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Wellness at Lotus Valley Farm La Union

Lotus Valley Farm La Union -

Where to Stay in La Union: Lotus Valley Farm

In the advent of skyscrapers and condo-living, one thing that I occasionally crave for is nature. And I’m not just talking about seeing trees and pocket gardens. But of actual, open-air landscapes where I can fully immerse, detox, and be one with nature. Thankfully, one highlight of this year’s Lakbay Norte 9 was the region’s thriving AgroTourism. And so on our second day, we were set to experience country-living in a beautiful forest farm called the Lotus Valley Farm La Union. Here’s what to look forward to in this unique off-the-grid farm experience in #ELYU.

Lotus Valley Farm: A Rustic Paradise in La Union

Lush, enchanting, verdant. Located atop a secluded mountain, the Lotus Valley Farm is a complete contrast to the rushing waves of San Juan. Hectares upon hectares of flora and fauna, composed of varied species of bamboo, fruit-bearing trees, orchids, and whatnots. A self-sustaining ecosystem that makes the farm’s climate around 4 to 5 degrees colder than the rest of the province.

Meanwhile, enveloped in the farm’s lush forest is a central area dedicated for vegetation, meditation, and off-beat accommodation. One can easily spend days exploring the many fresh vegetation, having mini-detox sessions, or even just marveling at the sights and sounds from the comfort of the farm’s cozy bamboo huts. Not to be missed is the bed of enchanting Lotus flower plants in the far end of the garden.  All organically grown, of course!

Lotus Valley Farm La Union - Lotus Plant

Today, from a once chemically-induced land, owners Toby and Marissa Tamayo was able to transform the place into a full grown forest. Seven years of work that has blossomed into a real rustic paradise and now a  a new home to birds, monitor lizards and even wild bee colonies.

And it’s precisely for that reason that this less-known spot deserves to be on your bucket list of top things to do in La Union.

Meditation, Detox Sessions, and Plant-Based Food

Another thing I looked forward to most during our visit in Lotus Valley Farm La Union were the ‘detox’ activities lined up.

After walking through the farm, we made our way to their activity hall uphill. The ‘detox’ afternoon was led by the same team behind SIFCare-Curma from San Juan. We started with a short talk about plant-based diet. Then proceeded to SIFCare’s (led by Marissa Tamayo herself) Acudetox and Sound Meditation. 

We then concluded the session by having a sumptuous dinner of plant-based food. We ate Mung Bean ‘Meatballs’, Meatless Kare-Kare with Alamang, Fresh Salad, and their special Curamansi (Calamansi + Curry Leaves) drink.


For breakfast, we were treated to a warm bowl of Lugaw with camote and gluten-free bread with cheese. 

Accommodations at Lotus Valley Farm LU

No visit at Lotus Valley Farm will be complete without staying for the night (or two) in the farm. Currently, they offer two (2) rustic Bamboo Huts for rent. Each hut/cottage can accommodate 5-6 persons at a rate of Php 5000-6000 per night.

Outside, the huts look and feel like the traditional Bahay Kubo, made with wood, bamboo poles and “Pawid“. But the interiors speak otherwise. As it features modern amenities like a kitchenette (non-cooking), comfortable beds, modern toilets, a kitchen, and a picturesque veranda.

Charming windows adorn every corner of the hut. So airconditioning isn’t really necessary (fans are provided) especially during the colder months of the year. A beautiful modern version of the Bahay Kubo, if you ask me.  

And if an overnight stay isn’t enough for you, feel free to get in touch with Lotus Valley Farm for customized ‘programs’. I’ve heard they also hold detox weekends and wellness days for groups alike. All in all, I would totally recommend this unique farm to table Agrotourism experience when in La Union. Truly, a relaxing way to destress and prepare  for the long journey ahead of us for the next three days!

Travel Tip: The property is a little remote so cellular signal or data is quite limited. 🙂 Don’t forget your sunblock and Insect Repellant too!


Lotus Valley Farm La Union - Jeep

How to Get to Lotus Valley Farm

Lotus Valley Farm is located in Sitio Kasilagan, Dasaya, San Juan, La Union. The whole property is located atop the mountain and getting there is quite a drive (15-20 minutes). In fact, we had to offload from our Lakbay Norte 9 bus from the main road. So we could ride the farm’s jeepney up to the farm. They allow private cars to park in the farm premises. However, I would highly recommend taking an SUV or van to traverse through the steep, winding road there. 


* Note: Photos and article written by Tina Punzal of Hungrytravelduo for Karlaroundtheworld.

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