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IG Contest for True Wanderers : Wrangler will give prizes worth Php500,000



Confessions of a True Wanderer


Bigger is always better.


The bigger the experience, the better and more rewarding it is. That’s how it has always been for me. While many of my girl friends are living out their daily lives, I’ve decided to strike out on a different path. I sought new experiences, and journeyed out to see the world — maybe even conquer it bit by bit.


I can no longer remember when the travel bug first bit me. It was as if one day I just woke up and I wanted to leave everything I knew behind. I have been exploring for several years now, and there is always still that tingling sensation whenever I set out on my next trip. I have been to the great metropolitan jungle of New York, and I have been to the solitary paradise of the Greek Meteora. I have seen the hidden flower fields of Seattle’s mountain, and I have marvelled at the serenity of the Baltic fishing villages. I have slept in hotels in Makati and Marrakesh. I have been on mountain peaks, and in deep caverns underground. I have seen the culture of the world, indulged in their food, engaged in their stories, learned many of their secrets.


And I am still craving for more.


Preparing for the Road



Despite the “born for it” attitude that I project when packing my bags and heading to the next airport, I’ll be the first to admit — the active lifestyle is something that one has to prepare for dearly. The body must be strong enough to handle the stress of changing time zones, nimble enough to navigate the various locations, resilient enough to remain healthy no matter the occasion. The mind should also be sharp enough to navigate directions and languages, and creative enough to get out of a pickle when needed.


Of course, the contents of one’s luggage should be able to stand up to the same stress. Technology isn’t just eye-candy, it has to be durable. And clothes aren’t just there for style, they must be practical (of course, looking pretty while at it wouldn’t hurt!).


Travel light, they say, and as a globetrotter I attest to the wisdom of this adage. Bulky clothes just won’t cut it, as they are often a pain to service once abroad. When you’re skydiving one day, spelunking the next, and enjoying a plate of the local specialty in between, you would want your clothes to be able to adapt to any circumstance.


Personally, both durability and breathability are at the top of my list when it comes to choosing travel clothes. I want something that won’t be ripped to shreds as I navigate the craggy tunnels that led to Granada’s Alhambra Fortress, or the secret cave in the Casa del Rey Gardens of Spanish Andalusia. At the same time, I want something I can use while lazing around the warmth of Lisbon beaches and while drying off from a dive off Comino in Malta.


To me, comfort is made not only of a good fabric and design but also the peace of mind that your clothes won’t fail you. And it’s a big part of my travel preparations: stocking up on clothes that I can trust wherever, whenever.


Travel: Also In The Mind


And as any wanderlust-stricken soul would know, traveling isn’t just all about physical displacement. You can’t truly travel unless your mind can appreciate the wonders around your destination. That’s what a True Wanderer is — one who not only actively seeks new experiences, but also seeks to understand the why’s and how’s of what she sees. Why does London love Indian food? Why do the Spanish toss their food remains to the floor? Why are Polish cafeterias called “milk bars”? When there’s curiosity, there’s understanding. And when there’s understanding, there’s fulfillment. And only when fulfilled can one say she has truly travelled.


That said, living to wander also means living to wonder. Exploring the world also means exploring yourself, and knowing your place in it. It is a passion, and it is also a calling.


Why do I seek the active lifestyle, and travel the way I do? It’s because I want to live big. Bigger is always better, and the bigger the experiences I have, the closer I am to personal fulfillment. Sure, cliff diving in some tropical island has its risks, but I will never regret that over sitting on my haunches and waiting for the next exciting thing to happen! I seek my own excitement, and I am all the better for it.


This is how I embody being a True Wanderer, and why I felt like I am being called to take part in Wrangler’s True Wanderer 2018 contest. Given the chance, I would definitely want to win and up my game even more!


If you also live to wander, why not join the adventure as well? Upload your best travel pic on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #TrueWandererPH, #Live2Wander, and #WranglerPH. Tag the official Wrangler account at @WranglerPH, and make sure your post is public! You can also upload the pics directly to The contest lasts from February 21 to April 12, and a 3D2N all-expense paid tour for 4 (plus a host of awesome gear and goodies) is at stake!

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