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Hotel de Londres Y de Inglaterra: When in Donostia, San Sebastian.

Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra: Right Where You Need To Be


The whole world is your backyard, but it would be useless unless you have a home to begin with. This is why during all our travels, we seek to find a place we can call home for the duration of our trip. This means someplace where we can be comfortable, while still reminding us of the top qualities of whatever place we are in at the moment.

Our 4-day San Sebastian trip was an awesome one, one that we would definitely remember for the rest of our lives. A great part of this experience was courtesy of Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, a famous — and absolutely lovely — hotel in the Donostia beachfront. And while it has been described as a 4-star hotel, I and my friends could not notice the missing star during our stay.


Hitting the Sweet Spot


Aside from providing warm, welcoming lodgings for guests, the hotel is rich in history. It started in 1865, when the structure that was soon to be the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra played host to Queen Isabella II during her flight from the revolutionaries. It became a palace-hotel, which also accommodated other royalties. On its way to the present day, the hotel became a casino and a hospital.


We had a lot of bags going into San Sebastian,  it was a 10 minute flat ad easy walk from the bus station but come to think of it we should have taken a taxi. We couldn’t find one, it was only later on we realized that you had to request for a taxi in San Sebastian. Again, it was our fault, we had way too much luggage but all else, it would have been an easy walk. We were immediately struck by the location, which was right on the famous La Concha beach, itself famous for the white sand and sapphire waters. It was popular among tourists, also since it was just a short walk from there to the Old Town. The site, right in the city center, is just perfect. Also, the building is very well-maintained despite being more than a century old.

The classy design contributed to the exquisite feeling one gets upon entering the hotel. Each room, we found, is decorated differently. This gives off a unique character, quite unlike the factory-line trappings and design of other hotels. We quickly understood why the hotel was in such high demand for wedding venues. It really hits the sweet spot.


Settling Down


Because we wanted to see the beauty of La Concha, we got a “Sea View Petite Double”. It wasn’t exactly one for the record, but it was perfect for our short stay. The clean lines and bright colors of the room evoked the serenity of the beach that was just a glance away. The view, visible from the glass door of our small balcony, did not disappoint. I wanted to just keep it open and hear the relaxing murmur and crash of waves.

Despite having to request an extra bed, the room was still so comfortable. It was big enough to house all three of us, plus our extensive luggage. Maybe it’s really the size and the fixtures, or maybe it’s just that waking up daily to the pristine view of La Concha was pure perfection!

The room was equipped with a desk, double-bed, and a nice armchair. The bathroom was impressive, too! It was rather large, with two sinks and a bidet. If you are travelling with a family and fancy something bigger, Hotel de Londres also offers suites and aticos, rooms with bigger terraces. One of the aticos is even equipped with a jacuzzi!


Adding Value

If you want the luxury of a spa or a gym, the hotel offers discounts to the nearby La Perla Spa and Hegalak Gym. For breakfast, guests can enjoy the buffet which has numerous tasty options. They serve eggs, sausages, cheese, bread, jam, pancakes, fruits, and even Cava white wine! Whew! Talk about choices.

Of course, none of these would be of any use without exceptional service. The staff was friendly and courteous, and was always there to assist us. The top-notch service is definitely one of its many high points, which keeps guests coming back for more. It’s the type of service that doesn’t spend time on frivolities. They know what you need and they capitalize on it, and they sure as heavens know how to capitalize on their prime location.



For a tourist-oriented hotel, there is nothing more one could ask for. The beach is just there, and it’s a mere 30-minute stroll to Mount Igueldo. If you fancy a visit to the Old Town, it’s a mere 5-10 minute walk. Mt. Urgull, with its park and boardwalk, is also just around the corner.


The Zubieta Kalea area where the hotel is can be pretty crowded during Sundays, as families go out on a stroll. There are also performers, so there’s no shortage of entertainment. On a really good day, you could just head out of your room, find a spot in the beach, and lay down there for as long as you like.

And in Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, a really good day isn’t hard to come by. What could be more perfect?

Hotel de Londres Y de Inglaterra

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13 thoughts on “Hotel de Londres Y de Inglaterra: When in Donostia, San Sebastian.

  1. What a chic hotel! We’ve been to San Sebastian and Irun quite often when we lived in Bordeaux more than 10 years ago, but never stayed in such a beautiful hotel. Thank you for your review; we’ll definitely consider staying at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra next time!

  2. Looks like a beautiful hotel with a fantastic view. San Sebastian is one of my favourite places in Spain too. I’ll put this hotel on my list for next time.

  3. It looks gorgeous and the location is perfect. I agree, this sounds like the perfect set up for a really good day!

  4. Wow, this is really my type of hotel and that view is really amazing, I have wanted to visit this region for such a long time and will have to remember this beautiful hotel!

  5. What a nice hotel in an ideal location in San Sebastian. It is such an amazing city to explore, and there is so much to do for visitors. I just got lost everyday in Old Town eating pintxos until I needed a siesta!

  6. Wow Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra is beautiful – normally with historic hotels I find that the interior gets dated and because it’s “history” it’s kind of an excuse to keep it dated and not maintained – but they’ve done a BEAUTIFUL job of modernizing the hotel while still staying true to its rich historic roots.

    I would definitely assume this was 5 star – I know where I’m staying in San Sebastian!

  7. Loved this hotel. I liked the decoration and the beach views are a plus. San Sebastian is a very lovely city, isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed as much as you enjoyed this beautiful hotel

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