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Memorable but Inexpensive Ways of Spending Valentine’s Day


The most romantic month is now fast-approaching . A lot of couples would spend the day having a typical candle-lit dinner or a moonlit stroll to the beach but these are not just the ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can enjoy the day without even breaking the bank. Here are some pocket-friendly activities that can help you celebrate your togetherness in a fun and meaningful way. In the end, remember that it is the thought and the effort that you put into making your partner happy that counts the most.

Dinner date at home.
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Going to a fancy restaurant and movie theater can get pricey. Instead of eating expensive food, why not recreate that fancy restaurant meal at home? Maybe you can also think of a favorite dish and prepare it yourself. Your partner will definitely appreciate the effort you put into preparing the dish. Make sure to present the dish in an attractive way–put out nice napkins,pretty tablecloth, fancy plates, buy flowers for the table, and light up a candle to set the mood for romance.While dining, listen to a romantic music. Trust me, its a wonderful mood-setter. It may sound so cheesy, but dare to dance your partner even  if you’re not that skilled. Just make the most of the night special for the two of you.

Movie date at home.

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Spend a day together watching your favorite films from the comforts of home. You can also binge-watch your favorite Netflix series if you want to stay up all night. Don’t forget to make some popcorn together or whatever food items you both love, that you can enjoy while watching the films .Your bedroom or your living room could be a perfect spot as an improvised movie theater. If you have a wide backyard and the weather is cooperating, pitch your tent and enjoy your movie date! You can also spend the wee hours for stargazing. Make it sure that you set up the place (e.g. providing pillows and blankets to sit on) ensuring relaxation and comfort to the both of you throughout the movie session.

Go on a picnic

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Pack a basket of fruits and foodies and head off to the quiet but romantic sites in your city where you can unwind together as you savor the fresh air and the scenery. Lay out a blanket on the ground, put a bottle of your favorite beverage on ice and enjoy! Parks and open spaces could be one of your choices if you do not have any idea of these places. Before anything else, check the weather before going to your preferred area just to make sure that it will not ruin your little picnic.

Overnight camping by the beach.

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Well, if you’re both sea seekers and there are nearby beach resorts (or beach areas with no entrance fee) pack your camping and swimming stuff and go to your chosen beach. Load your phone up with a romantic playlist and throw in a bottle of wine (non-alcoholic, depending on your age) while sitting on a cozy blanket in the cold night. Oh! Try to have some adult game night together where you can play games and do some consequences if someone lose. Play board games and other couple games you can think of. Through camping, you don’t have to pay expensive overnight room rates and entrance fee of high end resorts.

Go for a drive.

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Hop in the car, throw on a mixed CD of songs you both love, and drive to a lookout point where you can see the stars. No car? Take a sweet, slow bike ride instead, or walk hand in hand until you find somewhere romantic to sit together. Try not to off your phone so that there are no distractions while engaging in a conversation with your partner.

Engage in a physical activity.

If you’re up for mountain trekking or just running a 3-5 kilometer course then invite your partner to have some strenuous but very worthy physical activities. There are marathons organized during Valentine’s Day where you can join for free. Check out nearby trekking sites that are very affordable or maybe offered for free.

Go to a free concert.

What can be more fun than attending free concerts?Check your local papers and online for free concerts. They happen more often than you think, and what’s more romantic than watching a great singer/songwriter perform love songs while you hold hands with your loved one? Also, organizers might be giving free drinks *winks*. This could a be good chance of meeting new friends who are music lovers as well.

Pamper each other.


After a long day of work, a relaxing treat is a must to your partner. Give him/her a massage or you can take turns.  Light some candles, grab some massage oil and your favorite scented bubble bath. Relieve each other’s tension with slow, deep foot, neck, leg and shoulder massages. Let your imagination take you the rest of the way.


Go on a cultural journey.

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Learn about Filipino heritage together by dropping by at the museums, libraries and art galleries, many of which you can visit for free. Learning together is a great way to strengthen your ties with your partner. It is also an enriching experience and a new adventure that you can both enjoy. .








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