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I’M Hotel Onsen Bundle: The Perfect Day-Off Trea

I’M Hotel Onsen  Spa

One of the highlights of I’M Hotel is its “onsen” or Japanese spa. At a whopping 6 storeys high, this is the biggest spa complex in the whole country! But simply big isn’t enough. How do the facilities and the service compare?

What is an “onsen”?


Being a country very much exposed to Japanese culture, many Filipinos (millennials, especially) are aware of the “onsen”. It is generally a hot spring spa, and its waters are believed to have healing and rejuvenating properties! Bathing in an onsen helps in curing many different skin ailments, while also providing a very relaxing and uplifting experience. This is why bathing in an authentic onsen is considered one of the best parts in a tourist’s Japanese trip.

I’M Hotel’s Onsen

Thankfully, Filipinos no longer need to flock to another country in order to experience this. I’M Hotel has brought in Japanese technology in the establishment of its spa complex, ensuring a quality experience for its customers. A great plus is the fact that all facilities had the same stylish touch as the rest of the hotel!


The onsen’s service is tagged with an introductory price of Php 1,500, good for an hour of massage plus a lunch or dinner buffet at the hotel’s Bloom restaurant. Considering the quality of the service and the newness of the amenities, this is a steal!

Bloom International Buffet

Upon entering the spa at the appointed time, guests are are given a wrist tag and a locker key. Then, they are escorted to the second floor where the wellness suites, sauna, and lockers are. There are separate male and female wings, divided by the beautiful mermaid pool and Mermaid Bar!

Mermaid Tail from Bedroom Essentials

In the huge locker room, we were provided our “yukata”, the traditional Japanese cotton kimono. We were also given slippers and towels for personal use. I loved this robe! I wanted one for myself, but the heavy price tag (Php 2,700) is quite prohibitive. Well, it isn’t a priority at the moment, but I sure loved it!


We then proceeded to the sauna and the steam room. After we stayed there we were led to the shower room where we rinsed off our sweat. And finally, it’s onsen time!


One of the things to note here is that you are not allowed to wear anything in the onsen. That’s right — it’s that authentic.! Luckily there was no one else bathing when I was there. The hot water was rejuvenating, and its components like iron and sulfuric acid really help.


From the hot spring, we patted ourselves dry and proceeded to the tea lounge, where there were different choices of unlimited tea! I tried the hot peppermint, but I fell in love with the cold longan tea. There’s also green tea for those who like it! They also serve dates to go with the tea.

From there, the masseuse led us to the third floor where the spa treatment is. All these, together, made for a really revitalizing experience.


And finally, there’s the buffet! The Bloom restaurant offers all-day buffet at the spa complex’s 4th floor. Helmed by Chef King Fonacier, every single thing I tasted there was top-notch! I’ll leave it for another review, but suffice it to say that the buffet alone is worth the Php 1,500.


Basic Onsen Etiquette


And as I’m sure you’re tempted to have that onsen experience, it’s important to know the basic etiquette you are expected to follow. We may not be in Japan, but these rules still apply!

I'M Onsen Spa
I love this japanese robe
  1. Wash yourself thoroughly in the shower, after the steam bath. Use soap if you will. This is very important! Onsen water is very clean, contributing to their therapeutic properties.


  1. Take care, as many surfaces are slippery.


  1. If your towel or yukata falls into the water, wring it outside! Tainting the onsen water is considered rude.


  1. The onsen is a place for quiet and relaxation, so do not swim. The waters are meant for soaking only.


  1. If you’re not comfortable being bare while walking around the bath, you can always use the provided towel to cover yourself. Just make sure not to bring it in the water.


  1. Absolutely no picture-taking!


I’M Hotel’s onsen is without doubt a luxurious affair, in keeping with the hotel’s theme. Despite this, it’s also amazingly affordable! You get a one-of-a-kind spa experience plus a full hour of massage, as well as a mouthwatering buffet. It’s the perfect way to spend a day off. And since it’s all just within the metro, you won’t have to travel far for it!

10 thoughts on “I’M Hotel Onsen Bundle: The Perfect Day-Off Trea

  1. OMG I could totally use a spa treatment right now. Until very recently I didn’t even know what an onsen is but a friend of mine, who has been, explained it to me. Great read for a Saturday afternoon!

  2. What a cool find to discover an authentic Osen in the Philippines. It’s extra special that it’s the largest spa complex in the country. It looks like the did a good job with bringing the culture and tradition to the spa and I love love love the mermaid cover up. I want one.

  3. I’m really hoping to travel to the Philippines in the next year or so and I’ve never been to Japan so this could come as the perfect mix.

  4. What a wonderfully healing and special thing to do for yourself, especially love a spa that includes access to an all-day buffet, cant wait to read that review. 🙂 Reckon I would have purchased that yukata tho, every time you wore it, you’d be taken back to this awesome experience. Maybe you can order one online?

  5. I love going to spas, and this sounds like a really special kind of spa experience. I agree the naked thing can be a bit daunting if you aren’t used to it – when I first moved to Switzerland I was really self-conscious about the naked saunas here but soon got over it – nobody goes to a spa to ogle at me, after all. The last of your tips really made me laugh – I would die if I saw someone taking photos! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love exploring spa culture around the world, and Japan’s onsen culture is great – fabulous that you can now experience it in the Philippines! What a massive spa complex – they’ve done a great job at including Japanese technology to make the experience an authentic one. It’s cool that even though you’re not in Japan the same rules apply! LOVE the mermaid tale – thanks for the heads up on I’M Hotel’s onsen.

  7. So are the hot springs authentic? Then count me in as I’m a total thermal water fanatic. I guess they must be if the water contains minerals like iron. I totally believe in the power of the minerals and if I have to get naked, so be it!

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