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Islands Hotel, Roxas City

Islands Hotel Roxas City

Budget hotels can prove to be tricky things for travelers who wish to balance affordability and quality. While they definitely cost less than other hotels and B&Bs, the downside to that is it might come at the cost of uncomfortable beds, cringe-worthy bathrooms or tasteless food.

Islands Hotel in Roxas City, however, is a budget hotel that is able to deliver its guests an excellent and pleasant stay at a rate that won’t leave your wallet empty.

As it turns out, our stay here was serendipitous because we didn’t plan on staying here. We were actually heading to Islas de Gigante, but our ferry ride was cancelled due to the storm. Kudos to Aph of Las Islas Travel & Tour who helped us rearrange our plan and coordinated our  stay here.

The Location

Having just opened this past June, Islands Hotel is located in Pueblo de Panay in Roxas City, Capiz. It’s an ideal location for any tourist visiting the area as it has all the establishments you will need for your convenience. At the same time though, it isn’t as urbanized as, say, the metro, so there’s still a semblance of countryside life.

The Hotel

The Island’s Hotel Reception

Because it’s still relatively new, the ambiance of Islands Hotel is upbeat and spotless with its white halls and sophisticated wall decors. The lights also provide a bright and lively atmosphere. Each floor is decorated with capiz shells with its own design which I loved because it shows off the province’s most famous export.

The Room


We were extremely lucky enough to be treated to the Executive Room valued at P2,950 per night. Since we were a group of four, we ordered two additional mattresses. The room features a bed, a mini living room set and bathroom.

Unlike the usual budget hotels where you would have to maneuver your way through pieces of furniture cramped into a small space, the rooms of Islands Hotel are surprisingly very, very spacious. The bathroom was also big, not like the usual toilet-wedged-between-the-sink-and-shower kind of bathroom that most budget hotels are known for. And similar to the appearance of the hotel’s lobby and halls, the room is clean and neat too. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

They also have budget rooms  that starts at Php 750 a night. These were a lot smaller than ours but still a decent size especially for the price you pay.

The Amenities

For those who wish to seek relaxation in the comforts of the hotel, there is a pool that unfortunately we weren’t able to use since it was already raining really hard. There’s also a function room on the 5th floor for events and gatherings. A café is opening soon as well. Doesn’t it look like a cafe in Europe?


The Food

Perhaps the highlight and the biggest surprise we’ve had during our stay in Islands Hotel is its restaurant, Lola’s Recipe. It’s a restaurant that offers both a la carte and the local “turo-turo” style of serving.

Everything we ate was just downright delicious. The buttered chicken was perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The crispy pata and pakbet were just as mouth-watering and oh-so satisfying. The sisig was bursting with flavor, and the salt and pepper spareribs had just the right amount of spice to it. The buttered shrimps? Also amazing.

Truthfully, the food alone makes Islands Hotel worth more than what you actually pay for. Everything else is an added bonus and an even bigger reason to keep coming back here the next time you visit Roxas City.


11 thoughts on “Islands Hotel, Roxas City

  1. Sounds like you not only got a great deal, but a wonderful experience as well. Great pictures and yummy food. I do remember the delicious food from the Philippines on a recent visit. Noting the hotel for future reference 🙂

  2. WOW! I never would have guessed this was a budget hotel from the pictures. And the food looks delicious. I love it when you get quality for less.

  3. I haven’t been back to Roxas City for a long time. I used to frequent Roxas City, and I have stayed in some B&Bs, but mostly in the house of my best friend. It is a small city but to see a new and nice looking hotel, I am happy for the people there. I think they are among the nicest people in the region.

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