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Le Comptoir : Big Three at Repulse Bay – Hong Kong

Le Comptoir : Big Three at Repulse Bay 24

Le Comptoir  : The Big Three in Repulse Bay

If you ever spend the day at Repulse Bay, be sure to drop by The Pulse, the trendy shopping mall conveniently located along the beach, for some good food and drinks. Le Comptoir has opened three brand new restaurants in The Pulse and I was fortunate enough to visit all three of them.


Address: Shop 302, 3/F, Lobby C, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


 For a romantic dinner for two, this is perfect.
For a romantic dinner for two, this is perfect.

TRi, an upscale Balinese restaurant, is one of the first restaurants in Hong Kong that features the Balinese cuisine. The moment we set foot inside restaurant, it suddenly felt as though we were teleported to Bali. From its seafront location to the use of bamboos for its design and furniture, TRi takes you from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and brings you to the island paradise. The overall ambiance and feel of the restaurant practically demands you sit back, relax and have a great time with your companions.

Tri Balinese Restaurant
The Lobby of TRi, Repulse Bay

While we weren’t able to try their food, my friends and I were able to grab some drinks at their bar. Named after various places in Bali, the drinks we ordered were simply delightful. The Bai Tai, my personal favorite, is a combination of Jamaican dark rum, lime juice, orange curacao and basil orgeat syrup. The Sayan Punch, a mixture of rum, lime and passion fruit juice, grenadine and soda water, was also a great drink. With a mixture of rum, chocolate bitters and griottine syrup, the TRi Fashioned had a unique taste that we enjoyed. Lastly, the Uluwatu Runner, which had arak, brandy, bergamote juice and cinnamon grenadine, had wonderful flavor. Each had their own twists and uniqueness to it, but they all were just as refreshing.

 The VIP area for groups of 10-14
The VIP area for groups of 10-14

The Ocean

 Address: Shop 303-304, 3/F, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


The Ocean, Repulse Bay
The Ocean, Repulse Bay

From the lush nature of Bali to the crystal blue waters, our next stop was The Ocean – a premier seafood restaurant that opened late last month. The restaurant wasn’t open yet when we visited but we were lucky enough to be given a quick tour of the place. And what we saw definitely didn’t disappoint.

The Bar in the Ocean
The Bar in the Ocean

Sticking mostly to a blue and white motif, everything about the place accentuated the underwater theme of the restaurant. The jellyfish tank in the middle of the room was mesmerizing to look at. The walls were decorated with wavy patterns. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide a spectacular view of the ocean. The lights resembled fishing baits and fish bowls which I found to be very stunning. The textured plates that looked like fish scales were also a nice touch.

The Oceans Hong Kong

Like TRi, we also weren’t able to try their food. We did, however, have the pleasure of meeting their staff and seeing their kitchen. And if I base the food on that experience, you will have nothing to worry about. The chef and staff were very accommodating toward us. The kitchen was extremely nice and spotless. It also had a really nice view.

The Oceans Hong Kong 2


Address: G/F, Shop 114-115, The Pulse, Beach Road 28, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


Hot Shot Repulse Bay
Hot Shot Repulse Bay

After our pleasant trip under the sea, we headed off to shore at Hotshot.  Serving what they call “New American” cuisine, Hotshot perfectly presents itself as the newest hangout place for all the young adults. Evoking a beach shack vibe, the restaurant is designed to make all its customers feel cool, artsy and hip, from surfer boards hanging on the walls and skateboards hanging on the ceiling to the giant Bart Simpson figurine and a classic Airstream trailer.


The food, although a bit pricey, was scrumptious. Their lobsters were superb. If you’re a lobster fan, be sure to drop by every Wednesday night for their lobster promo which also comes with free fries and appetizers. The duck was also really delicious. Both were cooked and seasoned perfectly. The portions were just enough to make your tummy satisfied, but still have enough room for dessert – which we had. Their keylime pie and chocolate fudge cake were moist, sweet and filling. It was a nice way to end a delectable meal, as well as our wonderful tour of Le Comptoir’s newest restaurants. I’m betting all three of them will be a hit among tourists and locals alike.

The counter
The counter

61 thoughts on “Le Comptoir : Big Three at Repulse Bay – Hong Kong

  1. Wow these restaurants all look beautiful. I have never been to Hong Kong or Bali, but I’ve heard great things about both. I bet the food in these places is amazing too.

  2. The TRi place is really romantic. 🙂 Perfect for an intimate conversation, or for catching up conversation with a friend. 🙂 What I like most is the “duyan” concept. I don’t really know the exact term. hehe

  3. I love the ambiance of Tri. Everything makes you feel relaxed and cozy. The Ocean is nice too! Very chic and modern. I bet Hotshot is such a delight as well! I would love to go here!

  4. Wow I mean wow, TRi looks really beautiful! The interior is amazing, I’d probably spend a considerable amount of time photographing the place if I were there. I love the, what do you call that, hanging couches?

    Hot Shot on the other hand looks really cool. I’m a lobster fan so definitely eyeing that one. Hmmm… I wonder if I’d ever get a chance to go at Repulse.

  5. Wow, what a creative and refreshing set up.. I just love the ambiance and yes, it is truly a perfect and romantic place for a date.. hopefully I could bring my special someone here someday

  6. All three restaurants have unique features and attractions. I especially loved the atmosphere of the first restaurant with the bamboo enclusures that give you more privacy!

  7. Those three restaurants are superb in their interiors and restaurant themes. Looks really posh and im sure the prices are much higher compare tk other resto in hong kong.

  8. If I were to go there, I’d prolly stay in TRi, the place looks so cozy with all those suspended sofa/lounge chairs. I could imagine my friends there bonding over good food, great drinks with a beautiful background.

  9. Loving the look of Repulse Bay and Hotshot… Wednesday Lobster Promo? Yes please 🙂
    Awesome decor in these places. Look so inviting.
    What a cracking’ post!

  10. I haven’t been to repulse bay but I am familiar with the place because of the beach in the area. The three restaurants looks really comfortable and the interiors looks fresh.

  11. I will have to thank you for bringing me inside this place because I do not think I will ever eat there. Hehe. Very intimate ambience indeed.

  12. Woah! I’m at awe! This place is like those I’ve seen only in magazines! How’s their rates?

  13. Wow, this place is beautiful and grand! I’m surprised that you focused on the atmosphere instead of the food though. Pictures of the dessert were not outstanding enough to capture my attention although the names were my favourite!

  14. Lovely places! I’d definitely try the forst and the last one. Now I only have to see when I’ll be in the area 😉

  15. It’s amazing ambiance… I loved the wood stuff in the first restuarant… lovely drinks as well(: … it’s more than just food, it’s a complete experience, we all should work on building good ambiance like these innovative fellows, makes the customers happy, feel like they are in the sea or somewhere outdoors than coming just somewhere to eat!!

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