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KERALA: A Look at God’s Own Country

Kerala Human By Nature

Kerala, popularly known as God’s Own Country had evolved a way of life that was distinct from the rest of the country – a way of life that expressed a fascinating interplay of nature and humanity across the most diverse terrains one could imagine – all in a tiny green land. Here every human act is a way of connecting with everything in nature around them.

There are no other ways to describe the state of Kerala. God’s own country is a description that perfectly captures the essence of Kerela. Visitors will see a hidden side of India. Far away from the major cities, Kerala is a place where people live life at a slower pace. The way of life is far more peaceful and keeps in harmony with nature and people.

It was a way of life that also drew from its history of trade and seafaring that led to it being a melting pot where the most diverse ideologies, faiths, and cultures co-existed like no other place.

Kerala Human By Nature

Kerala Tourism is more than ready to share the beauty and magic of Kerala to travelers. There are more than enough sites and experiences for people to visit. Kerala is blessed with astounding natural attractions. Among them includes the Western Ghats where visitors can go drink a fresh cup of tea at the stunning plantations of Munnar, take a trip to the 600 km of unspoiled Arabian coast that stretched across the entire state, explore the vibrant and historic cities of Cochin and Trivandrum, and take a houseboat cruise on the backwaters of Allepey.

There is so much more to be discovered in Kerala. Each destination and adventure in the state of Kerala is an immersive experience. The vibrant setting every you go in Kerala always serves as a reminder that it is truly God’s own country.

Kerala Human By Nature

The stunning landscape of Kerala has shaped and formed its people’s way of life. Kerala’s history has seen a lot of exchange of power which highly influenced how the state developed to what we see of it today. The historic tug of war between different colonialists didn’t stop Kerala’s people to live in harmony with each other.

Kerala’s rich history of seafaring and trade hugely contributes to the diversity of its people. Along with its beautiful and stunning landscapes and natural attractions, Kerala is a melting pot of different ethnicities, cultures, and religions. Maintaining peace and harmony along with the diversity of its people is what embodies Kerala as God’s Own Country.

The recent global campaign of Kerala, Human By Nature, drawn from real stories of the land, is centered around this way of life. It is an ode to the people of this land whose everyday lives are, in a way, epic in scale. The campaign emerged from continual conversations with travelers to Kerala, who over the years spoke of a fascinating human’scape’, beyond the stunning landscapes.

Kerala Human By Nature

The real value of the land can never truly be seen without its people. Kerala Tourism’s campaign, Human By Nature chose to highlight the diverse beauty among its people that goes hand in hand with its stunning vistas. A warm welcome to travelers from locals is a constant in Kerala. Visitors will never feel like an outsider trespassing on another’s territory.


The experience of visiting Kerala is one of serenity that will bring people back to be in step with nature and find a reprieve from their chaotic life. The people of Kerala play a huge role in making other’s stay in their state a special one. The diversity of the population brings diversity in different experiences and a mixture of rich cultures.

Kerala is one of India’s first states that I’ve visited, and honestly, I was in awe. I was amazed by its beauty, but more than that, Kerala gave me the feeling of being safe. I enjoyed the landscapes, the sceneries and the different adventures we’ve had—– I loved how everything is surrounded by greeneries, nature but most of all—I appreciated the food and the people. Kerala is very vibrant and very welcoming—- I will  definitely go back.

More of the content generated for ‘Human by Nature’ by Kerala Tourism can be viewed under #humanbynature on our Twitter and Instagram channels.

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