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Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay 14

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

A chic boutique hotel found in Causeway Bay just a few minutes away from  the  Causeway Bay Metro and surrounded by restaurants,  quaint cafes and fashion shops. That’s mini hotel.

Vintage looking hallways leading to the lift of Mini Hotel Causeway Bay
Vintage looking hallways leading to the lift of Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

Often, when looking for accommodation I go for budget ones but mini- hotel provides a budget accommodation with a hint of some “luxury” at least for a budget traveler. Plus, location is a huge factor. I want to be able to go from my  “home-away-from-home” to the different sites really quickly.  Mini Hotel fits that description.


I fell in love with Mini Hotel the moment I walked in. The walls were decorated with vintage portraits, leading to the escalator which says go to B1 for check in. I thought, that was a treat.  I was wrong, the reception/ lobby area was even better. I went picture crazy and I enjoyed the very creative design of the area.  Mona Lisa plus the colorful Mao, chesterfield couches and more…. This was just very inviting to stay in and for Instagrammers like myself, all the areas were INSTAGRAM WORTHY.


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Checking in was   a breeze. The staff spoke excellent English and there were two of them always willing to assist the guests.  It took less than 10 minutes to check-in despite the busy season.  Besides, you can entertain yourself in the lobby while waiting to be checked in.


The staff had good command of English language which was important for me especially since they served as my point of information about how to get around Hong Kong from their hotel.  Upon check in, I was given mineral water, which again was perfect since it was hot outside.


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The Room

As the name implies,  the room was “mini” but still leaving a bit of space for you to move around.  I’ve had smaller accommodations in Hong Kong.   I booked a double room on the 5th floor since it was the one with the balcony.


There was a small space in between the bed and the sliding door leading to the balcony, that’s where I kept my things.  There was no space for me to unpack my bag so I had to keep my things inside my luggage but despite the “space constraints” Mini hotel does not disappoint.


I was provided with complimentary coffee and water and the room came with a hair dryer and an adaptor  (I have a different plug from Hong Kong, so this came in really handy ).


There was also sufficient power supply ( power source ) for me to charge my phone and cameras and leave room for my friends’ gadgets too.


The Bathroom

Luckily, I am small because I fit perfectly in the bathroom. It may be small but it does the job and it is enough for me. Plus, there is separation between toilet and shower (  I’ve had smaller bathrooms in Hong Kong) . They also provide shampoo , foot rug,  face towels and towels.

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The Perks

Aside from having incredibly fast wifi, they also have rooms that come with a smart phone which you can use to get around the city.  I never had to worry if I took a quick turn to check out some cool store in the corner and not find my way back, all I have to do is pin my location and google maps will direct me to it.  What a handy thing to have while touring. Also, it gave ease in contacting my friend who was based in Hong Kong.  I no longer needed to look for restaurants that provided free wifi just to call her and set a meeting, I can call her while I am on the go and we can plan things depending on where I am and how my day is progressing.  Perfect! It just made me feel more at home.

Sights around the Area


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There are a lot of stylish, fashion shops around the area plus restaurants catering to people with different budgets.  There is enough for everyone to choose from.  The horse racing is also just around the corner and there are several parks like Victoria Park to visit while killing time.

It is also easy to move from this area to popular attractions such as a bus ride ( 629) to Ocean Park from Times Square which is only 4 minutes walking from the hotel.  If you have your eyes on Disneyland, then you just need to take 2 stops from the metro to central then change to the Tung Chung Line.

Over All

Mini hotel bridges the gap between travelers who are on a tight budget and those who can pay for a little more comfort.  The rooms averages from Php 1900- 5000 for 2 people depending on the season but what you spend on accommodation you get more in terms of comfort and location.   I even walked all the way   to Star Street in Admiralty from the hotel and although google maps says 30 minutes, it was an easy   stroll so I liked it.

All in all, mini hotel provides a comfortable accommodation for a good night’s sleep in a very accessible location.  I am glad that I was able to stay in a chic boutique like this.

The Contact Details

Address: 8 Sun Wui Road, Causeway

Number: +852 3979 1199


Website :


29 thoughts on “Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

  1. This is interesting. I would consider staying here when I’m in Hong Kong. I see why you like Mini-Hotel 🙂
    I’m curious though with the room size … not that it matters, just curious. It looks like it’s somewhere between 16 sq.m. to 20 sq.m.

  2. Looks like a cute and very chic hotel! Glad to know about such a great budget option in Hong Kong. The smartphone is an excellent room amenity!

  3. BUDGET traveling!? WOAH a place like this would cost a fortune here! I love this place and would absolutely LOVE to stay there! Love the decor, the feel, that bathroom is gorgeous!

  4. The room does look small, but of course, what else would you need in a hotel room other than a bed and a bathroom? The price is reasonable enough, with the exchange rates nowadays, it only boils down to around US$40. Not bad.

  5. The hotel looks like a great option. Having a small room wouldn’t bother me. If it’s clean, in a good location and has great wifi, I’m happy.

  6. When all you really need is a place to sleep, this place would be perfect. It’s nice. It’s clean, it’s actually kind of fun. I’d stay there for sure.

  7. I love hotels of all types once they are clean, well maintained and have the creature comforts most of us crave when we are away from home. This seems to provide most if not all of that. Thanks for spreading the word and if I should get to this city, I will most certainly look this up!

  8. You weren’t kidding when you said mini, but this is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve seen. I’m just a sucker for modern-contemporary decor.

  9. I love that you got the use of a complimentary adapter. That’d be great to feature in hotels abroad, and I wish more of them did!! Everything looks great here for your stay.

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