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Mountain Lake Resort Cavinti Laguna

Mountain Lake Resort


A paradise located in a 200-year old manmade river, hidden away in the mountains of Laguna, Mountain Lake Resort is infamous for its huge crawling golf course and the ambiance offered by this resort.

Come with me as I take you around this huge resort that is the true definition of nature meets adventure.

What to do in Mountain Lake Resort ( Activities in Mountain Lake Resort)

One of the things that Mountain Lake Resort is famous for is the many activities that are available to be experienced. These activities cater to a wide variety of age range and interests, so no matter whom you are visiting with, everyone is bound to find their cup of tea.

Mountain Lake Resort

  1. Lake Cruise (PHP 300 per head for 20 minutes)

Cruise around the manmade Caliraya Lake that surrounds Mountain Lake Resort and see the manmade islands and properties located in the lake.

Tip: For daytrips you can buy discounted day trip  tickets here 

2.Kayaking (PHP 350 for one hours)

Whether you are alone or with a company, take on a ride and go island-hopping!

3.Zipline (PHP 150)

Mountain Lake Resort offers a short and quite challenging zipline. Get your heart beating fast to get that adrenaline rush!

4.Hanging Bridge (PHP 150)

Go across the Caliraya Lake through the hanging bridge. And while you’re at it, snap yourself an Instagram photo as well.Mountain Lake Resort Cavinti Laguna


Biking at Mountain Lake Resort
Biking at Mountain Lake Resort

The main way to get around the resort and explore the area is to ride a bike. It’s also a great activity to work out your muscles as well!

6.Swan Boat (PHP 250 for one hour)

Swan Boat
With Trip ni Mariane, Konyo Queen and The Daily Posh

Paddle with a friend or a special someone by renting out their swan boats. If you want to get your special someone alone with you, this is the perfect chance.

7.Duck Feeding (PHP 50 per bowl)

Feed a duck for only 50 pesos for one feeding bowl. Ducks are good as food but they’re also fun to be the ones fed, too!

8. Bubble Soccer (PHP 250 per ball in one hour)

This was actually the most enjoyable activity for us as it’s a fun experience and at the same time, we felt silly with ourselves.Mountain Lake Resort

9. Jetski (PHP 2500 for 30 minutes)

Unfortunately, the jet skis were under repair when we got there. But if you ever visit and they’re fully functional, make yourself feel like an action star by renting one.

10 Banana Boat (PHP 1500 for15 minutes)

Banana Boat at Mountain Lake Resort
Banana Boat at Mountain Lake Resort

Hop on this weird boat shaped like a banana, which just happened to be the crowd’s favorite!

11. Fishing (PHP 250 for one hour; PHP 300 for a fishing rod; PHP 750 for one cup of fishing bait)

Fishing at Mountain Lake Resort
Fishing at Mountain Lake Resort

Fishing will definitely test your patience. If you don’t have a rod with you or bait, don’t worry, as you can avail them from the resort.


Golf at Mountain Lake Resort
Golf at Mountain Lake Resort

Cavinti Laguna Resort

We rode the golf cart to get around the golf course, and it was such an experience riding one. We even had to go over the lake sometimes! I don’t play much golf so I didn’t know what exactly I was doing but I still had fun, nonetheless.


Golf at Mountain Lake Resort
Golf at Mountain Lake Resort


Glamping at Mountain Lake Resort
Glamping at Mountain Lake Resort

If you are visiting Mountain Lake Resort Cavinti Laguna, this is the best way to spend overnight! Camp at the camping grounds and enjoy telling horror stories about the lake and end up scaring yourself to sleep.

14. Kalesa Ride (PHP 350)

Experience imperial Manila as you ride around a kalesa that’s being pulled by a horse and feel like a wealthy politician’s rich daughter!

15.Horse Back Riding (PHP 300 for 30 minutes)

Ride horses and enjoy the high-up view of the resort around you by horse back riding.

16. Bonfire (PHP 800 for three hours)

Bonfire at Mountain Lake Resort
Bonfire at Mountain Lake Resort

Light up a fire and crowd around it with mushrooms and hotdogs as you enjoy company with your friends and reminisce about the good times together.

17. Swimming Pool (PHP 300 for adults; PHP 200 for children)

Cool down by the swimming pool if you ever want to swim around and feel cool water against your skin.

Obstacle Course in Mountain Lake Resort Cavinti Laguna (PHP 150 per head)

Up for a challenge? Why not try the obstacle course that has the following challenges?

1.Slide and drop

Slide through the big slide and then enjoy as you drop from it. Then, climb the rope spider web. Hit the yellow flag and keep your speed as you go back down!

2.Wall climb and slideMountain Lake Resort

Similar challenge to the first one but this time you don’t climb a spider web, but just a rope and slide through a much smaller slide.

3.Tire challenge

Mountain Lake Resort
Tire Challenge

Just like how you see it in television, go through tires quickly! But it’s not as easy as it looks as you will really work out your leg muscles to accomplish this challenge.

4.Cable balance

Mountain Lake Resort
Tarzan Swing

This obstacle is composed of a moving cable with strings and the challenge is to balance yourself on it!

5.Karate kid

Awaken the inner Jaden Smith in you as you unleash those karate movements to clear this obstacle.

6.Tarzan swing

Mountain Lake Resort
Tarzan Swing

Swing like Tarzan on a rope in order to get to the other side.

7.Military crawl

Military Crawl
Military Crawl

The obstacle is simple: crawl under a very low net and get to the other side quickly.

8.Log crossing

This is probably the easiest obstacle in the whole challenge so far. Cross the logs and you should be good to go!

9.Horseback riding

Ride through a horse simulator in order to clear this stage.

10.Palo SeboPalo Sebo  Mountain Lake Resort

  • This will remind you of the popular Philippine festival traditional but basically, you climb to the top of a bamboo pole in order to retrieve your flag.

There are a lot of activities that are done in the lake that comprises most of Mountain Lake Resort. For example, the lake cruise, paddle boating, banana boating, swan boats, jet skiing and the hanging bridge are just some activities done over the lake.

To give you a quick background, this manmade lake, was built 200 years ago and has since then been developed over time to turn into the majestic piece that it is today.

The resort overlooks the Mount Banahaw of Quezon Province. And so you are rewarded by the amazing view that the mountain offers.

If you want to visit Mountain Lake Resort for the day, you can book your discounted tickets via Klook

Where to stay in Mountain Lake Resort 

It’s not uncommon for people to visit for only a day. But if you are planning to stay overnight with your family, here are some of your options:

  1. Boat House

This is where we stayed when we went to visit Mountain Lake Resort. It was such an interesting place to stay, and I must say, I loved it the most. It was perfect for couples, friends, and family. The balcony was fairly big in size and it is located inside the fishing village of the resort.

Mountain Lake Resort
Cavinti Laguna Resort

Take note that the bathrooms are separate from the main house. It is an outdoor shower, but don’t worry it’s not shared so you can very well keep your privacy. There is one bathroom per boat house.

Mobile reception was available. However, it was quite slow as it took the maids a long time to get to the boat house.

  • Kubos

    Kubo at Mountain Lake Resort
    Kubo at Mountain Lake Resort

The Amihan small cottage is good for four to six people. The Amihan package is for eight to ten people. While the Amihan VIP houses four to five people with a different experience.

If you are expecting small cottages, the Amihan kubos are fairly huge inside and provide a homey, native Filipino feel with the nipa and bamboo that makes the interior of the kubos.


They are well ventilated and it’s not too hot as there is fans and electricity running inside. To add to the native Filipino ambiance, you sleep on mattresses on the floor – just like how they did back then.

If you are worried about cracks on the walls of the kubos, as most tend to have some, the Amihan kubos are covered with white curtains as to provide more coverage to the people inside.

  • Glamping Tent

    Glamping at Mountain Lake Resort
    Glamping at Mountain Lake Resort

For twin sharing: share a glamping tent with someone special. This is perfect for two with a mini living area and couch in front.

For quad sharing: the tent is huge to accommodate the four people inside. It is a nice experience to try and sleep on a glamping tent instead of the usual resort houses commonly offered by some resorts.

For glamping, they have showers rooms near the pool and at night, they have an arsenal.  They can accommodate ten glamping tents and it is perfectly allowed for you to choose your own spot.

  • Clubhouse Rooms

Located in the vast green fields of Mountain Lake Resort, the clubhouse offers a hacienda-like feel to it with its minimal interior design and huge size.

It’s very scenic while still being simple and minimal at the same time. The usherettes were very friendly and help make the stay even more enjoyable than it already is.

Mountain Lake Resort

The Clubhouse offers a lot of suites ranging from a wide price range to accommodate your budget and wants perfectly.

Mountain Lake Resort
Hotel Family Room

A standard room has two twin beds along with a couch and a bathroom. The deluxe room has one twin bed and one matrimonial bed for those families sleeping over out there. The family room is one huge room that is good for four members. It is marketed as for four members but you can actually fit a fifth person there without sacrificing any space.

Mountain Lake Resort

The Residence Hotel is actually located in the basement of the Clubhouse.

There are twenty-one fully furnished rooms available and it is located around the golf course. They even have a sauna, Jacuzzi and massage rooms that you can avail if you ever want to go the extra mile of relaxation.

Food in Mountain Lake Resort

What’s a visit for relaxation if there is no food, right?

Mountain Lake Resort boasts good-quality and delicious food that is derived of the Filipino cuisine found in famous lutong-bahay restaurants and caterings. Except at Mountain Lake Resort, everything tastes a bit better with the fine dining experience.

Feast your eyes for now as you view the menu that is available in Mountain Lake Resort. Then, feast your taste buds later once you get there.

Here are some food items that are served at Mountain Lake Resort.

  • Special pinakbet
  • Pork menudo
  • Fried dory with sweet potato and stir-fried beans
  • White rice
  • Crispy pata
  • Misua soup
  • Chopped watermelon
  • Sizzling sisig
  • Yang chow fried rice
  • Toge and pork liempo
  • Salt and pepper pork spareribs
  • Beef bulalo soup
  • Gelatin with condensed milk

How to Get to Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort is located in the mountainous areas of Cavinti, Laguna.

There are a few ways that you can get to Mountain Lake Resort.

Mountain Lake Resort
Photo by Trip ni Marianne

  1. If you are traveling by a private vehicle, get on to SLEX, through Rizal until you visit Laguna. Once you are in the province of Laguna, find the road that leads you to Cavinti.
  2. Antipolo Route

from Antipolo Church, make your way to E. Rodriguez Avenue along L. Sumulong Memorial Circle. Keep driving ahead and the main road will eventually change to Circumferential Road, Quezon Ave., Magsaysay Ave., J. Sumulong Road (Teresa), National Road, and then Manila East Road. Follow the path of Manila East Road until it becomes the National Highway. From there, it will be Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road. From that point on, stay sharp and look for the big name of the resort on the sides. (Taken from The Foodiegeek’s Caliraya Mountain the Lake Resort)

  • Taytay Route

Almost the same as the Antipolo route, only that you start at Ortigas Avenue Extension if you’re coming from around Cainta, Pasig, or Quezon City. Make a right turn to Manila East Road at the fork where going left will take you to Antipolo. At that point, just follow the Antipolo route accordingly. (Taken from The Foodiegeek’s Caliraya Mountain the Lake Resort)

  • SLEX Route

Take last exit to Calamba, turn right to Calamba Junction towards Los Banos all the way to Pagsanjan Church. Turn left passing through to Palacol Bridge going toward Barangay Bagong Silang and start ascend to Caliraya Lake (Taken from Laguna Travel Guide’s Caliraya Lake)

  • If you are commuting, take a ride at the Sta Cruz-bound bus of HM Transit on EDSA Cubao or Green Star on LRT/Taft Ave. The bus will go through South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and will exit at Calamba tollgate. Get off at the terminal in Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna then ride a jeepney with “Lumot” signboard. The Lumot-bound jeepney will take you directly to Lake Caliraya. (Taken from Laguna Travel Guide’s Caliraya Lake)

Mountain Lake Resort truly is the overlap of nature and adventure. With the sceneries and fun activities to do, you are bound to enjoy your stay at this old country club-like resort that offers good food and good service.

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