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Making it Awesome in Madhya Pradesh



My first stint in exploring the colorful and mystical subcontinent of India was when I was invited by Chariot Beach Resort. Then, I made my way to Kerala, which was also an exciting time. This year, I’ll be making my way to a new place. Dubbed the “Heart of India”, Madhya Pradesh is a regal state that epitomizes the unique Indian culture. This 2018, the area will host the 5th installment of the annual Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart, capitalizing on the state’s diverse draws and its reputation as a junction of Indian tourism.


The travel mart will be held at the Hotel Lake View Ashok, in Bhopal. It will be from October 5 to 7, and will include international participation from a bevy of countries, from its neighboring Asian fellows to those in all other continents. Countries big and small, from the US to Fiji, from Russia to Mexico, will all be present! Furthermore, there will be more than 100 local Indian representatives that will serve to promote trade and culture.

While the main goals of the Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart is largely economic (the setup is more like a business-to-business platform), it is also an outstanding opportunity to sell the region as a world-class tourist spot. The 4th edition of the travel mart, in fact, was a stunning success. This year, the main goal is to highlight Madhya Pradesh’s year-round destinations. And what a perennial tourist spot this is!


Sure, the travel mart is great, but as for me I will be exploring the many facets of the state, carved from the eons of reign by various Indian dynasties. There’s so much to see! Here are just a few of the more interesting ones.


Orchha. This is a full town that is both quiet and stately, formed almost exclusively of beautiful architecture and meaningful structures. Most of the tourist spots here harken back to the Bundela Era, and features such attractions as Orchha Fort, the Raja Mahal, the Lakshmi Temple, and many more. The town also sits across the great Betwa River, from which one can view amazing sunsets.


Khajuraho. This is a group of 22 temples, all made with the most intricate examples of Indian art. The journey here is well worth it to see the beautiful carvings that tell of both love and history. These temples are also divided into sections, with the Western area attracting the most visitors. Khajuraho also has a couple of lakes, making it a small city in its own right.


Ujjain. Despite the number of temples at Khajuraho, Ujjain retains the title of Madhya Pradesh’s Temple Town. This city has some winding alleyways that will be a pleasure to get lost in! The temples here represent both art and spirituality.


Pugdundee Safaris. Perhaps I’m most excited to see the Indian wildlife with Pugdundee Safaris! The company is one of the leading Safari companies in the nation. It also has a host of lodges in India that lets it serve both adventure and hospitality. There are tigers and other wild creatures to see in their exclusive tours, promising an adrenaline rush close to pristine nature!


Madhya Pradesh sure has a lot to offer, aside from its travel mart. I’m lucky to be expecting a visit there soon!

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