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Pench National Park with Pugdundee Safari’s Pench Tree Lodge

Pugdundee Safari

I realized this year that I had the opportunity to visit different safaris and National Parks. In March, I was given the chance to see tigers in the Ranthambore National Park India. In July, I saw leopards and sloth bear at Yala National Park Sri Lanka. This October, I was

Coconut Lagoon Kerala

One of the most famous backwaters in the world is the Kerala backwaters. This network of intertwined canals is fed by 38 rivers and forms a labyrinthine system running more than 900 kilometers which is almost half of the Kerala state.These famed backwaters is home to a number of aquatic

Journey to Jatayu: The Center of the Earth

Jatayu Earth Center

This 2018, I was honored to be part of the Kerala Blog Express that allowed me discover a lot of the beauty that Kerala had to offer. I have to admit, prior to that I knew nothing about the place! It wasn’t even part of my bucket list, but right

Making it Awesome in Madhya Pradesh


 My first stint in exploring the colorful and mystical subcontinent of India was when I was invited by Chariot Beach Resort. Then, I made my way to Kerala, which was also an exciting time. This year, I’ll be making my way to a new place. Dubbed the “Heart of India”,

Travel Guide to Kerala : Best things to do in Kerala

My visit to Kerala allowed me to understand how the state fit the title God’s Own Country. This state located in the southwestern coast of India is teeming not only with herbs and spice plantations but also with sweet delights, diverse culture, historical sites, golden sand beaches, water adventure, uphill

Things to do in Fort Kochi


The diverse culture, mainly of European, Jewish, and Indian, and the restored remnants of its history are the main highlights of the tour around the Fort Kochi. Add to the list, the scenic and tranquil atmosphere of the west coast of Cochin, Kerala.Before anything else, the “fort” which is referred

Jaipur Itinerary : Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2 days

Essentials to Jaipur Guide with Alsisar Haveli Review  Jaipur is one of the biggest and most bustling cities in India and is a popular destination among foreigners and locals alike because of its beauty—the city is fondly called the “Pink City”, and the “City of Gems”. The name stems from the

Best Places in Kannur : Guide on what to see and Do in Kannur


Kannur is a city of looms and lores in Kerala. This is because the Theyyam, a ritual and art form that speaks of the religious folklore of India, are often held in this district. And, the loom industry in its district is lively and is one of the major producers