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Lion Rock : The Best Vantage point of Hong Kong City

Lion Rock : The Best Vantage point of Hong Kong City 9


Kay and I had to choose between hiking Dragon’s Back or Lion Rock. Most of the blogs say that Dragon’s Back is a must, but we found little on Lion Rock, which is why we decided to take on this less travelled one.  It was a decision we did not regret.

From the MRT station at Wong Tai Sin, you already see the cluster of rocks shaped like a lion. Lion Rock boasts of incredible views of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

 How to get there:

  1. Go to Won Tai Sin MTR Station and EXIT B3
  2. Use this blog here  for walking directions to the starting point of the trail

NOTE: You can take a mini bus or a cab but it’s a bit difficult to explain where to go.


Kay and I decided to walk to the head of the trail. The instructions given from that blog were very precise, so we didn’t get lost.

The trail was a relatively easy mix of stairs and flat land. We didn’t expect the “street” part of the walk to also be very much like a hike; it was continuously uphill till you get to the trail head. The hike from there was relatively easy— flat land a few steps of stairs. The sign says that it takes 1 hour to get to Lion Rock, but since we had a lot of picture stops, it took us a little more than that.  The more difficult part was towards the summit.

Kay and I saw a sign that said .5km to the peak. It was funny how we both said, “ What’s .5km more, let’s just jog it”, later realizing how wrong we were. The hike to the peak consists of continuous steep stairs that felt like it would ever end.  It reminded me of a hike in King’s Canyon in Australia, where a series of steps were called “heart attack hill”,  and this one felt pretty much the same. The last stretch required us to scramble using our hands and feet.

NOTE: Be sure not to miss the turn to the peak.  Watch out for the signs.  There is a way that bypasses it, but you will miss the views.


At the end of the day, Kay and I knew we made the right choice by choosing Lion Rock as our destination.  The minute I posted a picture about it, I got an influx of “Where is this?” which was what I was aiming for.  I love showing people that there are less touristy places that you can visit that are really awesome.

Kay and I were lucky that we seemed to own the trail that day. There was no one else there except us. We hit it by noon, but despite the heat, we managed to stay there awhile and appreciate the view. Despite the series of rainy days we’ve had, this one was a clear, sunny day. The best part of hiking is reaching the peak, taking in the view, and realizing how great is this world we live in.

Taking the MRT and asking for directions from a Filipina on board, we ended up in Diamond Hill. Since it was still pretty early, we decided to watch Horse Racing at Cause Way Bay that evening.  It was something new for both of us, so for only HKD10, we went for the experience.

The next time you are in Hong Kong, instead of going to the peak, why not hike Lion Rock instead.

Photo by Kay Dulay


31 thoughts on “Lion Rock : The Best Vantage point of Hong Kong City

  1. Now is a great time to hike there. It’s hot but the Hong Kong skyline is extremely clear these days 🙂 Def a rewarding experience!

  2. Those views are absolutely stunning! Thx so much for sharing. I’ve not yet been to Hong Kong, but it would definitely be worth while hiking to Lion Rock when I do get there.

  3. I haven’t been to HK since I was a teenager; but thanks for capturing such beautiful shots. Perhaps, one day I will re-consider visiting again. Thanks for the post, and I find that things off the beaten path are more rewarding than the touristy ones. Happy travels.

  4. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing the contrasting sides to HK and heard a lot about the hiking too. It’s so cool you can hike so close to the city and get such amazing views!

  5. Wow, what an incredible vantage point! Your photos make it even more beautiful. Hong Kong is on my list and I’ve tried to go twice but each time something came up but I will get there and I will go to this spot. Thanks for the guide!

  6. Fantastic photos–I can see why people asked “Where is this”! I like to try things that the masses are not. It makes a trip more personal.

  7. I spent 5 weeks in Hong Kong yet there’s still so much stuff I need to do there, this hike being one of them! What a great view point and I didn’t even know it existed! I can’t wait to give it a go on my next visit!

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