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Luxury Weekend Beach Getaway at Club Punta Fuego Nasugbu Batangas

Club Punta Fuego

Last year we got to try out the Anya Hotel in Tagaytay from the same company, so when we got invited to try out Club Punta Fuego and do a Club Punta Fuego Review, obviously I was excited! Most especially, summer season is just around the corner, and who wouldn’t want a staycation at the beach? I say staycation because Club Punta Fuego is one of the closest beaches, easily accessible from Metro Manila – just a 3 hour drive at most. It’s an exclusive membership resort which combines luxurious amenities with the relaxing views of nature and proximity to the sea. Despite being a primarily membership-based property, it’s opened its doors to the public to experience its stunning Nasugbu Batangas beachside properties reminiscent of the most beautiful sights in Bali.

How to get to Club Punta Fuego

1. Driving Directions

  • Option 1: Take the Daang Hari – Tagaytay – Nasugbu route for a 3-hour drive
  • Option 2: Drive via CAVITEX route for 1.5 – 2 hour drive from Manila.

2. Commuting directions

Commuting to Club Punta Fuego is not that easy given that it’s a private property,therefore there isn’t much public transportation. You can take a bus from Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas and then find a private tricycle or jeepney to take you to the gate. If you are commuting, you can get dropped of at the gate but you have to communicate with Club Punta Fuego first because they can pick you up from the gate -however, it is highly suggested that you bring your own vehicle for a hassle-free experience.

Club Punta Fuego Check-in

Club Punta Fuego is nestled within an exclusive village, and they don’t accept walk-ins. In order to check-in to your room, you have to reserve beforehand and to even enter the property the guard needs your name and reservation information to let you inside – it really does give off that exclusive vibe. Punta Fuego consists of a wide range of different resorts with different amenities and beach experiences, the Main Club in Peninsula de Punta Fuego, the Beach Club at Terrazas de Punta Fuego, and the Punta Fuego Yacht Club.

Reasons to Visit Punta Fuego

1. Stunning Infinity Pools

Club Punta Fuego Infinity Pool

The pools in Punta Fuego are really something to take note of. At the main club, they feature the double infinity pool with a stunning ocean view – I mean just look at it. They also have a kiddie pool in the same area where children can play and swim, although it doesn’t have the same terrific view of the sunset that the double infinity pool does. The upper beach club features a single infinity pool. This one feels a bit more private and secluded – there was nobody else there when I went.  The lower beach club, on the other hand, has a large family pool perfect for swimming after a game of mini golf at the nearby track, or maybe a place to spend time and unwind in the waters after some strenuous watersports at the Long Beach.

C:ub Punta Fuego upper beach

2. Watersports

You can participate in watersports by the Long Beach, near the Lower Beach club and Il Jardineto. Some of the watersports you can try are:

  • Banana Boat – An inflating banana-shaped boat attached to one of the engine-powered boats – hold on tightly while the boat zooms you around through the waters.
  • Jetski – You can even ride a jetski solo with one of their provided vehicles.
  • Diving – Seriously fun! We went intro diving and everything was so colorful underneath the waters. The corals were bright and alive! You can also go snorkeling if you want.

Watersports are run by Thalassa Water Sports and Diving Services.

3. Amazing Sunset Views

Club Punta Fuego

We experienced a beautiful sunset by the marina, and by the Terrazas de Punta Fuego (around 30 minutes away) – and both were stunning! Even the view from the lobby of Club Punta Fuego was amazing.

4. Beaches

Club Punta Fuego Beach

Club Punta Fuego has many beach options which offer access to the Nasugbu Batangas beach coast. You may swim in the beach area near Club Punta Fuego, Long beach, or Terrazas de Punta Fuego. The beach in Terrazas is way better than the beach in Club Punta Fuego, the sand is softer and more comfortable to step on – but the infinity pool in the club is lovely. Do take note that the  Terrazas de Punta Fuego is a good 15 to 30 minutes away since it’s at a separate resort, though it is easily accessible via one of the club’s shuttles. There is also a beach at the lower beach club, although the sand is a bit rocky and rough, but the deeper waters there are great for some watersports!

5. Comfy Accommodation


The accommodation consists of casitas which are littered throughout the property, divided into two categories – the Seaview Casitas and the Standard Casitas. Like the name suggests, the Seaview Casitas boast a view of the West Philippine sea while the Standard Casitas have the same facilities – just without the view. They’re very spacious, perfect for groups of friends or families. They even feature connecting rooms! We booked three rooms and opened our doors so we could all be together – perfect for team building or family gatherings. Our only problem was that the rooms were quite dark. But the contemporary design, which places an emphasis on white and light, calming colors was quite beautiful and gave off an air of elegance which added to the overall luxurious feel of the club.

Each room consists of two spacious double beds, along with large windows to let in the sunlight during the day. It’s complete with all the necessary amenities, a television, minibar, hot and cold shower, hair dryer, telephone, desk, and a safety deposit box. The bathrooms are also great – they feature an outdoor, open space for guests to hang up their wet clothes and swimwear, accessible via a sliding door – it really gives you outdoor garden feels, especially with the smooth ground stones that make up the floor and the plants littered around.

At night we bonded in the middle room where we all congregated, played card games, and exchanged photos.

6. Good Food

Great food really rounds out a trip. There are three different restaurants at the Club Punta Fuego you can dine at, with varying cuisines depending on what you’re in the mood for.

  1. San Diego Restaurant Club Punta Fuego RoomSan Diego is an open-air restaurant perfect for dinner under the stars and the refreshing night breeze with a view of the infinity pool and the sea – though you can choose to dine indoors as well. They serve primarily Spanish-Filipino cuisine although there are a bit of Asian and European influences added to the mix. We had some delicious Filipino meals here, like bulalo, bagnet, and sisig. We also had Spanish-themed dinners serving up Western delights like paella negro (a kind of black rice paella), paella, chorizo, and black tempura – typical tempura except the batter is mixed with black squid ink!

For weekend dinner we had a buffet – I absolutely loved the live pasta section and the Mongolian cuisine. It’s been quite a while since I had Mongolian so I was more than happy to mix up my own concoction.

For breakfast, the San Diego restaurant serves Filipino breakfast eats like fried rice, arroz caldo, eggs, cereal, yogurt, and a variety of breads and pastries sure to fill you up in the morning. There is also a selection of beverages like juices and hot chocolate to help you wash it all down.

  1. Il Jardineto Restaurant

Il Jardineto, located at the Lower Beach Club, specializes in pizza, pasta, and other cheesy, hearty comfort foods – more on Italian cuisine than anything else. It’s an outdoor dining experience which features a nice view of the family pool, as well as the mini golf area. It’s definitely a great place for an afternoon snack or pre-dinner meal after swimming or a couple rounds of golf. The restaurant also has a really romantic and picturesque setting especially in the late afternoons, with the lamps hanging from the branches of the trees illuminating the red and white checkered picnic tables, plants, and wooden chairs.

  1. Traditions and Contradictions Member’s Lounge

The Traditions and Contradictions Bar and Lounge features lots of drinks and spirits such as wine and cocktails but also your typical non-alcoholic beverages like beers, smoothies, coffee, and fruit shakes. As for food, T&C has a variety of different savory foods with mediterranean and European origins, as well as lots of desserts to pick from. It’s a more classy and quiet place to hang out and enjoy.

7. Great FacilitiesClub Punta Fuego Casitas Room

Club Punta Fuego activities

  • Movie Room – The club also has a mini theatre that plays films all day for the guests!
  • Team Building Area –  a provided team building area for activities meant for large groups.
  • Game Room – Kids are sure to enjoy the club’s game room, which is fully equipped with a ball pit, play house, and slide for hours of fun. The game room isn’t just limited to the kids, however. They also have an air hockey machine as well as a ping pong and foosball table.
  • Outdoor Playground
  • ATM – They even have an ATM inside the club so you can pay with cash and purchase items at the restaurant or their in-house souvenir shop for trinkets and memorabilia of your trip.
  • Strong Wifi Connectivity – While there isn’t much of a cell phone signal at Punta Fuego, the club makes up for it with strong and fast wifi offered throughout the entirety of the property.

8. Wide range of activities

  • Mini Golf
  • Watersports
  • Relax at their beach coves
    • Club Punta Fuego has 12 different beach coves you and sit back and relax at, enjoying a stunning view of the trees and waters.
  • Have a massage at the Ylang Ylang Spa
  • Tour the Punta Fuego Yacht Club

9. Luxury Feels

Club Punta Fuego activities

Club Punta Fuego definitely gives out an air of luxury, starting from it’s well-curated Contemporary rooms designs, to the restaurants and even the outdoor pathways with well-trimmed grasses and greenery to the Spanish-inspired architecture and the high-class food. It allows you to relax and just embrace the moment, living the life.

Club Punta Fuego activities

The Club also values utmost comfort for their guests, because you won’t even have to walk to get around the large property – you can move around through the different areas of the resort via their free provided golf carts which drop guests off at different locations every 30 minutes. Even when you first arrive at the club after checking in, a golf cart is already ready to bring you over to your casita. Moreover, their service is really good. All of the staff, from housekeeping to the restaurant waiters and waitresses, serve with a smile and make sure to ask if you need anything, or if you’re enjoying your stay – you really feel pampered and tended to at this Nasugbu Batangas beach club.

Terrazas de Punta Fuego


Aside from Club Punta Fuego, which is the main club that accommodates guests for overnight stays, the property also has the Terrazas de Punta Fuego a 15-minute drive away which is open only for day tours and closes at 6 PM. It’s home to one of the best beach spots in the area, with fine white sand perfect for lounging and sinking your feet into – not to mention it stretches a total of 800 metres long. Aside from the beautiful beach, here you can also enjoy their turtle infinity pool near the sea waters, play some billiards or darts at the game hall, and play some watersports. As for food, the Cafe Sol serves up delicious Mediterranean delights. The fee for the day tour costs PHP 1000 – it might seem pricey, but the food is already deductible in the fee

Club Punta Fuego activities

How to Book

For non-members, Punta Fuego accepts bookings via reservations only. You can check out the club’s available rooms and reserve via:

  • link on Agoda
  • directly through their website
  • Their phone numbers: (632) 584-4405, 843-8700

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