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Hype Luxury Yacht : A Phuket Party Boat + Island Hopping


Private yachts aren’t just for millionaires! One of my favorite experiences in Thailand was a cruise with Hype Boat Club. The Hype Boat Club is an absolute must for anyone who loves to party and relax while enjoying the beauty of Thailand’s breathtaking islands.

Usually, the party atmosphere is limited to nightclubs, but the Hype Boat Club takes your party to the waters of Phuket. Experiencing the food, friends, and fun on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand was better than any night club I’ve ever been to! It was like a beach party and nightlife all in one place.

Hype Luxury Party

Hype is literally a 5 minute walk from the gate of Amari, so we decided to give it a go. Those who can’t afford to hire a private yacht can join in a day rate to one of four islands: Rock, Racha, Khai Nok, and Coral. The day we joined, the boat went to Rock Island. The luxury cruise sets sail on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It leaves at 1:00 PM and lasts about six hours. There are two day rates for the joining fee. The less expensive on is 2,900 THB, and it includes entry into the boat, water, and towels. The VIP rate is 3,900 and includes everything featured in a private cruise: free transportation from the marina to your hotel, welcome drinks, lunch, cocktails, etc. The boat club also offers special events and themed specials with guest DJs from around the country and even international spinners. Of course, we decided to go all in and take the VIP cruise!

Karlaroundtheworld Hype Luxury Cruise Phuket (2)
What’s an island cruise without a nice Mango mojito?

On our cruise, there was a great mix of people of different cultures and ethnicities, mostly locals, Europeans, Chinese, and Indians. People were in the mood for fun and socializing, especially since two of the groups on board were there for a bachelor or bachelorette party!


The Rock Island Phuket Karlaroundtheworld
The Rock Island

We spent the first hour and half of the cruise enjoying company and finger foods as the boat made its way to Rock Island. Once we got to the island, we were offered the option to use the boat’s snorkel gear and jump into the shimmery underwater world below. Of course, I took full advantage of this opportunity! I was super careful to bring back the snorkel gear unscathed—a broken or missing mask costs you 1,000 baht.

Hype Luxury Boat Cruise
Our New Friends : Nam and Kay

The snorkeling was awesome. Once we were done, we clambered aboard again, where towels and showers were waiting for us. We cleaned up and got ready to party! As soon as we left Rock Island, a French DJ began to pump up the music, and we started to dance and chat. As we mingled and laughed, the crew handed out fruit, desserts, shots of mango daiquiris and other drinks. I wasn’t sure if all the drinks were actually included with the cruise, though. I have my suspicions that the Indians celebrating their bachelor party just started giving away drinks and never stopped. Way to get the party going!


Even with all the excitement and partying, we had to stop and enjoy the fabulous sunset. We took a break and sat by the beanbags to watch the sun dip below the watery horizon in a burst of brilliant oranges and reds. Then, as the moon rose, we jumped back into the swell of music and partying! When seven o’clock rolled around and the boat docked again at the pier, we were sad to leave. We could have kept going all night long. Everyone was having a ton of fun!

As disappointed as we were to have to leave the boat cruise behind, we were excited to go out with Nam and Kay, a two of the Thai girls who we met on the boat. They took us out to an authentic Thai restaurant, something we had been wanting to do since we got to Thailand. We were able to try some new Thai food that we’ve never had before.


Later that night, we visited Bangla Road and went to Monsoon. They had a great live band. I’m pretty sure the band members were Filipino. Monsoon was great! We spent the rest of the night partying with people we met on the cruise.

The Hype Boat Cruise was a fantastic was to start out our night life! And how often do I get to spend time on a luxury boat visiting the islands of Phuket? Not often! If you ever find yourself in this corner of the world, why not give it a try?

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51 thoughts on “Hype Luxury Yacht : A Phuket Party Boat + Island Hopping

  1. That is so cool! I agree. There is something about being on a yacht and it is for the rich or someone who knows someone who is rich. But that is a novel idea, providing the experience for a fee. Looks like you guys really had a good time judging by how excited and happy you look in the photos you uploaded.

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