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Top Instagram Spots in Hong Kong : Best Instagrammable places in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is not only an ultimate shopping destination. But, also a go-to place to create various and unique Instagram stories.

Hong Kong is a home to several and towering skyscrapers surrounded by lush green mountains on one side and by the blue sea on the other side. In their night market, the busy streets are even made livelier through their signature neon signs. The list of different places goes on.

Tourist in Hong Kong loves their Mass Transit Railway (MTR). It is clean, easy-to-navigate and efficient. Its MTR can easily take tourist from its main International Airport to popular and underrated landmarks. Thus, making your tour in Hong Kong almost hassle-free.

So, in this article, we rounded up some of the Top Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong. This list includes theme parks, hiking trails, art murals, and many more. The list is mainly sorted based on their respective locations, specifically the nearest MTR station. Let’s dive in.


Lantau Island


Disneyland MTR Station


  1. Disneyland


What more can I say, it is “the Disneyland”. With its seven main divisions, it features themes that are new to our sights. Some of the themes are something we are familiar with like the Toy Story theme. More exhibits and rides will soon rise and completed by 2023.


There will be no fireworks display until the expansion is completed. But, there are still parades to watch out for like the Disney Paint the Night Parade which usually starts at 8 in the evening. You may also check their website for the schedule of their parades, events and other updates.


Hong Kong Disneyland can be reached by MTR via pink line or Disneyland Resort station. The pink line starts at the Sunny Bay station. It will only take about 6 minutes.


The Sunny Bay station is also a terminal of MTR station which traverses along the orange line or the Tung Chung Line. This connects Lantau Island to Tsing Yi, Kowloon Island, and Hong Kong Island.


Kowloon Island


Tung Chung MTR Station




  1. Ngong Ping 360


Ngong Ping is a home to the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha. Eventually, tourist attractions like the cable car and cultural village completed giving guests access to the tranquil and religious atmosphere of the area.

Ngong Pin

The Ngong Ping is located in the western area of Lantau Island. It can be reached by ferry ride from Central Pier 6, Hong Kong Island. You’ll then be dropped off at Mui Wo Ferry Pier, east of Lantau Island. From there, you can then take a bus ride directly heading to Ngong Ping terminal.


Alternatively, you can ride MTR and get off at the MTR Tung Chung Station. From there, you can take a bus or cable car going to the Ngong Ping.




  1. Tai O Infinity Pool


The trail from Tung Chung to Tai O is formerly the main pathway of villagers to the other side of the Lantau Island. This pathway is along the coastal area of North Lantau Island. This is only an easy hike which may take 6 hours, or more or less.


The Tung Chung to Tai O trail leads hikers to an ancient fort, the temples, mangrove forest, lush green mountains, and fishing village. From this trail, hikers can get a view of the Macau bridge.


The starting point of the trail is at a walking distance of the Tung Chung MTR Station.


Sha Tin MTR Station



4.Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery


The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is one of the most visited attractions in Hong Kong. It is a home to thousands of Buddha statues. More than ten thousand actually. The majority of these are believed to have originated from Tang Dynasty.


By its entrance, the monastery will greet you with the 500 Arhan statues lined up along the 431 steps towards the monastery’s lower level. There are so much to see here. It has five temples, one pavilion with Kwun Yam, 18 Arhat statues in open space, and 9-story pagoda.

The Quirkiest Festival of Hong Kong: Cheung Chau + Bun Festival 15
10000 Buddhas

After another 69 steps, there are more halls and pavilions. The upper level also has more statues, particularly by small waterfalls, and on a rocky slope.


To get there, you can take the MTR along the East Rail Line or the light blue line that stops by the Sha Tin Station. Take the exit B.


From exit B, you follow the pedestrian ramp and following the Pai Tau Street towards the left. You’ll pass by Pai Tau Village Playground which will be on your left. Continue walking on the Pai Tau Street. You’ll then pass by you’ll find the Grand Central Plaza Mall which is a home to Ikea store and Home Square.


Turn right on the first street which is the Sheung Wo Che Road. At the end of the road, you’ll see a signage pointing to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.


Hung Hong MTR station



5.Jockey Club Innovation Tower

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower is designed by a world-renowned British architect Zaha Hadid. It features a very modern architectural design and uses natural lighting. And, makes a good photo for your Instagram.


The Jockey Club Innovation Tower is used as academic classrooms and facilities. But, there are common spaces where any guests can walk in or may be accompanied by a tour guide.


The Jockey Club Innovation Tower is near the Hung Hong MTR station. This is within the last station of East Rail Line as well of West Rail line. Another alternative is at the Jordan MTR station which is at Tsuen Wan Line.


Jordan MTR Station



6. Hotel Madera


The Hotel Madera Hong Kong is a 27-story sleek building with the Hollywood as its theme. On its exterior are wall arts of famous celebrities like Charlie Chaplin, Aubrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe.


Nearest MTR station to the Hotel Madera is Jordan. Train drop by this station through Tsuen Wan Line or the red line. This particularly takes the route from Tsuen Wan, Kowloon Island to Central Hong Kong.


From the Jordan MTR Station, you’ll just need to walk 3 blocks north via Nathan Road until you reach the Cheong Lok St. It’ll only take about a 5-minute walk.

7. Neon Signs


The Neon signs in Hong Kong are actually traditional commercial signages that make their busy streets even vibrant especially at night. Before, the neon signs of different sizes and colors were visible on any streets in Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay Neon Lights

Today, there’s already regulation on the use of neon signs. Good thing, in the intersection of the Nathan Road and Jordan Road we still get a glimpse of what the nightlife of Hong Kong used to be.


The Neon signs in Hong Kong can still be found at the intersection of Nathan Road and Jordan Road. It is only one block away from the Jordan MTR station.

8. Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei


The Temple Street stretches in between the Jordan and Yau Ma Tei MTR stations, Kowloon Island. So, it’s easily accessible. The Jordan MTR station though is where the entrance or gateway arch is located.


The Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei is where the night market is set up. Many stalls open at 2 PM. Some stalls open at 4 PM. Then, you can expect the street to be busy until midnight.


Other scenes you may catch on your camera are Amateur Cantonese Opera Performances and traditional Fortune tellers.


  1. 6th-floor view of the Night Market on Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei


For a better picture, you can try the establishment located on the opposite side the Gateway arc of the Temple Street Night Market. On the 6th floor, you can get the perfect picture of the gateway arch and lined up the lights of the stalls.


Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station



9. Star Ferry Cruises at Victoria Harbor


The Star Ferry Cruises offers at least an hour tour around the Victoria Harbor. So, basically, from Victoria Harbour, you can capture the beauty of the skyline of Central Hong Kong. It is like the opposite perspective of the Victoria Peak.


The fare for Ferry Cruises at Victoria Harbour may range from HKD 105 up to HKD 215 (Php 702.43 to Php 1,438.30).


The Star Ferry Cruises has its main pier located in the Kowloon Point, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Island. This can be reached through the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station along Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line).

10. Cultural Center


The Hong Kong Cultural Centre is a performance complex composed of three theatre halls, exhibition gallery, and practice studio. It is Instagrammable because of its concave structural design and its color beige theme.


The Hong Kong Cultural Centre is easily accessible through the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station on the Tsuen Wan Line. Or by the East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station via West Rail Station.


Lok Fu MTR station



11.Kowloon Walled City Park


The Kowloon Walled City Park used to be a lawless and heavily dense settlement in Kowloon City. This is believed to be controlled by local triads. Hence, this became truly uncontrolled and became a usual place of illicit activities.


Today, it is an Instagrammable park with fascinating landscape architecture. Its design is actually patterned to the gardens in Jiangnan. Jiangnan is considered as one of the wealthiest regions in China in terms of natural resources and in human development.


The Kowloon Walled City Park is located in the heart of Kowloon City. It can be reached via the Lok Fu MTR station in green line (Kwun Tong Line). Then, walk along the Junction Road.


The green line route starts at Whampoa and takes a U-turn and ends at Tiu Keng Leng, or vice versa.


Wong Tai Sin MTR station



12. Lion Rock Hike

Lion Rock : The Best Vantage point of Hong Kong City 4

Lion Rock Hill is a hike through well marked but steep trail. From its peak, you can get a panoramic view of the Kowloon Island as well the skyline of Hong Kong Island. Provided, that the sky is not foggy during the hike.


From below, particularly from Choi Hung and San Po Kong, you can snap the best photo of the rock outcrop of the hill. From this view, it has a shape like a silhouette of a lion.


The Lion Rock Hill is located in the mountainous terrain of Wong Tai Sin.


From Exit B3 of the Wong Tai Sin MTR station, go to your right and head to the minibus terminal. Then, walk along the Shatin Pass Road. Walking from MTR station to the starting point of the terrain may take you about an hour. Alternatively, you can take a taxi which will only take 10 minutes.


Diamond Hill MTR Station



13. Chi Lin Nunnery


The Chi Lin Nunnery basically is a Buddhist temple which was first built in 1934. Since its renovation since the 1990s until today, The Chi Lin Nunnery retains the traditional Tang Dynasty architecture. Thus, making it an Instagrammable spot in Hong Kong.


If you’re taking the MTR, your drop off point will be at the Diamond Hill MTR station. This is within the route of the Kwun Tong Line or the green line.

14.Nan Lian Gardens

10 Free things to do in Hong Kong for a Budget Traveler 4

Nan Lian Gardens is a park that follows the traditional Tang Dynasty design of a landscape that features hills, water, rock, plant and trees and wooden structure. This is actually built through the efforts both of the Chi Lin Nunnery and the government of Hong Kong.


Opposite the Chi Lin Nunnery is the Nan Lian Gardens. The two are connected by a bridge. Getting there is similar to that of the Chi Lin Nunnery.



15. Tap Mun


The Tap Mun is an easy trail to a hilltop. Instagrammable hotspots are the hill covered only with blankets of grass, a pavilion on the hilltop, and the rocky bay. The Rocky Bay has interesting rock formations like the balanced rock and the “Neck of the Dragon.”

Tap Mun
  1. Take Bus 92 to Sai Kung ( HKD 6.8). Frequency is every 15- 20 minutes. It takes 50 minutes to get  to Sai Kung.
  2. Take Bus 94 from Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier (HKD 6) . Frequency is every 30 minutes and it is also a 30 minute ride.
  3. Take ferry from Wong Shek Pier ( HKD 9.5) to Tap Mun. It will be the 3rd 
  1. Sharp Island – (Sai Kung District)


Hike through Sharp Island, particularly from Kiu Tsui Beach to the Half Moon Beach (Hap Mun Bay). Either beach can be the head trail. This is an hour hike through a steep trail to paved steps.


Noticeable through the trail of the Sharp Island is the island’s interesting and rare geological feature. Actually, this geological feature is the main highlight of a guided tour around here.


Spread around the island are different forms of rock that are believed to have been originated from an ancient major eruption.


On the peak of the hill is an overlooking view of the main Sai Kung and view of the golf course and the coast of the Kau Sai Chai which is on the other island, east area.


Another Instagrammable hotspot of Sharp Island is its tombolo. Similar to a sandbar, this tombolo connects the Sharp Island to a nearby but small island which they call Kiu Tau. But, it is only visible and accessible during low tide.


Boat ride directly heading to the Sharp Island is at the Sai Kung Public Ferry Pier. It will only take 15 minutes. Bus 92 stops by the Sai Kung Public Ferry Pier. Bus 92 is available at Diamond Hill MTR Station.


  1. Yim Tin Tsai (Little Salt Field) – (Sai Kung District)


Yim Tin Tsai is an old town whose main industry is salt production. However, they abandoned the island in exchange for a belief that life will be better in urban areas. This history of the island will suit your Instagram story.

Sai Kung Yim TIn Sai
Sai Kung Yim TIn Sai

Hike in Yim Tin Tsai is easy through the paved trail, restored St. Joseph Chapel, school-turned-Museum, abandoned houses, and salt pans. Its salt pans have become active again.


Also available at the Sai Kung Public Ferry Pier is a Ferry boat that drops by the Yim Tin Tsai Island.


Choi Hung MTR Station




  1. Choi Hung Estate


Choi Hung Estate is a public housing complex of Hong Kong composed of 11 blocks of residential building, one car park, and five schools. But, what makes this Instagrammable is that its complex buildings are painted with rainbow color.

They did so in order to create good vibes and make the complex a happy place to live in. Thus, naming the complex as Choi Hung which means rainbow in English.

An Instagrammable spot of Choi Hung Estate is the basketball court located on the rooftop of the car park.


Choi Hung Estate is situated in Wong Tai Sin District, Kowloon Island, particularly surrounded by Lung Cheung Road, Clear Water Bay Road, Prince Edward Road and Kwun Tong Bypass. It can be reached by MTR via the green line.

Drop off point will be at Choi Hung Station. And, the exit will be at C4. Then, you can just walk from there.

  1. Ping Shek Estate


Ping Shek Estate is a complex made up of 7 residential apartment blocks. Its Instagrammable spot is in its courtyard on the ground floor. Best time may be at noon time or when the sun is at highest to lighten a portion of the complex.

Or, the courtyard is Instagrammable too, even when taken from the higher levels.


Ping Shek Estate is situated on the opposite side of the Choi Hung Estate. Its nearest MTR station is at Choi Hung.




  1. Suicide Cliff


The Suicide Cliff is a strenuous hike through an unpaved trail. Extreme caution is needed when taking a hike here and not recommend to hike during bad weather.


Once you reach the peak, you’ll get an overlooking view of the cityscape of Kowloon. Plus, a closer overlooking view of Kowloon Bay.


The head trail of the Suicide Cliff is on Fei Ha Road. It is nearest to the Choi Hung MTR Station. It is roughly half an hour walk along Clear Water Bay Road and Fei Ngo Shan Road then in the Fei Ha Road.


Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station




  1. Lok Wah South Estate Parking lot


Lok Wah South Estate is the other half of the Lok Wah North Estate. Overall, they are composed of 14 blocks of residential apartments.


Its Instagrammable spot is its rooftop of the parking area.


Lok Wah South Estate is located along the Chun Wah Road of Kwun Tong. The nearest MTR station is at Ngau Tau Kok. Take the exit B3. Go to the left and follow Ngau Tau Kok Road. Once you reach the Shin Road, continue to the right. Continue uphill until you pass by a school which will be on the right of the road.


Hang Hau MTR Station


  1. Geological Rocks  (Sai Kung District)


The MacLehose Trail is a long-distance trail which is divided into 10 stages. The whole trail can take up to 4 to 5 days to complete. In this article, its stage 2, particularly the trail from Long Ke Wan to Pak Tam Au is the most Instagram-worthy.

Sai Kung : A Geological Boat Tour 5

This trail from Long Ke Wan to Pak Tam Au is part of designated UNESCO Global Geological Park. A portion of this trail is along a unique rock formation which has a shape of hexagonal columns. The unique rock formation is shaped by an ancient supervolcanic eruption.


Before heading to the Long Ke Wan Beach, you need to first go to the Sai Kung Town. Strategically, this is a good base. This is where you’ll get everything you’ll need before you head to a highly remote area.


You can ride Minibus 101 heading to the Sai Kung Town from Hang Hau MTR Station, at Exit B2. This


Hong Kong Island


Kennedy Town




  1. Double Decker Tram


Hong Kong Tramways basically are cheaper though slower alternative transportation to the MTR around the Hong Kong island.


Hong Kong Trams are mostly Double Decker. There are trams that are Instagram-worthy as they retain 1920s design. These trams have an open-air deck which makes them ideal for a sightseeing tour.

Double Decker Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Tramways in Hong Kong Island starts at Kennedy town and ends at Shau Kei Win and vice versa. Note though that some trams drop by Happy Valley as well.

  1. Forbes Street Wall Tree


Rare wall trees similar to those in Cambodia can be found along the Forbes Street, Hong Kong Island. To get there, you can just ride MTR via Island line or blue line in Hong Kong Island. Drop off point will be at its last stop, Kennedy Town. Take the Forbes street exit and continue walking to your left.


I think this is a good Instagram story since it is pretty rare. We’ve seen something like this in Cambodia, particularly in the Ta Prohm Temple. On Forbes Street, wall trees are Chinese Banyan.


  1. Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai Wan Swimming Shed is a wooden jetty located in the east of Hong Kong Island. This is a very scenic place that it is a favorite spot of photographers and ideal for prenuptial. Below the jetty are the cinematic crashing of the waves.


With the natural sunlight, you also get a backdrop of the curves of the Green Island.


Sai Wan Swimming Shed is nearest to the Kennedy Town MTR Station. After making the exit at Exit A, there’s a minibus (minibus 58) that drop by Sai Wan Swimming Shed.





  1. High West


The High West mountain of Kennedy Town is sitting in the west of Victoria Peak. The High West mountain is a bit lower compared to the Victoria Peak. But, it is less touristy. And, it captures the west and south area of Kowloon and some portion in the New Territories.


Hike to High West is an easy one. It starts at the high stairway with a mural in between the Rock Hill Street and Sands Street, near the Kennedy Town MTR station. To the left, continue taking the stairs with painted purple on its top wall.


Keep walking and you’ll pass by Lo Pan Temple and reach the main road Pok Fu Lam Road. Turn right and take the underpass to reach the gas station. On its left side is the foot of the High West




  1. Stairway in between the Rock Hill Street and Sands Street


The stairway in between the Rock Hill Street and Sands Street is a long way up to another flight of stairs. This leads to the head trail of High West. But, what made this stairway into this list is that it is painted with a colorful mural. It is like saying don’t lose heart in this journey and into your next.


This is only about 5 minutes walk from the Kennedy Town MTR Station.


HKU MTR Station

  1. Instagram Pier


Instagram Pier has become a hotspot for photo opp since 2010. This is actually a cargo pier. It is less busy unlike before. Now, it is more like a park where people walk their dogs, jog, and view the sunset. The pier has an unobstructed view of the Victoria harbor.

Instagram Pier Hong Kong Photo by Kay Dulay

In Instagram Pier, you can get a backdrop of a panoramic view of the Victoria Harbor and the skyline of the opposite Island, Kowloon. You can also get a playful shot with the cargo pallets, cargo containers, barriers and such. Note though that Instagram Pier has restrictions.


There are somewhat potholes in the ground of Instagram Pier. When it rains, it catches a pool of water. What is extraordinary here is that this pool of water can clearly reflect the color of the sky and the sunset.


Instagram Pier is situated along the bay of Sai Wan District. To get there, ride the MTR heading to the HKU MTR Station and take the exit B2. Follow the Connaught Road West. This will be at least a 10-minute walk. Alternatively, you can ride the tram with drop off at Shek Tong Tsui.


Sai Ying Pun MTR station




  1. Chung Ching Street


The Love is Wild ‘Walls of Change’ is a 2016 joint project which calls for the awareness and protection of endangered species, particularly the illegal animal exploitation on the streets of Hong Kong. Six street artists collaborated in this project

The collection of art murals with the theme of Love is Wild ‘Walls of Change’ starts in the Ki Ling Lane. The exit B3, Sai Ying Pun MTR station (Island line) is near the Ki Ling Lane. Then, other murals are on Chung Ching Street and Western Street. Each is only one block away.


Sheung Wan MTR Station




  1. Man Mo Temple


Man Mo Temple refers to temples dedicated to Man Tai and Mo Tai, the civil or literature god and Martial god, respectively. In Hong Kong, there three Man Mo Temples. Among the three, the Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan is believed to be the largest.

Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan is located in a complex with two other Temples along the Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.


While surrounded by the towering and modern establishments, the Man  Mo Temple retains traditional Chinese architectural design. It is best known for its spiral incense hanging on its ceiling with red paper where worshippers write their names.

Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is near the Central MTR station and the Sheung Wan MTR station. But it is going to be a bit longer walk, roughly about 5 blocks away.



  1. Hollywood Road


Aside from being a shopping hub for antique and art store as well as fancy bar and restaurant hub, Hollywood Road also features street arts.

Here, you may even find the art mural by Hopare, a French popular for his street art. This art is an abstract portrait which is specifically located on the stairway of Tank lane, between Square street and Hollywood Street.

Hollywood Road is bordered by the Central and Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island. In the MTR, drop off point can be either Central or the Sheun Wan station.


  1. Le Galerie Paris 1839


Le Galerie Paris 1839 is an art photography gallery located along the Aberdeen Street in Central Hong Kong. Its wall along 74 Hollywood Road is a space saved up for art mural which they update from time to time depending on the theme of their latest exhibits.


At the moment, their featured art mural resembles a universe of kaleidoscope patterns. This is inspired by the Eclosions series created by Cyril Delettre, a French Photographer.


  1. Tenement Buildings Wall Art at Graham Street


The mural of tenement buildings in the sloping Graham Street is created by Alex Croft. It is an Instagrammable hotspot. You might need to wait for your turn for a while little to get your shot.


This art mural is located in the walls of the G.O.D Store (Good of Desire Store). It is sandwiched by the Graham Street and Hollywood Road in Central Hon Kong. It can be reached by either Central MTR  station and Sheung Wan MTR station.


  1. Street art by Pasha Wais on Square Street


The street art on the Square Street is created by Pasha Wais. He is a famous Russian Street Artist and a dedicated traveler as well. He has already left some of his imprints on the streets of Europe, America and Asia.


A vector abstract with bright colors is painted on the walls of the apartment Rich View Terrace. This is at a walking distance to the Sheung Wan MTR station.


  1. Tank Lane


One of the most striking murals along the Tank Lane Stairway is that of Bruce Lee’s. The mural of Bruce Lee captures the icon’s different faces and movements in one wall canvass. This is created by Xeva, a Korean street artist.


The Tank Lane Stairway is bordered by the Square Street and Hollywood Street. Nearest MTR station is Sheung Wan station (Island Line).


  1. Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall


Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall is a well-protected historical establishment in Hong Kong. This is also called Pak Shing Temple. Here, about 3000 memorial tablets are erected to honor their ancestors.


On the high walls of the Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall is a newly painted as well as intriguing street art. This street art was added in order to add a trendy touch. It features names of deities and some excerpts of prayers.


  1. Geometrical Fox Mural at Poho


The Geometrical Fox mural is made by a Thai Artist under the name of Rukkit. The Geometrical fox mural is located the Upper Station Street near the Hollywood Road.


Central MTR Station




  1. Cheung Chau


Cheung Chau Island is popular for its temples, beaches, and festivals. Its main feature must be the rocks with carvings that are believed to have existed since 3,000 years ago.


Cheung Chau Island is about 35 minutes to an hour away from the city island via ferry boat. Ferries going to Cheung Chau Island are at Central Pier 5, near the Central MTR station. Ferry boat ride cost around HKD 13.20 to HKD 25.80 (Php 88.30 to Php 172.60).




  1. Victoria Peak


The Victoria Peak is one of the most visited attractions in Hong Kong. Here, you’ll get a photograph of the cityscape of the Central Hong Kong Island with the good backdrop of the Kowloon Bay.


The Victoria Peak is the highest terrain of the Hong Kong Island. It is particularly located in the western part of the island and can be reached through a  tram. Ticket of Tram ride going to the Victoria Peak costs at least around HKD 75 (Php 501.73).


To get to the tram, you can take the MTR until you reach the Central MTR station. Your exit should be through J2. Then, pass through the Chater Garden and turn right until you reach the Bank of China Tower. In the east of the tower is the Garden Road. Follow this Garden Road and you’ll then arrive at the Peak Tram terminal to take you to the Victoria Peak.




  1. Uma Nota Mural


Along 38 Peel Street in Central is the Uma Nota. This is a restaurant which specializes in serving Brazilian-Japanese street food.


On its wall is a portrait of a laughing woman wearing a flower headdress and big earrings. Beside is a Toucan bird. This is created by the Elsa Jean Dedieu Studio and commissioned by the Uma Nota.


Stanley from Central MTR Station




  1. Twin Peaks in Stanley


Hike to the Twin Peaks in Stanley is through a marked trail with overwhelming steps. That’s at least 2,800 steps. This may take two and a half hours hike.

Two Karina Ramos

The Twin Peaks highlights the urbanized village of Stanley surrounded by lush green mountain and its blue coast. As well as its neighboring areas.

2 Karina Ramos put together

The village of Stanley is situated in the southern part of the Hong Kong Island. In the Central Exchange Square Bus Terminal, near the Central MTR Station, there are avaiable buses (Bus No. 6) which stops by the head trail of the twin peaks.


  1. Blake Pier and Murray House in Stanley Bay


Lies in the coast of the Stanley are two heritage structures first built in Central, Hong Kong during the British colonial era. In order to give way to new structures in Central, these two heritage structures were dismantled. Later on, they were revived though in another area, now in Stanley.


The Murray House is a public office building turned mall. It is a home to restaurants and retail stores while retaining its colonial architectural design. Particularly the huge columns and the veranda on each floor, the Murray House is an Instagram hotspot and photo opp for formal prenuptial shots.


The Blake Pier in Stanley is Instagrammable because of its low steep roof and open-air design. Currently, it is used as a pier for ferry boats which sail to and fro the southwestern Island of Hong Kong, the Aberdeen, and the southernmost island of Hong Kong, the Po Toi Island.

Stanley Bay Hong Kong
Photo by Kay Dulay

Alongside the Blake Pier in Stanley is a rocky bay. Its huge boulders of rocks are not scary and spiky rocks. You can easily walk on top of this bay. Its a nice chill out place too. Thus, making this rocky bay a friendly and Instagram-worthy place.

Stanley Gap Trail
Photo By Kay Dulay, Dress from Black Coral Xo.

Buses Nos. 6, 6A, 6X, 66, or 260 near the Central MTR Station (Exit D) heads toward the Stanley Market or Stanley Plaza. These market and Plaza is at a walking distance to the Stanley Bay.


Admiralty MTR Station




  1. Starstreet Precinct


The Starstreet Precinct is a small neighborhood composed primarily of four main streets, namely Star Street, Moon Street, Sun Street, and Wing Fung Street. This area is known for fancy shopping outlets and restaurants located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.


Around the area, the residential buildings may look traditional or ordinary. But, when it comes to the lineup restaurants and shopping outlets, the establishments are really stylish and seem luxurious.


Its nearest MTR station is the Admiralty MTR Station. Your exit will be at Exit F. From there, it will be easy to follow the signages pointing to the Three Pacific Place. The Admiralty station is also connected to the Tsuen Wan Line and South Island Line.


Ocean Park MTR Station


Theme Park


  1. Ocean Park


Ocean Park, Hong Kong is both an animal theme park and amusement park. It matches the rides and events that the Disneyland offers. But, in Ocean Park Hong Kong, I believe the most Instagrammable spots are the Thrill Mountain section where it allows guests to savor the beautiful view of the Hong Kong Island through its rides and games.


Another Instagrammable event in the Ocean Park is the Symbio. It is a lighting and fireworks show accompanied by sound effects.


Ocean Park Hong Kong is located within the borders of Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan, Hong Kong Island. It has an MTR station located by the entrance of the park and connected in South Island line.


Quarry Bay Station




  1. Montane Mansion and Yik Cheong Building


The Montane Mansion and Ying Cheong Building are called the Monster Building in Quarry Bay. Basically, they are high rise residential apartments which have good symmetry and are colorful. Overall, it represents the dense population of a city not only in Hong Kong.


The Montane Mansion and Yik Cheong Building are located along King’s Road, Quarry Bay. There’s an MTR station in Quarry Bay. Just take the Exit B.


Stopping by in the Quarry Bay station are MTR trains traversing blue line or Kennedy Town to Chai Wan, all in Hong Kong Island. Also, stopping by Quarry Bay station is the West Rail Line or the purple line. This connects the east part of Kowloon Island to the Hong Kong Island.


  1. Taikoo Place


The Taikoo Place offers both residential and commercial spaces. It even has exhibition rooms, mostly for architectural design inspirations. It also has art displays and wall arts along the escalator and corridors.


Similar to the Monster Building, the Taikoo Place is located along the King’s Road in Quarry Bay. From the Quarry Bay Station, you’ll head towards east. It will only take about 6-minute walk.


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