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Mini Hotel Central

Mini Hotel Central 11

  Mini Hotel CENTRAL

                                                     The Location

The view of the surroundings
The view of the surroundings

Mini Hotel Central’s location couldn’t get any better. It is not called central for nothing; everything  is within walking distance. If you are a traveler who enjoys the nightlife in the famous district of Lan Kwai Fong, then Mini Hotel Central is the perfect “home” for you. Though the hotel is behind the busy high- end clubs of Wyndham, it is tucked in a quiet area, thus still providing a good night’s sleep.

Being in the heart and pulse of Hong Kong, major brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Cartier abound.  SOHO is just 3 minutes away, and many “must eat” places in Hong Kong are also in the area.   Hipster cafes, antique shops, modern galleries, western cafes, local food, clubbing districts,  Hong Kong photography-—everything, just everything is within reach. It also just takes a 10-15 minute easy walk to IFC and the Pier!  The location is really unbelievable.

When I travel, I try to be in a central location.  Transportation costs a lot in Hong Kong.  Mini Hotel Central allowed us to save on transport expenses.  and still explore several districts such as Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan and more.


                                                    The Lobby

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The lobby is the signature trademark of Mini Hotels; they make it a point for it  to be very artistic and cozy for people to hang out in.  Whereas the lobby of its Causeway Bay property seemed more artsy and subtly/dimly lit, this one at Central made use of glass windows and had wide chairs and long tables for friendly banter or group meetings. The cozy seats tucked by the window looked like a  perfect place for reading a book. There was even a grand piano at the end, but no one played on it while I was there.


                                                     The Room

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We availed of the Smart Room on the 12th floor of the building. We liked this because of the terrace.  The room in Central was just slightly smaller than what we had at Causeway Bay. We had a double bed with glass windows and mirrors all around to make the room look bigger. We tucked our bags under the bed.

The bathroom was right across the double bed.  It was enough for me to move around; for Hongkong standards, the size was pretty good. Shampoo, towels and face towels were provided.

The only thing I felt odd about is that the bathroom had clear glass doors, and since it was facing the bed, it felt like there was no privacy. No biggie though; we resolved this by hanging our towels on the glass doors.

The room also came with a kettle, a hair dryer (I need that ), and a discreetly hidden safe for your valuables.


                                                   The Terrace

Where we sat
Where we sat

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OMG I loved our terrace!  We had a big one; what we “lacked” in space inside was made up by our spacious terrace with a table and two black chairs. We spent mornings having coffee there, and evenings enjoying wine. We sat there observing the tall residential buildings of Hong Kong, the incredible vibrance of the city, and simply talking about life.

This was perfect for those who didn’t want to go and party; it was the perfect space to chill and just have a good conversation over a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.


                                                  The Freebies

Checking in at Mini Hotel allows you to get discounts at various restaurant partners around it, just by showing your room key. How cool is that?


                                         The Wi fi + The Smart Phone

Mini Hotel Central
Mini Hotel Central

Just like its sister hotel at Causeway Bay, the Mini Hotel Central had fast Wi fi, and the room also came with a smartphone for use during our stay. Free data plan made browsing and navigating through Hong Kong easier, plus it also allowed me to call for free—-perfect for when I am on the go and setting up meetups here and there.    This was a very handy and welcome provision indeed.


                                                The Roof Top

Enjoying the view
Enjoying the view

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Lastly, they have a roof top  on the 13th floor for socialization and a good view of the city.  They still have to spruce it up a bit with furniture but they are working on it. It would be a good open area to hang out once everything is done.

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                                                   The Staff

The staff can make or break your experience in a hotel and I must say that the staff played a huge role in making me love Mini Hotel Central even more. They were very accommodating, and each time we had a question, they were eager to answer it.  It always makes me feel more comfortable when the staff is knowledgeable about the area and can give suggestions as to what’s good to try.

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The Contact Details

Address: 38 Ice House St. Hong Kong

Number: +852 3979 1199


Website :


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42 thoughts on “Mini Hotel Central

  1. The view from Mini Hotel Central is awesome! I like love it’s strategic location, definitely perfect for travelers. It’s good to know that you had a great stay there!

  2. Nice and clean looking! I like the fact that you get discounts from restaurants within the area, when you’re travelling that’s a pretty darn good way to save.

  3. The hotel looks nice and it’s also nice to hear you have various perks just because you checked in here. As for the glass for the bathroom… it depends on the people. Some might find it interesting. It’s good you found a solution though 🙂

  4. Aside from your good shots, the hotel looks clean and cozy. It’s nice to know that this hotel is accessible with different places. Just wondering, how were you able to travel in different countries? 🙂

  5. A smartphone to use while checked-in is very helpful for tourists! That’s something other hotels should start including in their services too. I really love how clean and Instagram worthy the hotel was. Hope to remember this when we go to Hong Kong.

  6. The place looks so refreshing, I like it even more because it looks clean on white. I like seeing blog posts like this because it inspires me to travel more. And bloggers usually have great tips and hacks to share.

  7. Thanks for this recommendation of a centrally located hotel in HK. The free wifi is certainly a big draw as well. Looks great, but I hope it is not too expensive for a group of 5. – Fred

  8. They do have a nice view from the hotel. Central is such a nice location as it gives you easy access to almost all points of Hong Kong. I also like their facilities and fast wifi at the hotel.

  9. I love the grand piano in the lobby. Always such a classy touch…. But I think my favorite would have been the terrace! How nice it would be to be able to sit outside while still lounging from the comfort of your room!

  10. What a cool place to stay and getting discounts of restaurants is an awesome bonus! Love that 🙂
    Mini Hotel has officially been added to our ‘stay at when in Hong Kong’ list 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing. Great read and love your pics!

  11. I agree with you about a central location in HK- it can be time consuming to get places if you have to walk or wait on a hotel shuttle. You are better off staying near the MTR or near what you want to see.

  12. This is such a cute little hotel! I am loving it, love the picture of you looking out the window as well. Looks great 🙂

  13. I love the hongkong! I miss hong kong so much. Those fancy stores that is just outside the cheap and affordable hotels

  14. Read comments regarding the temperature of the room being too cold to keep it from being damp. Is this true? We’ll be staying there next month! Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Jessa, hope you enjoy your stay. The room had a note saying “Please don’t turn off the aircon” but then during our stay it was just fine. It wasn’t too cold. Although, the top rooms, the aircon is facing the bed so that may be the reason for that comment. You can lower the aircon if you wish. Hope you have a pleasant stay with them . The location is awesome though, you’ll love it. Ask for the voucher.. you have to present the keycard and the voucher for discounts in some of the establishments.

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