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Hidden Gem in Palawan: Inaladelan Island in Port Barton

With the holidays as well as the summer months rolling in, in order to rinse off all of the stress and grogginess caused by hefty amounts of work and school, sometimes the only thing that really hits the spot is a good vacation.

Palawan is one of the best places in the Philippines for a short getaway, even making it to the top of international lists in terms of summer destinations. When people think of Palawan, places like Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa immediately pop into mind. But, if packed hotels and cramped spaces aren’t exactly your thing, or if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as the crowds, going a little off the map can be a great decision.

Photo by Ruth Dela Cruz

If you want to experience a different, quieter side of Palawan, then the Inaladelan Island Resort located in Port Barton, San Vicente Palawan, is a definite must-see. Here’s everything you need to know about the secluded Island Resort:


What is the Inaladelan Island Resort?


First and foremost, the resort is located just a little off the coast of Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan Island, Philippines. San Vicente is a rising tourist destination Inaladelan Island, also known as the German Island, is a private island 12 hectares large. It is a secluded island, a perfect spot for day tours, swimming in the clean waters, and looking at the marine life nearby such as the sea turtles and fish. If you want to get the full experience at the German Island, bringing along camping gear and materials is a good decision. On a clear night you and your friends can lie back in the grass and admire the stars and the sound of the waves.


How do you get there?


While the island resort is private and rather tucked away, that doesn’t mean getting there is a difficult quest. Here are the different ways you can get to the island, from various locations:


1.) From Port Barton


– Walk to the bay area

– Line up at the waiting area and take a boat towards the Inaladelan Island Resort

– There is only one trip to the private island, at 9 AM

– Trips back to Port Baton are at 4 PM


2.) From Puerto Princesa

– Ride a tricycle to the San Jose terminal and ride a van going to Port Baton, which will cost you around 400 PHP pr person.

– At Port Baton, head to the bay area

– Line up at the waiting area and take a boat towards the Inaladelan Island Resort





The sand, water, and clear blue skies are more than enough to enjoy yourself at the Inaladelan Island Resort, but there are lots of different amenities in the area to entertain yourself with as well, courtesy of the owners of the private resort. Here are a few examples of some extra features at the island you and your friends and family can take advantage of during your visit:


1.) Beach Volleyball/Volleyball Court

Fancy a game or two? The resort has a built in beach volleyball net right by the ocean so you can play to your heart’s content. Be careful, however–you don’t want the volleyball flying off too far in the ocean.

Photo by TPL Digital Media


2.) Camping

If you didn’t bring your own camping gear and tent, there’s no need to worry because the Inaladelan Island Resort has their very own camping tents, foam beds, pillows, and other gear you can rent during your stay. It also comes inclusive, depending on the package you’ve chosen. What’s more, you also have a fantastic view of the ocean from your sleeping spot on the sandy beach.


3.) Food and drink

Liempo, Chicken barbecue and cucumbers

Hungry after a long trek and game of volleyball? You can bring your own raw food and have the resort grill it up, or you can have them cook what they have in stock! Be it fish, pork, beef–whatever you or they have in hand, they’ll be more than willing to heat it up on the grill for you and your party. Out of drinks? You can get a refill at the island’s very own bar–they serve up a variety of different beverages, so just take your pick.


4.) Turtle sighting/Swimming with turtles 

One of the best parts about the beaches in Palawan are the adorable sea turtles swimming around, flopping their fins in the clear blue water. The area around the private island is known to have lots of turtles swimming about, so be sure to bring your snorkelling gear along. The best time to swim with the turtles is during the month of January, the hatching season wherein the baby turtles are rampant throughout the beach and waters.

Photo by Kara Santos of Travel Up


5.) Boardgames 


The resort also has a variety of different boardgames in stock to keep the fun between you and your party going, if the different activities at the resort aren’t enough to keep you  preoccupied.


6.) Bonfire 

Photo by TPL Digital Media

The best part about camping is, undoubtedly, the bonfire. Thankfully, the resort provides a bonfire you and your party can light up during the night and just sit around it, telling stories or even roasting marshmallows by the fire.


7.) Hammocks

If you find yourself growing drowsy and would like to take a nap, the resort has hammocks littered around the area–a great, breezy napping spot for those who availed of the day tour.

Things to know about the Inaladelan Island Resort


– Depending on the time of year, there may not be any sea turtles in the vicinity so plan your trip according to their breeding schedule. January, as stated earlier, is usually the best time to plan a visit the adorable pawikan–and watch them hatch, crawl out of their eggs and into the ocean.

– There is no electricity and limited sockets in the area so if you want to use your gadgets, be sure to charge up beforehand and bring along a power bank if necessary


– Water supply for bathing and using the bathroom is also limited, so it’s best to take a shower beforehand, and also after you leave the Island Resort.


– Like most parts in the Philippines, flies and mosquitoes can be prominent and irritating, bringing along mosquito and fly repellant is advised to prevent bites


– The Philippine sun can get rather hot especially during the dry months, so sunscreen is an absolute must!




Overnight Camping Rate:

PHP 2,500/pax (inclusive of roundtrip boat transfers, camping tent, foam bed and pillows, dinner and breakfast)


Day Visit Rate:

PHP 1,500/pax (inclusive of roundtrip boat transfers, lunch, and light snack)

Each rate has a requirement of 2 pax.

Walk-In Entrance Fee:

PHP 100/pax (boat transfer and meal not included) 




Want to know more about the Inaladelan Island Resort, or have any other inquiries? You can contact their team via the following:



Email Address:

Address: Inaladelan Island Resort, San Vicente, Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines

Business Hours: Monday to Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm


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  1. Never been to the Philippines but Palawan seems amazing. We’d love to swim with the turtles there! And do a bonfire at night like you did. Seems like you were so happy there! Will keep this place in mind for our future travels.

  2. Philippines is a place I would like to go and Palawan sounds like a great warm weather destination; I prefer quiet remote places. Is there scuba diving there?

    The aqua water color looks gorgeous! I would choose a room over tenting at my age. The veggies and fruit look wonderful. And bringing your own food is a nice option.

    January is my preferred time so happy to hear that is turtle time! Is it also storm season?

  3. The Philippines is definitely on our travel wish list. It is good to have a different option for to consider for our visit. I love the view of the long stretches of sand beach and have always wanted to sleep on the beach. But swimming with the turtles sounds fun. Good tip about waiting for the right time for turtles.

  4. Wow! It looks pristine there! I think I’d probably enjoy camping the most, especially in such a remote area and without any electricity. Sounds like a fun experience!

  5. This looks like the perfect get-away for a relaxing time. Love the shot of you laughing on the beach with the your friend. That’s how moments like this should be lived. Fun, friends, sunshine and good food!

  6. German Island seems like an ideal holiday destination.
    Swimming with turtles would be like a dream come true for me.
    Thanks for the tip on insect repellents.

  7. Thank you for this highly informative post. The Philippines are still on my list and Inaldelan looks very relaxing and nice so I’ll make sure to visit once I get there – especially since the prices seem to be quite reasonable!?

  8. This looks exactly like my kind of beach holiday! Camping on the beach is so much fun — I’ll take that over a fancy 5-star hotel any day. Plus, board games and bonfires!

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