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The Mandara Spa in BF Paranaque


January has been a very busy month for me, I barely had any sleep and rest. So, when  The Mandara Spa asked me to visit them, I thought that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Besides, it was also a day after my birthday, and I figured I definitely I needed a day for relaxation and pampering. So going treating myself to a spa date was just the perfect remedy!



Mandara Spa is located in BF Paranaque, near Aguirre Street along with the row of restaurants.  When you see Banapple, you know you are in the right spot as  The Mandara Spa is in the same complex.  A few minutes down the road, there’s a stretch full of cool cafes and eateries.  In our case, we visited Magnum Opus Cafe after being pampered and got a Belgian Heart Break (but that’s a different  topic, the cafe is cool though.)



I had the Mandala Signature Spa. Although most spa centers lets you choose your scrub and oil ( olive, lemongrass, coffee, green tea, lavander), the Mandara signature spa was paired with olive oil.


Upon entry, I was greeted by the owners and they asked what treatment I had wanted. And since I just celebrated my birthday, I thought, why not overdo it and go for a complete package? So I took the Mandara Signature Spa. It included a Body Scrub, Wrap, and their signature massage.

We started out with the scrub. Although most spa centers let you choose your scrub and oil (olive, lemongrass, coffee, green tea, lavander), the Mandara signature spa automatically came with the classic olive oil.  Which I totally didn’t mind because if it worked best that way, then why not right?  They then wrapped us for a good 30 minutes in some plastic wrap.  To be honest, it felt slightly uncomfortable in the beginning. It had a prickling sensation but I guess that’s only because I wasn’t used to it. After about 5-10 minutes, I felt more relaxed and even fell asleep.  I asked later on why they had to wrap me that way, and I found out that it was to let the oil and the scrub settle and sip through.  I slept until they woke me up to rinse myself. Right after the scrub, I felt like a baby as my skin felt so clean and so smooth. My friend even made a joke, “Ay, Nakakaputi pala.”

After the bath, my therapist, Juvy,  prepared me for the most awaited part – the signature massage- and let me tell you guys, IT WAS HEAVEN! The masseuse  started putting oil and then they used some heat pad on my back then on my feet and feet soles. The heat pad did wonders for my back and neck pain. Everyone knows that my sore spot has always been my right neck/shoulder. Juvy left the heat pad right there and frankly, I felt like I wanted to tell her to leave it there forever. It was that soothing! When I gave my feedback after the massage, the owners said that I can actually ask them to make that portion longer if I wanted to (noted, for next time).

Juvy, my therapist was perfect.She then got to work with the olive oil, kneading my back, shoulders and neck. I entered a state of semi-conscious relaxation miraculously quickly under Juvy’s care.

Ana and Heart  (the owners ) said that the Mandara Signature Spa is a combination of everything. It was really good. And that heat thing was a winner!

True enough, the spa treatment I chose was a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai stretching massages.

This was undoubtedly one of the best spa treatments I’ve ever had for PHP2100. We arrived around 2:30 and we ended at 6:00 pm.  I also loved the touch of ginger tea that they give at the end of the session. I wasn’t ready to wake up, get dressed and leave yet, but of course,  I had to.My friend said that  my face was glowing. I personally felt like my  body was totally rejuvenated. Thanks to the body scrub, wrap and massage combination.

What they offer


Mandara Spa also offers a wide range of treatments, individually tailored to your own needs. These are:
Mani Pedi
Hot Stone Massage
Other oil massage
Combination massage

I can’t speak for those since I haven’t tried them, but one thing’s for sure – I am definitely coming back for more!



The airy, luxurious feel of the spa, coupled with the earthly, warm colors and soft lights of the spa treatment rooms adds warmth and relaxation to the zen-like atmosphere of the place. This Oriental-ish design means that there were lovely surprises at every turn and that there service and humble offers.
Mandara Spa can accommodate 7 people at a time. They have 2 couple rooms but one of which has a divider that can be converted into singles, 1 single room and then a couple room with no divider.  The nail and spa is outside so in total it can accommodate 7.

I must say, they really made good use of the space.

And to amp the relaxation feel, the spa pairs your treatments with really good soothing zen music. Although, they may need to do something with soundproofing—- yes, people can be heard, but hey, if you go to a spa, isn’t it etiquette to be quiet? So that shouldn’t pose any problems.


If you want an exclusive and special pampering session either with your friends or loved ones, you can request the Mandara Spa to close the place for a Sparty.

It felt like my mini birthday celebration. They prepared finger foods such as shrimp, bacon, tuna sandwich, and some combination of fish and cucumber. I personally loved the bacon and mushroom.   They also served a Buko Pandan drink that was very refreshing.


Juvy, my therapist, was really good. I love having hard massages on my back but less pressure on my feet and she understood and adjusted without me really having to talk much.

The owners, Anna and Heart, as well as their  staff were also very helpful. They will assist you and usher you as you enter. They were also attentive but still relaxed. My spa treatment was amazingly good and the facilities were fantastic.

Overall experience

The massage really provided me with a rejuvenated energy and had calmed my senses. I can say that finally, I got my much deserved rest.  The heat pad really did wonders to my back and up to this day, I can’t forget about it. That part, I think is an experience I don’t normally get in my other massage sessions.

I can attest that it’s not only me who enjoyed the refreshing spa treatment because my friend also loved the service. I asked my friend, Laarni , after her  massage  about the experience and her response was, “Glowing skin, I feel like a baby and very relaxed.” Then she added, “Very very good. So relaxing. I feel like I am 10 years younger.” Indeed, Mandara Spa offers an unrivaled opportunity to unwind and relax.

If tranquility and superb relaxing experience is what you need in your spa day, as well as heavenly treatments and well-trained staff to tend to your every whim, Mandara Spa ticks all of the right boxes. Ideal for friends, couples and families.
Mandara Spa Paranaque Branch is located at 13 President’s Avenue corner Rufino Avenue Tahanan Village
. For reservations and queries, call 0925 556 8858 or visit their Facebook page

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous time. Olive oil is so good for you skin and a therapist who knows just how hard to work is a god send. The itself looks first class all the way. I am not sure if I could stand up after spending three hours in there. They would have to roll me out – lol.

  2. Who doesn’t love a good spa! Perfect for relaxing. Looks like you had a great time there. Those plates of food look amazing!

  3. I always love a good massage and that’s definitely the perfect way to treat yourself! Sounds like the Mandara Spa was a great choice.

  4. Loved this article! It’s a perfect review for Mandara spa; your experience definitely makes me want to visit it when I have the time. I wanna eat up that lavendar scrub – looks that good!

  5. I would of chosen the bacon and mushroom option too. No only if there was a way to wrap myself in bacon and maple syrup. That would be a truly Canadian experience. Lol. This place looks awesomely relaxing. I can use that right now.

  6. And the price in pesos must be so attractive because it is so low compared to other countries in Europe and the US!!!

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