared.

  24. It is always nice when a local can take you around! I’m glad you enjoyed the beautiful nature of my home state and that you got to see some of the highlights of the Colombia Gorge. Next time, make sure you check out the Oneonta Gorge, too!

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