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Let’s Make 2018 an InstaGUAM Worthy Year


Located just 2,569 kilometers from Manila, did you know that any traveling Juan can easily reach Guam within 3.5 hours? (With a valid passport and US Visa, of course!)


Last February 7, 2018, Karlaroundtheworld had the privilege to be invited to a special media gathering organized by the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB). Aimed to introduce Guam as an upcoming travel destination, GVB is giving travelers an exciting reason to book their flights and visit Guam this 2018 by kicking off with its travel campaign, #InstaGUAM 2018.

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Well attended by the key executives and personnel from GVB, travel partners such as United Airlines, and selected media partners; the gathering was aimed to promote why Guam should be every Filipino traveler’s top destination this year. With three airline carriers to choose from (PAL with nightly flights, Cebu Pacific having three early morning flights, and United Airlines servicing evening slights Monday to Saturday), any nomadic Pinoy can easily book an #InstaVacation to Guam, escape from the city life, enjoy the island life anytime. In fact, even a quick weekend trip will do Fly out Friday, be back in Manila Sunday!


So what exactly can one expect in this island paradise called Guam?


A Shopping Paradise, that is! Think a robust shopping and high-end retail scene all TAX FREE. Yep, you read that right. Shopping in Guam is duty free, taking retail therapy to a whole new level indeed!


So if you do find yourself planning to fly for this reason, it might be even more exciting to participate in the 6th annual Shop Guam e-Festival. Touted as the biggest shopping event in the Western Pacific, the 6th annual Shop Guam E-Festival kicked off last November 10 and will run through February 28. GVB’s on-going Shop Guam e-Festival is getting more and more exciting as they will draw a lucky winner of USD500 Travel Package on the 28th of February!


Surrounded by unspoiled beaches, beautiful mountain scapes, and rich Chamorro flavors, truly Guam is an island full of exciting adventures and pleasant surprises. A paradise on its own eager to be discovered.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, make #InstaGUAM worth memories, and let’s visit this #GUAMazing Island!

To know more about Guam, you may visit the Guam Visitors Bureau’s PH Facebook and Website or follow them on Instagram

For more information:

Contact: Marge Pateña

Tel.: +63 917 517 2282



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