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Hulugan falls and Aliw Falls

Hulugan Aliw Falls Laguna

In school then, what most textbooks showed of Laguna was Pagsanjan Falls. Now, I have come to realize that Laguna is a haven for chasing waterfalls, and that there is more to it than just Pagsanjan. I have been to several but two are my favorites and are right by each other, Hulugan Falls and Aliw Falls——–two of the most beautiful waterfalls I have been to. You don’t even have to travel far to get there. It’s just a couple of hours from Manila, perfect for a day trip.

Hulugan Falls
Photo taken by Kay Dulay

How to Get to Hulugan Falls

Via Public Transportation

  • Ride The DLTB Bus to Cruz (Php 140 per head) from the Cubao or Pasay bus terminal.
  • From Sta. Cruz, ride a jeep going to Lucban ( Php 30) and ask the driver to drop you at San Salvador in Louisiana. Just tell them Hulugan Falls; they know where to drop you.

Bring your own Car

If we had a car, it would have been better because there are a lot to explore in the neighboring town. This trip alone can bring you to 4 waterfalls. We only opted to visit 2.

  • Drive to Cavinti via SLEX

Hulugan Falls

Hulugan Falls is located in Louisiana, Laguna. It is one of the quiet towns in Laguna that is slowly gaining popularity. The moment we got down of the jeepney, we had to register and get ourselves a guide. I loved how organized it was; each of the guides had to draw a number then they are listed on a board in that order. Each time a group arrives, the guides are dispatched according to that order. On weekends, they prioritize guides who are kids so they can also have the chance to earn. We ended up with a young boy of 15. I didn’t realize he was that young but he was a great guide. The  guide fee is not set, so you give what you feel is worth it.  We were so happy with our guide that we actually paid him well.

From that point, we had to walk to the Kapitan’s house to register and pay Php 15 pesos.  It was a very easy 15-minute walk, flat and paved most of the way.  For those who are not yet ready to begin their hike, you can also opt to ride a tricycle for Php 10 per head. We wanted some form of exercise so we walked.

The hike going to Hulugan Falls would have been a very easy hike if not for the fact that it had been raining. The path turned into slush, mud and even in my Merell trekking shoes, it was almost impossible to walk. For this type of hike, even proper hiking shoes would be of no use. The mud was everywhere. Our guide said aqua shoes would have been the best solution. My friend Kay, as well as the other tourists on the path went bare foot. Good thing, they put bamboos and ropes for you to hold on to.

For 1 hour, it was a muddy trail, then the last 20 minutes were rocky. At this point, my trekking shoes didn’t serve its purpose anymore so I walked barefoot. Despite such, the view that awaits you once you see the falls is spectacular. It will make you want to do it yet again.

We were lucky we were allowed to go to the upper part of the falls. It felt like a typhoon in there. The current was strong and the mist was blowing right through our eyes. We ducked by a huge rock to take cover. Sometimes, according to our guide, it gets too strong that they don’t even allow guests in the river. That’s usually when there are typhoons, so pay attention to the weather forecast.

Aliw Falls Laguna
Photo taken by Kay Dulay


  1. Wear aqua shoes, your hiking shoes will do you no good. In the event that the trail is dry, which they say hardly happens, it should be an easy trail that you could walk in flipflops with.
  1. Ziplock and waterproof all your things. The spray and mist of Hulugan Falls is so strong that everything will be wet.
  2. There is a mini cave at the upper left corner of the falls. Go visit it.
  1. Bring packed lunch. It would be good if you bring for your guide too.
  1. There are other falls in San Salvador, Talay Falls.A lot of people went but we didn’t bother. We enjoyed hanging out in Hulugan Falls. You may want to check it out too.
  1. It tends to get crowded on weekends so if you can, go on a weekday.
  1. Make provisions for your camera. Kay had a Dicapac with her to cover her camera but then the mist was so strong it ended up misty and all that. We struggled to take a picture.

The way going up to Hulugan Falls is the same way going back. We were faster this time around; we did it without footwear at all.  Our guide told us about Aliw Falls, which was nearby. The Kapitan no longer allowed the guides of Hulugan to go there. We had to ask permission from the other Baranggay before we could go there. We had time, so we agreed to do that.

Luisiana, Laguna, Hulugan Falls
Photo taken by Kay Dulay

Aliw Falls

Photo taken by Kay Dulay

The hike to Aliw Falls was less muddy than that of Hulugan. It was a much easier trek; we were in the falls in 20-30 minutes easy walk. We were lucky that when we got to Aliw Falls, there was no one. Hulugan falls was high, mighty and strong while Aliw Falls was wide and cascading. The water was murky because of the mud but it was majestic.

We sat by the rocks and stayed there longer since it was so serene. I loved it.

We gave our guide extra for taking us to Aliw Falls. We then began our trek back up and took a bath in Aling Bernadette’s house. After, we bought some bibingka ( 3 for Php 100)  to try their delicacies and waited for a jeep to take us back to Sta. Cruz, where we began our journey back to Manila.

Hulugan and Aliw Falls are a few of my favorite falls  in Laguna. When you get the chance, pay it a visit. You won’t regret it.

aliw falls-karlaroundtheworld


Roundtrip Bus from Cubao to Sta. Cruz                                                    Php 280

Roundtrip Jeepney from Sta Cruz to Lousiana                                        Php 60

Registration                                                                                                      Php 15

Bath                                                                                                                    Php 15

Bibingka  ( 3 pcs)                                                                                             Php 100

Guide Fee  ( we were so happy we gave him P500)                                 Php250

                                                                          Total                         PHP 720 or  USD $15

 Hulugan Falls
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  1. wow these falls look amazing. It seems there is always some sort of hike to get to a waterfall. Its great that the guides are young kids getting to make some dollars. the tourist dollars probably make a big difference to their lives

  2. No doubt you love these waterfalls, they are GORGEOUS!!!
    Every time I read a post about Philippines, I´m always surprised. You guys are blessed with such beautiful nature!! Enjoy it!!!
    One question: the water was cold, very cold or super cold? 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this post! The pics are great and the place is breathtaking. It’s weird but we hardly ever hear abt these places in Italy. I suppose this fall is quite famous in the US and I can’t believe I didn’t know abt it before reading your article!

  4. The waterfall seems so beautiful! Trekking and visiting the Hulugan and Aliw falls sound like the perfect thing to do for a day. It also sounds like you have more to explore there as well. Have fun!

  5. Hi, great pictures! Looks like an awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing tips and even a total for the costs and expenses. I’ve never heard of this spot but it definitely looks like a spot worth visiting. I love how the Philippines has so many hidden spots. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

  6. That’s quite a waterfall 🙂 I’ve seen so many posts about the Philippines and every time I discover something new. It must be a very diverse country and I should look more into it I guess! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Well I love to visit and stay among nature so this waterfalls are perfect place for me to spend my next summer vacation.Anyway these waterfalls are undoubtedly looking awesome and the picture quality is also awesome.Nice share.

  8. Whoa! The place looks too gorgeous and you look way too stunning!!!
    It happens most of the times. Very close to those popular and crowded places would be some hidden gems!!!

  9. That’s a very beautiful falls. I have never anywhere in Luzon, although we have so many waterfalls here, id still love to see one from different places. And same to roch, because I’m eyeing to get an aqua shoes myself.

  10. Would love to visit both of these waterfalls–they look gorgeous! That’s nice there are ropes and bamboo along Hulugan Falls–hiking through tons of mud is always so hard! Thanks for sharing some great tips for visiting the falls!

  11. We love finding waterfalls and these look wonderful! Great tips as well!! Absolutely LOVE bibingka… couldn’t get enough when we were in the Philippines!

  12. Hi Karla, do you think a 4yr old would be fine trekking to these falls? I want to start my kid and wife go hiking with me.

    1. Hi, when we went we saw children there. Thing is, when it rains, the path gets really muddy and slippery. If not for that, it’s an easy trek. It’s only the last 20 minutes that’s “hard” its a slippery staircase but I think if you really want to take your kid, go ahead. I saw kids when I went.

  13. Your photos are amazing! Some look like a scene from a movie about Lara Croft!
    I wish I found your amazing blog before I went to the Philippines in the end of December! I would have definitely visited this waterfall!
    I would love to go back next winter!

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