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Experiencing Spanish Fusion Cuisine with Löwe Gastro & Drinks Restaurant


Granada is a beautiful place in the southern part of Spain that is a must-visit during the holiday season. Filled with history, enticing architecture, and wonderful people, Granada ( Read How to Spend 2 days in Granada )  truly is one of southern Spain’s hidden treasures. Knowing this, we had an adventure around Granada ourselves. We’ve seen the awe-inspiring sights, walked the historically-paved streets. But what else are we missing? After a long but definitely fun adventure in Granada, what else does one do but enjoy the food! Our favorite part of any trip, that’s for sure. So after everything we’ve done in Granada, we decided to enter this little place called Löwe.

Löwe Gastro and Drinks Restaurant is a restaurant specializing in Spanish (obviously) and Mediterranean fusion foods. They’ve only been open for three years, 2014 to be exact, and yet they are making a mark for themselves in the Granada gastronomic scene. Aside from their fusion food, they also serve liquor at the restaurant’s bar for those who want a sip of some spirits along with their meal. Located strategically in the center of the city, more specifically at the Calle Angel Ganivet 6, 18009, Löwe is open from 1 PM to 3 AM and it is a quaint gastropub for some lunch or dinner and a little lounging.

As mentioned before, Löwe serves alcohol too. They have a wide enough variety to satisfy you. From, gin and tonics, to cocktails, to wine, they have enough depth in their list of spirits that you’re bound to like one of them. This is why it is considered to be one of the top spots to stay at for late night drinking. Very ambient, the atmosphere will really make you sit back and unwind with a wine in hand and no regrets.

The meals in Löwe were delicious to say the least. To begin our savory journey in Löwe, we sat down and had some of their salad which if you look at their menu is read as Ensalada de bacón caramelizado, queso de cabra y mouselina a las tres hierbas. The salad costs at about 12.00€. The salad was fresh and lovely, and the cheese was a seamless pair for the salad. The savory caramelized bacon mixed in the salad was the proverbial cherry on top. Over-all, this was the perfect light repast to start our gastronomical ventures with.

Aside from the salad, we had something called Flor de alcachofa con tierra de pistachos y setas y virutas de jamón, which when translated is a spread that consists of Artichoke flower, Pistachio, Mushrooms, and Ham shavings. Surprisingly filling while being healthy, this is delectable especially after a tiring walking around the streets of Granada.


Another one we had was the Pollo Tandoori (Pollo Tandoori con Couscous de Brócoli y Coliflor). Costing at about 16.00€, the Tandoori was pleasantly moist, complemented well by the flavorful couscous. This chicken tandoori is recommended for those tired travelers who just want to indulge in a hearty meal after a long day of walking around Granada.


Aside from the ones mentioned before, Löwe is a restaurant that has note-worthy tapas. If you’re craving for that tapa goodness, then this is the place to fulfill that craving.

But before we end this, of course no course is complete without…you guessed it: DESSERT! For dessert, my friend and I ordered a sweet little something called Brownie de Chocolate. This brownie a la mode, which costs about €5.50, was pure heaven! Moist and filled with just the right chocolatey goodness, this brownie was so charming and so delicious that my friend even said that she wanted to have the Brownie de Chocolate for her wedding instead of a wedding cake. This gorgeous dessert is tantalizing and is the perfect punctuation to our Granada journey which is especially palpable when you take in the classy and homey atmosphere of Löwe.


Aside from the food, it is worth mentioning how well the staff treated its customers. They were both friendly and very helpful. So aside from eating well, you are treated to great service in Löwe as well. Some may say it seems like an upscale expensive place to eat at, but for the quality of food and drinks that they provide, I say it is worth the cent you pay them.

From the classy and luxurious ambiance within, to the gorgeous and of course scrumptious meals served inside, to the lengthy list of beverages that serve as the right accompaniment, Löwe Gastro and Drinks Restaurant is one place you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Granada. It’s the place to have lunch to dinner to late evening sips. With Löwe, you’re sure to appreciate Spanish cuisine as you appreciate Granada’s evening environment. Remember to drink responsibly and to eat happily. ¡Buen apetito!


5 thoughts on “Experiencing Spanish Fusion Cuisine with Löwe Gastro & Drinks Restaurant

  1. I love Spain in fact I am off to explore some more of the wonderful country tomorrow. The food looks delicious especially the brownie I hope I get to sample something like this on my trip.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Löwe Gastro and Drinks Restaurant – the plates are truly a work of art – love the concept of Spanish and Mediterranean fusion foods – we’re heading through Grenada in a few months, so will definitely make sure we plan for a meal here.

  3. All that food looks so delicious! I love fusion cuisine, I often look for these restaurants when I travel. Haven’t been to Granada yet, but when I go, I know where I’ll eat 😉

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